Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday - The Kid Addition

I took this picture last night.   These are the most important kids in my life.   I will get this custom framed eventually.  

Katelyn, Kenzie, Logan, Aubri, Austin <3
Back story on the picture.   To get all of the kids to run into this field we had to lie and tell them we hid something in the field and the first one to find it gets to keep it.   The little ones just followed along.   Logan was so mad at us for lying so we took them all the DQ as the treat.  End of Story.

We had several thunderstorms come through our area last night.  Lots of rain and lots of lightening and thunder.   Kenzie doesn't do well with thunderstorms so she came and slept in bed with me.   This is her idea of sharing a bed.

That same little girl graduated from preschool today.   She had her kindergarten orientation this week as well.   It's all going so fast.   There were days I thought they would never get to be this old. 

And just because this is a blog mostly about me (narcissist)...I finally had a picture taken of me.   Thanks Staci.


  1. Gorgeous pic of the kids and you!

  2. Sharing the bed with kids during a is a double-edge for me...I love that they need me and want to cuddle, but then, they hog the bed and I get no sleep.

  3. wow! these are absolutely gorgeous photos!!