Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I love TJ Maxx

I'm thrifty and I don't have a problem admitting it.   If I can find a good deal, I'm all over it!   I use coupons constantly.   I feel like you should never have to pay full price for something.   My family is pretty darn lucky because any time we go shopping, there is almost always a coupon in my purse to save them some money.  

If you haven't been to TJ Maxx to check out their clothes, you need to.  They have such cute clothes and they are completely affordable.   I recently discovered their active apparel.   They have TONS and it's all so cute!   Case and point.   I went there this week and here is what I got:

This skirt/skort.   Yes that's my butt and legs.   Yes this was taken with my phone so it's hard to really see the cute detail of the skirt.   It is a black Fila Skort that has shorties underneath.    The front is sort of plain but the back has the most adorable ruffles!    The price take on this?   $16.99. 

There is also this skort:

Once again, there are shorts underneath this one as well.   Price Tag:  $16.99  

After that I thought I was done buying clothes so we headed to the toy section to let the girls play for a little bit.   That's when my mom showed me another shirt she had just found on the end of the children's clothes rack.   She thought it was cute, not her style, but cute.   I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it! 

The one I got is purple...not blue though.   Now if I were a really great runner, I wouldn't feel so comfortable wearing this but since I'm basically a middle of the pack runner, I feel like it's alright.    Almost like it's a joke...although I do feel that any runner is pretty amazing.    It takes a lot of balls to get up and go run day after day.    It isn't easy.   Some days are insanely miserable but yet we keep doing it.     Price tag:  $7.99.    Can you believe it was my size too?  It was meant to be.  

There is also another brand that I am pretty in love with.   Apparently it's only carried by TJ Maxx stores but it's Kyodan.   They make some really cute almost Lululemonish looking pieces and they are also in the $10-15 range for each piece.  

Have you ever shopped at TJ Maxx for athletic clothing?

Is there any brand you are specifically loyal to or do you wear whatever you find functional? 


  1. Oh I love TJ Maxx for running clothes! I heard my local TJ Maxx had Sugoi arm sleeves. I need to get there. I've scored on some awesome Saucony shorts and Sugoi running jackets before. :)

  2. lol I think you look like an 80's rocker ;) LOVE IT!!!!! but I don't know if I could ever rock a running skirt....I really don't know

    1. I am an 80's rocker...haven't you heard? Guess I haven't shared that part of my life yet ;)

  3. I freaking love TJ Maxx for running clothes... you better not get to all of the good ones first! :)

  4. TJ's is one of my favorite places to shop for workout clothes... great variety and prices!

  5. Adorable skirt! I love the finds at TJ Maxx! I bough some great socks and a winter running jacket there recently. Such good prices.

  6. Cute skirt. I always hit up TJ Maxx for workout gear. You can't beat the prices.

  7. I get almost all of my workout gear (clothes and other stuff) at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Ross. That skirt and top were both good finds!