Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Bellin 10k Recap

I didn't post too much about this race leading up to it. I have never done this race and I didn't really know what to expect but I knew it was going to be different than any other race I had done thus far. Before this one, all my races were smaller and local. Even my half marathon had only about 2,000 people signed up for it. This one is completely different. It had over 18,000 people signed up. It had corrals. It had Kenyans doing 4 minute miles. For being a 10k, it's one of the more popular ones around the country. There is also a cash prizes so that attracts many people as well. The days before the race the race organizers were warning us about heat. Go figure...seems to be a trend lately. The start is at 8am and they were expecting it to be around 74 degrees and full sun for the start and then rising temps from there. The race directors were good about all of it and added lots of water and ice to the route so they were prepared.

 One of the nice things about this race is that from mile 2-6.2 you are running through residential streets and they really get involved. Many houses had hoses out spraying runners from that point on. They also had music blasting and there was never a moment without feeling like you weren't part of a parade. The morning of I picked up Lish and we made the 45 minute drive to Green Bay. Traffic was good and we made our way there easily. We hit the port-a-potties and made our way to our corral. We had both signed up for the 9-10 pace corral and had the same goal in mind. We both wanted to get under 60 minutes. With the weather being the way it was, I knew that it might be hard to hit it but I was willing to go for it. As we stood in our corral waiting for the start we both noticed just how hot it was. The sun was too our backs but just standing there I was already sweating and felt very warm. I just wanted to start. After about 12 minutes, we made our way past the start line and off we went. With a race having over 18,000 people for a 10k it's expected to be busy but that was the first thing that hit me. Lish and I were constantly trying to get around people the entire race. It never spread out much and we had to jump up on side walks and separate to get around people.

Bellin Run (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 The first few miles I felt like we were doing well.   I felt like I was pushing myself but I felt good as well.   Eventually though the sun got to me.   The first two miles you are on a business street.   There isn't any shade but the sun was to our backs.   Then you go down a steep hill when you hit the residential area for the next mile.   Around mile three you're turning back toward home so the sun is right in your face.   It made me feel so hot and tired.    My head felt HOT.   I had ice in my bra and was weaving to hit all the spraying hoses I could but I needed to get my breathing back on track so I told Lish I was going to walk for a minute.   She was awesome and walked with me.   From this point on, we would walk through the water stations but continued to move along just not as fast as the first three miles.  She had ran this course a few times before so she knew when we would be going up hill and down hill and that helped.  

Lish and I around mile 1. 
By the end of the race I was drenched and tired.   I was also bummed because I knew that we weren't going to hit the sub hour goal that we had.   Race directors warned everyone not to have any goals for this race because of the heat but it still is hard to accept when you don't do as well as you would have liked.  

After mile 5
At the end I crossed the finish line in 1:03:21.   Lish was there waiting for me (she finished a minute or so ahead of me) and I remember saying how it felt great to be done.   She made a comment about how hot it was and some older man made the comment back "It doesn't get much hotter than this!"  

Will I be back?   Most likely.   Even though it was insanely busy for a 10k, I still enjoyed the race.   It's unique in that you constantly have spectators cheering you on.   It's also not that expensive and only 45 minutes away from home. 


  1. CONGRATS!! That looks super fun - love races in neighborhoods that participate. It's like you forget you are running. And that is a great time for crappy weather - do be proud! As a general rule, people's only goal in hot weather races should be to beat me. Because it's achievable! :D

    PS - I love your shirt!

  2. Congrats on a great run. It's hard when you don't meet your goal, but it really is impossible to run your goal pace with that heat. I had a few really hot legs at Ragnar, and they were two minutes/mile slower than my cool night leg - the heat just takes it out of you.

  3. wow!! this one looks so fun and i super love your cute! congrats on the 10k!

  4. Heat is a bitch and I swear to god you look a bit like Kate Middleton. Hot bitch. Great job under some icky summer conditions! Crowded races make me a bit cagey too. It is hard to focus on your running when you're constantly weaving around folks for better positioning.

  5. Glad we were able to help each other get through the race!! Maybe next year will be favorable conditions and not so stinking hot.

    I am impressed with our race photos too!

  6. Heat is so tough. Way to stick it out - great job!

  7. Nice job Sarah! The heat is killer no matter what distance it is. You did great!