Thursday, April 19, 2012

The week of running posts

If you're looking for food posts this week, it's not likely to happen.   Since it's my taper week for the Oshkosh half marathon on Sunday, my foods are pretty typical and boring.   No one cares about that stuff.    For those of your here looking to read about running, this is your week.  

Yesterday was a great day.   I went to my Chiropractor again.   We are now seeing each other every other day so I'm pretty sure him and I are dating now.    This time though, they had me see the sports physical therapist there.   If you need a recommendation for one in the future in live in my area, I'll email you her name and where she works.    She was awesome.   Very informative and very casual and didn't make me feel weird when she poked my butt over and over and over to see how active my glutes were.   I even started to pass out because of having to stand up, sit down, lay down, flip over so much and she was so understanding when I turned white and started to sweat profusely.   She went to get me a glass of water and had me lay down.   After that, all was good though.   Here is what I found out:

1.  My glutes are lazy.   Not totally inactive but absolutely lazy.   She taught me exercises to do to help strengthen my glutes.

2. My hips are way loose and lazy.   She thinks this is the most likely cause of my IT band issues.   

3. My IT band, especially on my left side, is a bit tight but not overly bad.  

4. My Hamstrings were some of the strongest she's seen.   When she was testing my strength in them, I nearly flipped her over.   Looks like my hamstrings are doing most of the work when I run. 

5. My butt is sore today.   That's a good thing.

When I first sat down with her, I told her I thought I had inactive glutes and weak hips.   She then asked me what I was certified in because no one comes in knowing exactly what is wrong before talking to her.   I said I just use Google a lot.   She was pleased.   She even wrote me an email later with all the exercises and what to do and this is what she said:

"Just let me know if you have ANY questions.  I know it was kind of a lot of info I threw at you today!  :)  But you came in knowing a lot so that was great!  We were able to get through more than I normally could because of that, so good work!"  

Thank you Bloggers and Google.   You keep me up to date on my medical degree.  

After seeing her, they sent me to my Chiro.   He adjusted my back and then hooked me up to the electro stimulation. 

They put me in the most attractive shorts I have ever seen.

After that, they sent me to be taped up in the Kinesio tape.   They want to test it out before my half on Sunday.   I took my legs for a spin yesterday after my appointment and me knee felt good so I'm hoping it will hold up for the half.   

They said if I like it,  I can pick better colors next time!

This morning I also did another 2 miles (last run before the half) and then I go back to the Chiropractor on Friday.  He'll do one last adjustment and then retape me since the Kinesio tape only lasts for 3 days.  

All in All I was in the office for 2 hours yesterday but it was such an informative 2 hours.    Like I said, if you live in my area and are looking for a good place to go, I would suggest them in a heartbeat.   Very friendly, very informative and I feel like they are truly trying to do as much to help me as possible.  


  1. YAY I am soooooo excited for your first half. Glad that google and chiros help :) I tried googling my injury but the options were so bad I decided not to continue ;) lol

    I taped up my hip flexor for that race and it really seemed to help. I am so happy I bought it :D

  2. Your injury sounds very similar to mine only I never ended up going to a chiropracter. I had week hips and caused a lot of issues, mostly on my left side. Thanks to my Jillian DVD and some isolating exercises to strengthen that area I've gotten faster and I'm injury free. Good luck on Sunday and hope to see you out there.

  3. Awesome! A good doc is a tough find. Glad you are in good shape for your half and that your google MD in being put to good use.

  4. i am so glad you got a good doc who gave you some help and i'm so excited for your first half!!!

  5. So glad you're getting things checked out. I think lazy glutes are common, and bad, among us runners. Good luck with the exercises and with the race!

  6. Glad you have some helpful people getting you ready for the half! If you feel like sharing...what kind of exercises did they give you for glutes? Inactive/lazy/etc. is definitely mine to a tee!

  7. Sounds like you have some great people taking care of you and really taking an interest in your health!

  8. So glad to find your blog (as I'm a Wisconsin girl too)- and even more glad you're taking care of yourself! Looking forward to reading more!