Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why I don't count Calories...Anymore

After having a baby, I counted like a maniac.
 For years I would count calories.   Not to the point of actually writing it down, because I felt that would draw eyes on me to make people think I was obsessed.   I would mentally count calories all day long.   I did it for years.   I am sure I had this habit because my own mom was a calorie counter as we grew up.   Not too long ago, I found a diary of my moms that counted the calories for each day.   We joked about how she barely ate anything and everything she ate wasn't a very healthy choice (she's gonna kill me when she reads this).   She basically would eat popcorn, diet coke, banana twins, cereal (not the healthy kinds), chips etc.  and because they were not very healthy, she wouldn't eat very much throughout the day. 

I am happy to report that my long time eating habits have rubbed off on her and she's finally getting it.   Just because they are whole grain crackers doesn't mean they are healthy.   Even though they are baked chips, doesn't mean that you should be eating them.   Home made isn't always healthy.   Splurging is necessary, whatever a splurge is to you.   When you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up over it.   Tomorrow is another day and you will do just fine. 

Absolutely a splurge dinner.

I stopped counting calories because it ruled my life.   I felt trapped.   I felt ashamed when I would screw up.   I didn't feel like I was doing a good job.   I was more focused on how many calories were going than what kind of calories were going in.    I would have a big gross burger for dinner just because my calories allotted for that.   I would also try to make up for over eating.   If I had a bad day, the next day I would eat far less calories than I should.   I was basically sabotaging my own body.

Calorie counting days...

I have a few friends that still count calories and ask me to join them as a friend on My Fitness Pal but I just wont do it.   I think back to those days and feel so much more free now that I don't worry about calories.   Now that I actually pay attention to the health benefits of what is going into my body, I don't need to count the calories.    My body takes care of it all for me.

Now the next step is to get rid of the scale.   That darn scale sort of has me trapped.  

Do you weigh yourself?   How often?

Do you count calories?   How many calories do you limit yourself at?


  1. I count calories and I have a scale. I weigh myself daily, I can't help it. I am a ED-survivor so it's hard to give up all control. I keep track of my calores on my fitness pal. I probably don't need to but I feel out of control if I don't.

  2. I count calories, and also weigh myself daily. It has recently become a habit because I am trying to lose 22 pounds and get myself into shape for the summer. Since the beginning of February I have lost 9 pounds; I am limited to 1530 calories per day. I feel that calorie counting works for me because it makes me think twice about WHAT I'm putting into my body - e.g., 1 cup of broccoli is more filling and a whole lot less calories than a handful of chips or a cookie. For now, I'm really enjoying the daily weigh-ins - it excites me to step on the scale every morning to see the "progress" I've made by my sacrifices. I also agree splurging is necessary, otherwise I will literally go crazy. I limit myself to 1-2 "day splurges," which are always on the weekends.

  3. I never count calories, but my daily consumption is pretty basic! I DO jump on the scale though when ever I feel like it "just to see" where I'm at, which is probably once or twice every few months. I generally go off how my clothes fit:)

  4. When I was consciously trying to lose weight I would count calories in my head like you said. I ate between 1800-2000 calories 6 days a week for maybe 6 months? Not fun and I got a little obsessed. I stopped counting and maintained my weight, so hopefully I'll never have to do it again!

  5. I wouldn't know how to honestly! This is why I can never stop moving :)

  6. i've never counted calories, though i have sometimes tried food journaling. I step on the scale about 2x a week - but mostly i go by how my clothes fit. Life's too short to not enjoy chocolate! =)

  7. Yeah I weigh myself daily for awhile and then I go a few days and forget about it. The scale is a tough mistress to ignore!

  8. SO True.. counting calories does make you feel trapped (or a least is does me) I try and me a conscientious eater, asking myself "do I need this or am I feeling sad, bored, angry or anxious"? I happen to enjoy heathy food so that is not am issue personally, but emotional eating that's something I have yet to master and I am 44.. like you said day by day.

  9. that's you in the last photo?!?!?!?!

    it looks nothing like you. I was an obsessive calorie counter after I had Logan and was trying to lose weight. Now I exercise and eat like a normal person. I think it helped me at the time and definitely made me more aware of what I was eating :D