Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Is. Part Two

This is Kenzie when she doesn't get a nap.   How is she going to handle kindergarten?! 

This is the newest collection to my running clothes.   I ordered two Bibbity Skirts because they closed shop and decided to sell what was left for $10.00 each.   I'm so glad I jumped on the deal because these skirts are so comfortable and awesome with two huge pockets on them.   They also hold your bib without using pins.   Sadly they are longer for sale though. 

This is the extra shirt I found as a surprise that came along with the skirts.

Softest.Shirt.Ever.   Katelyn wont stop petting me.   I told her it sort of creeps me out.  

This is Kenzie doing their first summer fun run this year.   They did great.   Kenzie placed 6th out of all girls 6 and under and Katelyn placed 3rd place for all 7 year old girls.  

Not exactly sure why Kenzie is getting the stare down from the girl next to her.  
This is the only parade you get cheese thrown at you.   Little Chute, WI has cheese fest every year and the parade is great.   Lots of candy and even cheese! 

Katelyn sort of looks evil.   Right before this she was crying cause it was too sunny out and she couldn't see..

This is delicious.   Two eggs (yep I eat the whole thing, yolk and all) cooked with spinach on a wheat tortilla with salsa.   It will be lunch for me today. 

This is the weather for the weekend.

I have a 10k on Saturday.   My first 10k.   Automatic PR but it's supposed to be freakin' hot and humid again.   The race starts at 8am so I'm hoping that will help but I know it's gonna suck.  


  1. im so dang jealous of those running skirts! they look cute. and genius with the pockets and bib holder. good luck at the 10k! im racing saturday too...and waver between obsessing over the weather/avoiding it because the high heat numbers are starting to make me nauseous! i really like the 10k distance though...you will rock it!

  2. That skirt is super cute! Now, I'm super jealous that I didn't know about the sale. *shrugs* Good luck on Saturday. Love the automatic PRs. :)

  3. That lunch looks awesome! Love egg wraps :) Good luck at your race! Heat aside, you're going to do awesome! I have only raced 1 10K, but I LOVE that distance! I wish there were more of them!

  4. Those skirts are cute, wish I knew about that sale!! I'm excited for Saturday despite the weather...we will do great :) There are plenty of sprinklers and hoses put out by the residents through miles 2 - 4 so that should help everyone out.

  5. I am the same way when i don't get a nap! :) Good luck on the 10k! Make sure to hydrate!, i will keep my fingers crossed for a cool morning!

  6. Those are cute skirts! Hope the 10K goes well this weekend. Temps here have been cooler than expected so maybe it won't be too hot for your race.