Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get a haircut and get a real job.

Did anyone else grow up listening to that song?  No?  Oh.

For those that missed out, here you go:

On that topic, here are two things.   I DO need a hair cut.   I haven't had one is a very long time and my hair is really long.   Secondly, I need to get a real job.

Blogging doesn't pay.   At least for me it doesn't.  I am actually a little over half way to receiving a check from Google so give me another year and MAYBE it will pay me.

This fall both of my daughters will be in school full time.   I've always been a stay at home mom and that was wonderful but now it's time for me to get a job outside of the house.   I am no longer watching my niece every day like I did for two years.   That was soooo hard to stop doing but with the summer comes sports, swimming lessons, and numerous other activities and it's time for me to move on to a new job come fall.   I always imagined I would go back to school once the girls were both in school  all day but now Mike's in school and so I am going to wait until he's done to start up full time.   I know I could also go to school but it really would be stressful and I don't really have a problem waiting.

I really am not sure where to even start with finding a job.    I have had several over the years and for a while I did work at home.   That would work out well since I can pick my hours and work as I please.   I am just not sure if jobs like that are out there still. 

I would love to work in the health industry.  Ideally I want to go to school for either Medical Assistant or possibly LPN or nursing so if I could get a job in the health industry that would be great. 

I also love anything physically active so a job with an organization or business that is proactive in making people either healthier or happier would be awesome as well. 

Of course maybe I wont get any of my desired jobs.   At this point I've been browsing but it is still a little early to apply for jobs.  I haven't really seen anything listed that is very interesting to me yet.    In this economy I suppose I should just be lucky to have a job at all. 

In the end I also do plan on keeping my job at the comedy club so I am at least making some income over the summer and in the fall until I do get a day job as well.   I also do not plan on giving up blogging. 

What do you do for a living?  Love it or hate it?

Any suggestions for me on my quest to becoming an employee again??


  1. I am a Registered nurse and love nursing. I have been in nursing for 18yrs. First 12 yrs in Hospital bedside nursing. I am now a Case Manager for an insurance company and help patients with cancer. Still love it even if it is a different aspect of nursing.
    Have you tried maybe a career assessment to see what would be a good fit career for you?

  2. I'm an executive assistant for a non-profit. It is a crazy stressful mixed bag of mostly awesomeness. I'm the nag, the voice on the phone, the typist, the keeper of the paper, the reminder, the organizer and everything else in between. I don't think I'll die doing this job... unless I get hit by a bus, but it is great way to get some well rounded experience while trying to figure out what the heck my dreams are. Plus, the whole non-profit aspect of mental health/substance abuse treatment is so refreshing after working from some blood sucking surgeons for three years.

    I can't wait to see where you end up!

  3. I have never heard that song before but my husband is over there singing along. ha ha ha!!! Good luck on the job hunt!

  4. We will have a receptionist opening come fall. But you won't like the hours.