Monday, April 9, 2012

The 10 mile long run that ran long.

Yesterday I had 10 miles to do on my training plan.   I still am in shock that as I write this post, I have less than 2 weeks until my half marathon.    I think I can do it, it's just a matter of how well I can do it.  Of course I have my own goals in my head but I am not sure I want to share them.   Maybe on a later date. 

When I went to bed on Saturday night, I knew my run wouldn't be until the evening on Sunday.   I didn't want to get up early and risk not being home when the girls got up to find their Easter baskets.   We also had reservations for brunch at 10:30 and there was no way I wanted to run for at least 4 hours after that.  I am pretty sure I had my fair share of pork in that hour.   It was a buffet and I had breakfast sausage, bacon and sliced ham.  

 So then the weather became insanely windy.   I'm talking 25 mph winds with gusts of 34 mph.  It wasn't ideal for me to be running 10 miles in at all but I knew I had to get out there and at least attempt it.   It was warm so I had that in my favor.    I did the same route as I did the week before with just a few different turns to give it a little bit of a change.  

The first mile wasn't easy.   I was going pretty much into the wind but it wasn't until mile two that things got really really hard.   I felt like I was running in place.  My eyes were watering and my head actually hurt from the constant wind in my ears.  The wind was so strong and I just kept pushing.   In my head I kept thinking "How am I going to keep doing this for 10 miles!"   I  got to about 4 miles and just stopped.   I thought of how I have 6 miles yet and my legs were so tired from pushing in the wind.   That's when I got tough on myself.   I pretty much sat there telling myself every single mantra I have ever liked.   I told myself to just shut up.  I said that someday I wouldn't be able to do this.   Today was not that day.   I told myself that pain was temporary but pride is forever.   I told myself not to give up.   That I wasn't this weak.   I also said some things to myself I shouldn't post here.   I was sort of abusive to myself in this moment but it worked

I kept running.   It was still straight into the wind and hard but slowly I got to mile 5 where I was able to stop, eat some apple sauce and turn around.   That meant the wind would now be at my back.   What a difference that made.   I felt like I was flying!    The next two-3 miles were awesome and easy.  

Mile 8-10 I had the wind at my side so it wasn't as wonderful as before.   I turned on my Ipod but I couldn't get it to keep playing so I just held it and kept selecting songs to play while I ran.   At 9.2 miles I was stopped by a traffic light.   I stopped my Garmin but forgot to turn it back on when I started running again.   Finally I looked down about 5 minutes later to see it wasn't running.   I was so bummed!   I wanted to see 10 miles on my Garmin and I knew if I guessed at 10 miles I would end up short once I got home.   I decided to run whatever extra I needed to get to 10 miles total on my Garmin.   My legs were sore.   I was tired but I finished.    10 miles on my Garmin in 1:39:23.   Even with the wind, it was over a minute faster than last week!!  

Once I went home, I checked my map and figured out I actually ran right over 10.5 miles total.    Longest run ever for me!  

Here are the numbers.   I am not sure why my Garmin put an extra lap in there.  


  1. Great job! Last year, I had to do a 20 miler in high winds (like moving my truck while I was motivating myself to get out of it). My stride was like 6 inches wide. But boy did it feel great to finish it! Good luck on your half! Happy miles!

  2. Nice job! That is some insane wind. Try the autopause function on the Garmin, that way if you stop at lights and stuff it automatically pauses and you don't have to suffer that problem anymore. I'd done that millions of times and its truly awful. Autopause has changed my life.

  3. Awesome job, Sarah! Way to keep going even when you wanted to quit. Um. Yeah. I totally started to tear up a bit when reading through all your mantras. :-) So glad to hear that it worked for you. You are totally going to rock your half marathon.

  4. SARAH. you are incredible. seriously. i can never push through the wind. i always just give up. the wind is my absolute WORST enemy when running. so I KNOW this run made you so strong for your half!!! way to go!!!

  5. Great job, I had my 10 miler last year in crazy winds like it was yesterday too. Way to push through it.

  6. Great job on your longest run ever! I hate running in the wind so I'm automatically impressed!

  7. Nice work! What a great run.. wind is never easy and you powered through!

  8. I hate running in the win, but it has been super windy around here lately! Way to stick wih it :)

  9. Nice run Sarah! Hope your half goes great!