Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Summer is here (not technically) and I am loving it.   Regardless of how much harder it makes running right now, I still love it.  

Am I the only person that gets permanent flip flops in the summer?  They will be much more predominant in August.   Yes I need a Pedi.    It's only been a few weeks but they did shellac on my toes (they do that?!) and I had no idea until I tried to remove the polish and   I am too lazy to youtube how to remove shellac so I have ugly toes for now.   Your welcome.   Oh and my TV is circa 1986.   I'm too cheap and don't care enough to buy a new one when the current one still lets me watch Real Housewives of New Jersey.  

We went strawberry picking today.   This was Katelyn's 3rd year going and Makenzie's first year so I wasn't sure what to expect.   Both girls were awesome and did a great job helping out.   The only embarrassing part was when Katelyn used the port-a-potty and came back to tell me and the two older woman picking strawberries near us "The port-a-potty was actually really clean except for all the hay on the ground and there was a ton of poop...and I mean a TON." 

Kenzie had her fair share of strawberries in the field.   I was okay with it because those are free.   Even the people on the farm say one for the tummy, two in the pail.  

I now have $30.00 of strawberries to process.   I have made 4 jars of jam so far but realized that I no longer have a large surplus of jars like I used to now that I make my own chicken and vegetable stock.  I will have to do another batch later today when I can run to the store and then freeze the rest for smoothies, shakes and whatever else we can use them in.  

Do you pick strawberries?  

What do you end up doing with all the strawberries you pick? 


  1. I do not pick strawberries but what a great idea! My oldest calls herself the 'Strawberry girl' since I went into labor shortly after stuffing myself silly with all things strawberry at our town's strawberry fest. Oh the memories!

  2. I haven't been strawberry picking in ages but I really want to this summer! My family never does anything with them...but eats them nonstop for a week until we never want to see strawberries ever again!

  3. Did you go to Oakridge, were they good there? I want to get another flat yet. I just freeze all of mine whole now and use them for smoothies or eating. Next year I am planning on trying to make jelly out of some.