Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Running and Seven Things...

I never did update on my long run on Sunday.   I did get 10 miles done and I also did so without an allergic reaction.   Yay for me!   I actually had a first as well.   Lish came along with me for the 10 miles.   I'm so glad she did and I look forward to more runs with her in the future.

Today I had a quick "easy" three on the calendar.   Problem with that is that it didn't come easily.   I don't think half a bottle of Kombucha, a Diet Dr. Pepper and one glass of tea yesterday is adequate hydration.  I might have possibly seen my life flash before my eyes during those so called easy three miles this morning.   It was not fun. 

I was also in the sun all day yesterday at Bay Beach.  If you don't know what Bay Beach is, it's basically every child's dream.  Endless rides for .25-.50 cents each.   This also makes it most parents dreams because you can go with $10.00 and it will last you all day long.   I did have bad timing though and yesterday was "Kids Day" and all the rides were free for kids so it was insanely busy.    I don't mind spending $10.00 if it means we can actually hit up every ride without having to wait an hour.   #fail

Today I was also tagged in the Beautiful Blogger award aka "Seven things" post.   Ginger Foxx tagged me.   If you do not read her blog, you must.   She's hilarious and real and I hope that some day we can do the same race so we can meet.   She's only a few hours from me! (Fox Cities is looking to be a big blogger meet up...hint hint). 

1.  Bees make me flip the @$#@ out.   I hate bees and I run away from them.   If one gets it the house, I run around crazy with 409 (or anything else I can find that sprays) spraying at it like crazy.   Healthy, I know.

2.  When I was a child, I used to wonder if the world was made just for me.   I had a hard time realizing all these people have all these lives that aren't surrounded by me and I sort of thought my life was a bit like The Truman Show

3.  I was enrolled at University of Wisconsin -Whitewater for Elementary Education right out of high school.  I went to one class and as soon as I finished that class, I went to enrollment services and dropped out of school.   My head wasn't in it.   Instead I got married and moved to Oklahoma.

4.  I am a minimalist and when I am stressed out about something, my favorite thing to do is grab a black trash bag and go around the house throwing stuff away.   My kids fear the black trash bag because they know their toys are in jeopardy.

5.  I chase down people that really make me mad.   Example:   Today while I was riding my bike with my daughters, a car came speeding down our street going about 50MPH in a 25 just because they suck.   It took everything in me to not chase them down but I was with my girls and didn't want to put them in danger.    I'm pretty positive it's the same kid that got ARRESTED right in front of me while I was on my run last week.

6.  I am very shy at first when you meet me.   I am worried that as soon as I open my mouth, you will think I'm an idiot so it takes me a while to come out of my shell.

7.  I'm a mama hawk.   I constantly am in my kids business.   I am overly protective.   I don't trust many of the kids in this neighborhood.    I expect a lot out of my girls.   They are young though so mistakes happen.

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  1. Congratulation with your award!

    Good that you did well for your 10 miles run. I'm happy that you recover well.

  2. I chase people down that make me mad too which is probably why I can't have a radar detector like Allan or I'd be in trouble. Glad your 10 mile run went well and you didn't have an allergic reaction!

  3. yayyyy!!! thanks for the tag!!! so excited...i will work on this for next week:)

    i used to think that way about the world too. but i blame it on my mom. my bday is 1/1 and so she always used to tell me everyone celebrated because it was my birthday. so now i still think that. ;)

  4. I am terrible in that i chase down people for real! If someone is driving like a maniac, i will follow them and keep honking at them so that they are aware that i am judging their poor decision making.

  5. There's nothing wrong with watching over your kids. More parents should try it!