Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Everyone tells me to rest but I say No No No

To be completely clear, my chiropractor has not told me to rest and I'm going with it.   I am able to get some miles in but not high mileage like before my ITBS starts to act up.   I am feeling a bit depressed about my running right now.   I feel like I just can't gain any miles and I'm constantly thinking about my IT band when I'm running.   I'm trying so many new things that I don't even know if I would know what helps once I solve this issue.  

I have tried to forefoot to midfoot strike.   I have the Brooks PureCadence and stopped using them while I was training for my half because I noticed they sort of hurt my ankles since I wasn't used to them.   I decided I would wait to break them in until after my half marathon.   Here we are now, post half, and I have tried them out.   I first went on my treadmill at home barefoot to feel what my stride was like when running barefoot.   Very different indeed.   Then I went outside in the Brooks and went for a run in them.   I focused so hard on how my foot strike was.   I felt like I was a deer prancing in the woods.   No lie.   That was the exact thought that came to my head when I out there running.  Is that how it should feel? 

I have been foam rolling like a maniac.   I have this one spot on my leg that I hit and I'm not sure if it's a ligament or if it's a ball of tissue but it hurts like a mofo to roll over and it moves and I am just not sure what it is.   I have been told to hold on that spot for 30+ seconds to try to break down the tissue (if that is what it is) and I feel like I'm either going to throw up or pass out when I sit on it.   It doesn't hurt so good.  It just hurts.

I have been icing.   I have a bag of peas in my freezer that everyone knows not to touch.   It's been frozen and thawed so many times it would be hazardous to consume.  

Dr. Tony is doing ultrasound therapy on me now.   I've had 3 sessions of that.   Not sure if it's working or not.   I still have pain after 4 miles when I'm running.  

I have tried ITBS bands for my leg.   A couple different kinds.   They don't seem to work at all for me.   More of a distraction than anything.   I gave them a shot on a few runs and ended up taking them off after I started feeling the ITB pain because they annoyed me that much.  

What else can I do?   I know what most are going to say...Rest it.   I tried that for one week.   Laugh if you want but that is all I could manage to do at this point.   I don't feel like running with it is making it worse.  And Dr. Tony has not told me to stop running.   He has actually asked me what my race schedule is looking like and I have to say each time that I don't have one because I need to get my ITBS to go away.  

With that all that said, I did go for a run today.  I am on the search for some more trails in my area and I found one about 15 minutes from me that I never knew about.   One problem that online doesn't tell you is that it's hilly.   Really hilly.   I was burned out after about 1 mile of hills.  

Then you get out of the really hilly area and it goes to some street areas.   I kind of felt unsafe.

Then it got a bit worse and went by some truck yard and some random apartments.   I felt so disconnected from everyone.   No one was out there.   I felt even more unsafe. 

Finally I got to go back and my energy at this point was at a zero.   Then some random dude from behind passed me.   First person I had seen out in that stretch.   That poor unsuspecting guy became my game.   I decided that I was basically going to chase him back to my car.   I needed something to encourage me.

It worked for the most part but then my IT band started to get cranky so I slowed it down a bit and walked some of those hills.

In the end I only did about 4.5 miles.   They were hard miles.   I'm glad I did them but they did not come easily today.   No run seems to come easily to me right now and it's depressing to me.   Just a few weeks ago I did 13.1 and now 5 makes me want to quit.  


  1. FRIEND! i know that no one can ever exactly relate to frustration you are feeling but i do feel like i can relate and understand. this time last year and the end of last summer my IT went all sorts of crazy. the first time it happened i didnt even know what an IT was so i was just totally freaked. I went to PT that time around and went through some crazy "scraping" procedure a few times per week. ASTYM i believe. and it was seriously helpful. but i couldnt afford PT all the time. at the end of last summer i was kinda at a loss but i just kept at it with the foam rolling, ibuprofen, icing, compression and biofreeze. i also just tried to switch up my running areas (like you did today) and that actually seemed to help because i was maybe more stimulated mentally by the new environment rather than worrying about my leg.

    im so not knowledgeable when it comes to knowing what to do about medical stuff. but know that im thinking of you and sending good vibes that something will help!

    amazing run today...ummm no wonder 5 made you want to quit. every picture seems to be straight up or down!

  2. I hope the pure cadence work for you! Those were my savior shoes because they helped me get rid of all my foot/knee issues :) Hopefully they help you too once you're used to them!

  3. Ok, when I was having IT band/hip issues I bought the stick (www.thestick.com), the guy at an expo used it on me and was able to get that ball of tissue or whatever to release. It hurt like a mofo but whatever he did worked. I haven't had any issues since! I also switched to Saucony Kinvara 2s. I am pretty sure that those are helping as well.

    I hope you are able to get rid of that IT band issue. It definitely sucks.

  4. You poor thing! I hope you are getting better...

    You know what? I just signed myself up with a marathon in 14 Oct. This is my first full marathon and I'm getting a little nervous now reading about your injury :p

  5. Ugh - I know the feeling at it sucks! It sounds like you're doing everything - glad that at least the doctor said you could run!

  6. Yes- like a deer prancing in the woods is exactly how you should feel transitioning to midfoot! Engage your glutes as much as possible. There's a good video at naturalrunningcenter.com if you haven't seen it. Take it slow in terms of building up your miles. I've built up to 13 miles in minimalist shoes over the course of a year and will never look back. Have fun!

  7. SO sorry to hear that you are still having such trouble with the IT band! YES--I agree about stopping at the painful spot while foam rolling and hold it for 30 seconds or until the muscle releases. Yes, it hurts like a sonofabitch, but it helps a lot. Of everything I tried, a simple knee sleeve ($15 or less at a drug store) and ibuprofen was what ultimately got me through. It helped more than anything, including my doctors and sports massage therapist! GOOD LUCK!

  8. I have had IT band issues too - i didn't stop running, but i did take it easy, and just did slower shorter runs until it felt better. Shoes really make a difference for me! That is one hilly course! i wish i had hills somewhere near me :)

  9. I really hope this starts to get better. One thing that worked for me was working on my overall leg strength and really focusing on my hips. My inner shin splints caused up but my PT said the stuff she gave me to do was for knee issues too.

    Let me know if you need a buddy to keep you safe out there :) Are you running the soleburner on Sat?

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  11. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry that you're in pain and nothing seems to be making it better. I hope it's nothing serious with that spot on your leg that the foam roller is killing.