Monday, March 19, 2012

What a weekend!

This weekend was crazy busy.   It was never ending and I actually loved it up until Sunday night when I had to take Kenzie to the ER (more on that later in this post).  

Friday night I had to work.   I worked until about 1am and then went home and went straight to bed.   The girls had soccer the next morning so I was up bright and early at 6:30 to shower and get them ready.   Coffee was absolutely my friend that morning. 

Honestly,  who am I really kidding here? 

Coffee is my friend every day.  I love coffee and go to bed thinking about how I get to drink it in the morning.   It's pathetic and I really should invest in some teeth whitening.  

Saturday night I went out with some girl friends.   Jen is due to have a baby in 2 weeks and so we decided to get sushi and go see The Vow.   Both were great but I had a glass of water at dinner, a beer at dinner and a quart of water during the movie so by the second half of The Vow I thought I was going to pee my pants.   I had to pee so bad but the movie really just kept moving along and I didn't want to miss it.   As soon as they end was starting and I knew what was going to happen, I ran out of the theater to pee.    By the way.   Who does this?

I'm pretty sure they are just lazy and don't want to actually go in and refill the TP dispensers.   This also means they probably don't clean the bathrooms all that often.

Sunday morning I was up again at 6:30 am again but by my brains choice this time.   I had a cup of coffee and then put on these beauties.

Brooks PureCadence

I went out to another trail that is closer to home and was off to do the 8 miles that were on the training schedule.    I started off slow and kept an eye on my heart rate throughout the run.   I also want to mention that I have found a new fueling option.   Another blogger Charlotte, who blogs over at Wild Things RUN Free mentioned over at Fitfluential that she was wondering how an option like this would do for fueling on long runs.

 I thought the idea was amazing!   It's all natural and tastes great.   The one and only problem was where do you keep it?   You can wear a fuel belt but they are sort of large and bulky.   Regardless of that, I found some similar to the picture at the store and bought them anyway.    Then it hit me.  

I have a tennis skirt that I wear for running.   If you have worn a tennis skirt before, you know it has a pocket on the leg of the shorts that is to hold an extra tennis ball.   Genius if I do saw so myself.  

The run went very well.   Much better than the weekend before!   I feel like each run to this day is still a learning experience and I have been running a few months short of a year now.  

Sunday was also my moms birthday so Mike and I had plans of going out with them.   Those plans didn't workout when Kenzie came down with a fever Sunday morning.   She was miserable and spent most of the beautiful day inside covered up in blankets.   

I still had to make an appearance so Mike stayed home with the girls and I went on my merry way.   When I got home, Kenzie was still in rough shape and felt very warm.   I took her Temp and it was 105.5 (half hour after Ibuprofen).   I nearly started crying and showed Mike.   We got her dressed and then I took her to the ER at 8pm.  

I have never seen the ER so busy before.   Every chair in the waiting room was taken but thankfully they took us back before everyone else.   Probably helped us that Kenzie never opened her eyes while registering her! 

They got some pee from her, took a chest xray, gave a breathing treatment (for a cough that has been lingering), took a strep swab and an influenze swab from her.   The worse part was by far when they had to get the IV in her.   She screamed and screamed and the lady couldn't get it to take.   Finally she pulled it out and had to do it all over again in a different spot.   It was horrible.  Once it was in they got some blood to test and also started her on IV fluids.    This all happened very quickly so I was hopeful we wouldn't be there long.   I was wrong.  That's when we sat or in Kenzie's case slept.

And sat and slept some more.

Apparently with the ER being that busy, you end up waiting a long time.   They also informed us a couple of traumas had come in by helicopter so that also pushed us back some more.   At about 12:30 the doctors finally came back in and informed me Kenzie had another UTI.   Her second in the past month which is not good news.   She didn't hurt this time when she would pee so I had no idea.    They gave her a bag of antibiotics (which took another half hour) and then sent us on our way.   

Today she slept all day again and finally around 6pm got up and had a little to eat and sat outside on the porch with me so it looks like she's getting over this one faster than the last one.   Thankfully! 

Tomorrow I a have a 5 miler on the schedule and if Kenzie is better, I will probably take a class at the Y as well.   I am also working on another craft to share and a couple of recipes as well.   I am in the works of another giveaway too!  

I hope your weekend was amazing and your week is even better!


  1. ahhh poor kenzie! sweet thing...i hope she is feeling better! that sounds terrible!

    p.s. i really love your shoes! and am glad to hear your runs are going well!

  2. poor kenzie :( breaks my heart. I hope she is ok. She's had a rough year.

    and I this that tennis skirt idea (not to mention apple sauce to go!) is GENIUS!

  3. Wow! That does sound like quite the weekend. Glad there was some fun in the mix. Hope that Kenzie is feeling much better now.

  4. Poor Kenzie! I hope she is back to normal now. Did the doctors mention what's causing these and especially so frequently? Fingers crossed this will be the last one for a LONG time!