Monday, May 28, 2012

This is...

Life has been happening lately and I have had less time to post.   I know most of you do not care if I post regularly or not so it really hasn't bothered me too much either.   This is life lately:

This is where I ran this weekend.   It was really hot and humid already at 9:00 am.   I ended up taking a few walk breaks because of how warm I felt.   

This is embarrassing.   No makeup, sweaty, no shower...and yep...I'm freckly.  Thanks for those genes mom.  I hope you're not seeing this first thing in the morning.  I'm sorry. 

This is the cake I made for my nephew Logan's birthday this weekend.   Yes, he's 6 and loves the Ghost Busters.   He's a cool kid.

This is my baby showing me how she can ride with no training wheels.   It was an awesome moment. 

This is kids, ages 2, 3, 5, and 6 all getting along with the same activity.   It may never happen again.

This is plain and simple cuteness:

This is a real sign at a zoo here:

This is the end. 
P.S. I look like a man without any makeup on.


  1. That cake is SO awesome. I want one for MY birthday. I love the zoo sign, too- there was one in Lafayette, IN that had a similar message about "if you feed the monkeys they DIE" and i had to laugh at the drama of it.

  2. You don't look like a man at all. I love that cake and I really enjoy the pics of the kids. They are adorable!

  3. You did a great job with that cake! It looks really good. The kids look like they had a fun weekend playing. You look fine without makeup!!!

  4. bahahahaha. omg. that zoo sign = toooo much. you are awesome for managing to get out in the heat for a run. eeeek. im dreading that this summer! the kid pics are so cute! looks like a fun summer there:)

  5. I was there running on Saturday morning, I finished around 9am thankfully.

    I love that there is no danger for the person falling in!

  6. That is the coolest cake ever!! My freckles come out in the summer too... I look at them as a summer make over :)

  7. Love that zoo sign.

    I'm not brave enough to photograph myself after a workout...I'm sure I would be pretty scary to run into.

  8. Oh my gosh, you don't look like a man. You're crazy. Love the kiddo pictures - and that cake is awesome!

  9. Great Cake!
    I love, love the zoo sign! So funny.

  10. that sign in hilarious and you did a great job with the cake!

  11. Great job on that cake! And you do NOT look like a man, silly. Great idea for a post. Very fun structure.

  12. that sign is amazing! and you look fine