Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Winning.   It's great.   We've all won something one time or another in the blogging world and I've enjoyed having people win things from being a reader on my blog.   I once won a trip to New York City.   It wasn't that long ago either (Aug. 2010).   It was such a weird experience to win that kind of prize and you sort of feel like you have won the lottery.   You want proof?   Here you go...

Now a few things about this video. I never expected to win. I even said to Mike right before they told us to open our bags "Now wait for the scream!" He sat there, not looking at me open my bag but looking around at everyone else. Right before we opened the bags, the DJ's for one of our local radio stations told us that there would be a bright pink sheet of paper on it that would say "NEW YORK CITY TRIP WINNER."
This is what happened while I wasn't on the video.

 I sat there, and untied my bag.

 I was excited to see the swag that I would be getting for calling into the radio station almost a month prior and being caller number 9.

 I got it opened and I saw a bright sheet of pink paper. My heart stops and I sit there quietly. I don't take it out of the bag. I am scared...maybe more nervous. I actually had thoughts that it couldn't possibly be the pink piece of paper they were talking about. With the sheet still in the bag, I unfolded it. It read in very large font "NYC TRIP WINNER."

 I didn't jump up at all.

 I didn't scream.

 I felt like time was going really slowly when in reality this all happened in a matter of seconds.

I poked Mike and said "Mike look." He didn't look. He was still looking around for the winner to jump up.

 I poked him again, with the sheet of paper still in the bag, said "Mike..." He looks and gets a grin on his face and starts shaking his head. At that moment I knew he felt the same way as me. We were actually nervous that we were winning in front of all these people...all these people that really wanted to win this trip just as much as we did.

 I heard the DJ's looking for the winner and all I could manage to do was take the sheet of paper out of the bag (finally!) and waive it in the air. I was then spotted as you saw from the video.

Oh another thing about the video. My voice is NOT that manly. I felt like I couldn't talk when they asked me my name. That's all that I could manage to get out. The trip was amazing. I missed my babies and couldn't wait to get home to them but they actually sent us out there from Wednesday night until Sunday afternoon so we really were able to see a lot and have a great time. Mike and I both agree we will get back there again some day to enjoy even more that New York City has to offer. Whats the best thing you ever won?


  1. That is so crazy! Whenever I win door prizes or anything like that I'm a little embarrassed to win...but never anything that amazing!

  2. I have won all kinds of things over the years.

    A few significant things come to mind:
    - airfare for 2 from Calgary to Copenhagen, Denmark
    - a pair of mens and ladies Pierre Balmain watches
    - a stereo system valued up to $1500 (that was in 1998 and it was a lot then)
    - the first color tv my family ever owned

    I loved reading this post... fun!

  3. I love winning things, but always feel like I never do. I'll go on streaks from time to time where I will win, but generally don't.

  4. The only thing I have ever really won was a 3 story Barbi house when I was like 7-8 years old. I would LOVE to win a vacation or something like that.

  5. wow!!! what an incredible prize. i think i would have reacted the same way as you! right now of course im drawing a blank and cant think of anything i have won thats really cool. haha. i suck. last year i won a garmin on a blog giveaway but it stopped working and now i have lost it. dang. i really do suck. haha.

  6. I won a full size Miller High Life kegerator along with a Miller High Life neon bar sign. I sold the kegerator on the spot to a guy for $500 and the sign is hanging in my man cave. :)