Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Weekend but Screw You IT band!

This weekend was a busy but fun weekend.   On Saturday Mike and I went to our first performance at the Performing Arts Center here.   We had won the tickets from Katelyn's school raffle and so we had my mom take the girls overnight so we could go out and have some fun.    We went downtown Appleton and stopped to grab a slice of pizza at Sal's, a local pizza place.    I was so happy when I saw they had one supreme slice left and I quickly declared it to be mine.   They cooked it up and then I went to go put some red pepper flakes on the pizza.   The whole entire top fell off and my pizza had a pile of red pepper flakes about 2 inches thick on it.   I just sat there and stared at it.   I was sort of mad, sort of shocked and mostly embarrassed that this happened.   Thankfully they let me pick out another slice but at that point, the supreme was all gone and I was stuck with pepperoni and sausage.   When I sat back down, Mike asked what took so long.   I told him and his only reply was "You fell for the oldest trick in the book."  

After that we went across the street to the PAC to see the show.   I got a glass of wine and Mike got a rum and coke.   As soon as we sat down with our drinks, they announced the show would be starting in 10 minutes.   Time to slam our drinks like last weekend we were 21 again. 

The show was good.   We enjoyed doing something different for once and it was great to get out.   After that we didn't know what to do so Mike suggested bowling.   Techno Bowling to be exact.   How could I turn that down?   When we got there it was everything we dreamed of.   Laser lights, black lights, NO TECHNO?, and lots of interesting people.    We decided to party hard.   Mike ordered a coke and I had a water.  

Thanks for the picture Mike!

Today I had a 10 miler on the schedule.   I got up nice and early but it was raining out.   I sat around a while and finally the rain stopped at about 9:30 am.   I got dressed and headed out.   I felt pretty good the first few miles.   My heart rate monitor wasn't working right.   I don't know why but it was reading way low.  I kept trying to adjust it since I try to run on HR rather than pace.   Nothing seemed to help.   Then at about 4 miles in a felt a weird pain in my knee.   I decided to turn around and head back home.   I knew I could make up the miles closer to home but felt wrong going out further.   I am so glad I made that decision.   Within the next half mile my IT band started acting up again.   I stopped, turned on my Ipod and started running again.   Then my Ipod stopped.   I stopped running again and took it out only to find that it was dead.   I didn't charge it.   I started running again.   Then I remembered I had my phone with me so I stopped again and turned on Pandora.   Back to running again.  

My IT band was bad.   I contemplated calling Mike to pick me up but by the time it was to the point of contemplating that I was only a couple miles from home.    Those last two miles were terrible.   I did lots of running and then walking and then running and then walking.   I wanted to run so bad but my IT band was hurting so much.  

8 Miles done....but I was not happy.

I made it home after 8 miles total.  I should be happy with that but I'm not.   I am so worried about next weekend.   I had dreams of doing well.   Dreams of being happy with my time.   Basically basing it on my time.   Now I can't even guess on what to expect with my IT band acting up.    It may bother me at 2 miles.   It may bother me at 6 miles.   It might not bother me at all.    All I know is this week is my taper week and I am going to do only a few easy miles.   I have been icing and rolling since I got home from my run.   I will continue to RICE my IT band for the next week and just PRAY that I can get through my half marathon running.

One good thing happened today.   It was my Mother in Laws birthday and they took us out for Mexican.   I got my favorite salad, the Chicken Fajita Salad!   YUM!  

Brother in Law playing a game with Kenzie.

If you have had IT band issues, what helped you?   I know I need to strengthen my hips and glutes.   I'm pretty sure I have inactive glutes and that is a problem.  

One last thing:

The winner of the Mila is Mac From Wealth is Health!!  Email me to claim!


  1. That sucks so much! I have had IT band trouble and it still acts up - definitely strength training the lower body helps but I still forget most of the time.

  2. I had the same issue last year when I was training for the half marathon, I googled stretches for my IT bank and made sure I did them all before going out on a run. That seemed to help me and really didn't have much pain after that. The reduced mileage for your taper should also give it plenty of time to heal up a little bit too.