Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More on my hair and a new favorite!

My bangs are stilllllll out of control.   I haven't made an appointment yet to get them cut.   I know some of you suggested cutting them myself but honestly, I don't trust myself enough to do that.   If they were straight, that's one thing.   Not when they are layered.  

One good thing I've found with my bangs being this long (besides Mike telling me he likes them this length) is that I can actually put them up in a high bun or pony tail so I no longer have hair falling down the entire time I run. 

I forgot how nice that is!   So I think I've decided to just let my hair be until after the half marathon.  

Oh by the way, since Monday I've been dealing with what I assume is IT band issues.   Just awesome.   I ran last night and had to stop a quarter mile short because it was just so uncomfortable and painful.    I made a random appointment with a chiropractor because they sent me a letter in the mail telling me they would like to see my boob fall out of my shirt again.   Did I tell you that story?   I hope not.   Anyway they said that since I haven't been back since my boob fell out and was fully exposed to "Tony" that they would waive my fees for my first appointment!   How nice of them!   For the record, there was no real mention of my boob falling out in the letter they sent me.   I can only assume that it's why they want me to come back.  

My newest obsession?

Dees babies aint cheap!   But they are good!   I can't help but feel better about myself when drinking one.   That might be the possible chance that there is alcohol in this drink.   Apparently not much though.    I might just add my own....


  1. ahhhh my hair is pure craziness right now. so dang long that i give up on brushing it most times. its an awesome sweaty mess after the gym ;) haha. i still have not tried kombucha. gotta get on that!

  2. I like the long bangs and the option to pull them back is always nice.
    I've never seen those drinks around but looks tasty.
    I'm a sucker for anything with ginger.

  3. the pics of your hair look great! i really like the option of being able to pull all the hair out of my face, i cant stand it when it won't stay back!

    ps great job on your 10 miler!!!