Monday, June 18, 2012

The weekend and being allergic to running.

It was a great weekend filled with fun and family and a weird thing that happened to me after my Sunday long run.   I'll have more on that later in the post though!

On Saturday we went out for Mike's birthday.   It was a good time with good friends and I really enjoyed just hanging out with adults again!   It's so rare that I get to get away without the girls and I forget how relaxing it really is.   We went to a bar here that has outdoor things to do and a huge outdoor bar and enjoyed dinner and drinks. 

Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots (Are you singing it?)

Mama to be and Me!

On Sunday I had to do a long run but I with it being Fathers day I knew it was going to be hard.   If I hadn't had a few too many Malibu and Cokes the night before then I could have done it early in the morning but I decided early in the night on Saturday that I would just push it to Sunday evening.   The only snag in that plan is that the girls had their summer fun run at 7pm and I knew I we wouldn't even be home until 8 so I was really cutting it close on daylight.  Then it looked like storms were coming so I thought I was going to cancel all together.  

We got home and I checked the radar and noted all the storms that were coming were dissipating so off I went.   I did 9 miles and it was hard to push through.   That is my longest run since the half marathon back in April.   Pathetic.  I know.  It was light out for about half of my run but then it got dark.   It made me a little nervous but I had my reflective sash on and stayed mainly to main roads.  

When I got home I had to type up Mike's homework assignments before midnight and I knew I would be cutting it close so I sat my nasty, sweaty ass down and got to typing.   The thing I noticed is that I was itchy.  INSANELY itchy.   So bad that I was scratching skin off.  So bad that my ear lobes were itching.   I couldn't stop itching.   Then my stomach went crazy on me and I got really sick.   I got into fetal position on the floor while Mike watched me act like a child rolling around unable to get rid of the pain and itching.   Eventually the stomach pain went away but my itching did not.   Mike made a comment about having an allergic reaction and I sort of gave him a look that said both to shut up and that he's crazy.  I had never heard of such a thing. 

Showering wasn't helping I that's when I got to thinking and remembered one time as a child when I had a similar reaction to swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool.   I got very ill and itchy and my parents called the doctors office.  My doctor told them I was having an allergic reaction and that I needed to take Benedryl but would be fine. 

As soon as I was out of the shower, I went dripping wet searching for some sort of allergy pill.   I found some old ones that my doctor gave me last year when I had my never ending itchiness and took it.   As hard as it was, I told Mike that I thought he was right in that I was indeed having an allergic reaction.  

After going to Doctor Google I found some really interesting information on people that actually have an allergic reaction to running.   Sometimes it is caused by food that you ate before running.   Sometimes it's not.   Sometimes it will happen again and sometimes it wont.   They really do not have much information on why this happens but they suggest if it happens that you carry an EpiPen on runs just in case it happens again.

For now I think I'll pass on that.   If it happens again, I might reconsider.    

Have you ever heard of being allergic to running? 


  1. Wow that is the strangest thing! I've never heard of being allergic to running. So odd hey? I don't mean that in a mean way. But really, I'm surprised!

  2. I am actually allergic to running! Sometimes I get hives when I'm running and get itchy - yesterday I did but sometimes I don't. For weeks I tried switching laundry detergent, fabrics, etc and I couldn't figure it out. And then I researched and yep. Allergic. I used to take a benedryl before running to keep the itch/hives away (that worked) but now I just live with it. Weird! I even wrote this blog about it:

  3. Pretty sure I think I'm allergic to running the first 10 minutes of every run.... oh wait, that's probably just me being whiny. :)

    Scary though - maybe an Epi-pen is a good idea, and you'll probably never have to use it.

  4. One of my friends is allergic to running! She has an insanely long list of foods she can't eat beforehand, including lettuce, of all things.

  5. That is very strange, hope you are able to figure out what caused out though.

  6. This has happened to me once too! It was so bizarre. I had a good hard run and came home and was SO itchy. I'm allergic to a bunch of things but still can't figure out what it was. I have Benedryl and Epipens at home - as someone with major allergies and kids with allergies, it really is important. It hasn't happened to me since - knock on wood!

  7. Are you feeling better? That's horrible, can't believe it happened. Definitely get some benadryl at least!

  8. Hard to believe. I hope you are feeling better and that this never happens again!

  9. Wow, that sounds awful! I'd make sure to have Benadryl on hand after that. I have had a few weird reactions and Benadryl will at least get it under control.