Monday, May 21, 2012

My hatred for birds still exists.

This weekend was a great weekend.   It was sunny and warm.   Very warm actually.   The Green Bay Marathon about 45 minutes from me was actually cancelled after two and a half hours because of the heat.   Apparently people were dropping like flies.   Even though they called it off and said any of those that finished after the cancellation wouldn't have an official chip time, many still kept on keeping on and finished with strong times.   Congratulations runners.   I had race envy. 

What better to do with race envy then sign up for a race and then get your running shoes on and go for a run.   Unfortunately it was insanely windy last night.   I constantly am complaining about the wind so I need to just shut up about it but it still is surprising when nearly every run is with gusts of 25+ mph. 

I haven't done more than 6 and a half miles since my half marathon a month ago so I really wanted to get a good run in.   I am still dealing with IT band pain but it has been better lately so again I really wanted to test it out and see where I am at.  I set off to do 8 miles.  I would do 4 miles out and then 4 miles back.  Simple enough.

Of course it never goes as planned though.   The was hard.   I'm not going to lie.   I still averaged around a 9:30 pace though for the first 4 miles.   When I turned around though I had terrible digestive issues and didn't know what to do.   I was 4 miles from home.   I figured I was about a mile from my sisters house so I started running that way.   I gave her a call and asked if she was at home....she wasn't.  Crap.   So I figured I was really close to a park and ran that way to see if their restrooms were open.   They weren't.  CRAP.   So then I ran backwards and found a gas station.   I walked in like a criminal and felt weird just using them for their restroom.

Back to running I went but I was still have having lots of stomach cramping.   I ended up running and walking from about 6 miles on to get through it.

About a mile from home I was just slowly jogging along jamming out to music when I felt something hit the back of my head.    I turned around and saw this: 

There were actually TWO of them, swooping down at me again.   I am really surprised I didn't crap my pants then.   They didn't hit me again but my hatred for birds has not changed.   I think birds are so gross.   I can't stand them.   I actually get the shivers just looking at the above picture. 

When I got home, I had stomach issues all night.   I did try the Gu chews for the first time on this run so I wonder if that is what caused it.   Who knows. 

Oh and I also had IT band issues again from mile 6 to mile 8.  It sucked.  Back to the Chiro on Tuesday again. 

The best part of this run?   I am testing out some new running clothes (more on that later) and apparently they make men want to wave and honk at you.   I had a record breaking run of 2 waving guys, and 4 car honks.   The two separate guys that waved at me were 18ish.   One was on a moped.     I'll take that ANY day. 

Have you ever been attacked my these Red Wing Blackbirds while out? 

Do you love or hate birds..or not really care?


  1. I think I jump everytime I get honked at from a car approaching behind me. Definitely not expecting it when I'm in the zone. Hope the IT Band gets figured out, you may want to see a physical therapist or do a gait analysis as it may be caused from an imbalance while running. I haven't had issues since then.

  2. It was hot in Cleveland yesterday, too, and I know they went to red but they didn't cancel the race. Sorry about your issues, both the IT and the intestinal. I suffer from both, as well. Does the chiropractor help with the IT band? I used to go to one but haven't been in a long time. I don't have a problem with birds in general, but the kind you mentioned are nasty!

  3. 4 car honks?? I need this outfit. I really hate birds too. I have never seen those red-winged ones, but i have had enough geese hiss at me that i think about kicking them every time i run past one.

  4. holy crap, what crazy birds!! i'm more of a snake hater, but that's probably just because i haven't been attacked by birds!

  5. Two waving guys and four car honks?! Nice! I'm with Courtney on the snakes but I'm not a big fan of birds either.

  6. OMG! I totally get swooped by redwinged blackbirds ALL THE TIME in our teeny Alberta town! Including tonight! Apparently the yellow headed ones will swoop too! I am terrified to run certain routes between June and September because of them!

    Gu chews give me stomach issues too.