Monday, April 2, 2012

March in Review and Starting April off right.

I am pretty happy with where I was at in March.  I did almost all of my training plan for my half marathon and I can really feel myself getting better at running.  It's so exciting because running is actually becoming easier and I'm learning so much with each run.    Here are the totals for March.

Total Miles:  86.71

Total workouts: 21 (17 of which are running)
 I took a step back on cross training now that I am getting closer to the half marathon.   I don't want to over do it or twist something in something else.   I took a couple spin classes and a couple core classes though. 

Last week I did take one day off from running.   My ankle was acting up after Tuesdays 5 mile run and so I didn't run my 2 miles on Wednesday and didn't run on Thursday either.   I tested out the ankle on Friday and everything was good again!   R.I.C.E really does work!  

Yesterday I kind of realized my half is only 3 weeks away.   I still haven't had a double digit run, and even though my training schedule doesn't have me doing 10 miles until next weeks run, I felt like I wanted to get a couple in before the taper week so I decided that 10 miles is what I would be aiming for.   The weather was alright.   I wore a running skirt, compression socks, and a long sleeved shirt.  At first when I went out, I was mad that I decided on the long sleeved shirt.   I was hot.   It was in the 40's and it's hard for me to find a happy medium on how to dress for those temps.   Once I got out of the city though, it actually was so glad I wore a long sleeved shirt.   I realized how cool it really was out and also how windy.  My trick to keep running is to go 5 miles out and then 5 miles back and that's exactly what I did this time.  

I ate oatmeal before my run and I didn't feel the need to fuel at all but I didn't want to find out later that I should have so at 5 miles I stopped for about 4 minutes and ate one of these:

I stretched a bit and then I was back at it.   Right away I got stopped by a very long light.   I hate when that happens!   After that though, I kept going.   I was surprised at how good I felt.   One trick I use it to run  more on heartbeat than anything else.   I have found if I can keep it in the 165-175 range then I am good to go for a long run.   I also have kept my Garmin Screen only to show my heart rate, time of day and total time.   I have no idea what my pace is and I'm just not stressing about it on my long runs.   The two times I did this it has worked in my favor and I knocked out 10 miles yesterday at a 10:06 average.  

After that I came home to my girls gone with Mike's mom and Mike asking me if I wanted Mexican food.   Of course I did.    I picked the chicken fajita salad and it was so dang good, bordering the best salad I've ever had.   I can't wait to go back and have it again.  


  1. ahhhh!!! congrats on your awesome 10 miles!! love it! and love your strategies!

  2. great job on your first double digit run!!