Thursday, July 26, 2012

Following the trend

It seems to be an ongoing trend in the blogging world that many bloggers are sort of "away" right now. We're knee deep in summer and it's making it hard to either find time to post or find enough content to actually make an entire post. Well, here's my attempt at that.


 I'm running! I'm doing a training schedule right now and feeling out the idea of an October full marathon. I haven't signed up for anything but Alicia and I both have our eyes on one in particular and have been doing long runs together for about a month or so now. If I can keep it up for a couple more weeks, I will take the plunge and do it. We've already discussed that we have no expectations for our first marathon and will just take it as it is. Neither of us are insanely fast to begin with but are happy with where we are at. The marathon we are looking at is in Ashland Wisconsin. It's on the northern peak of Wisconsin and is right on Lake Superior. With it being October, up north and on the lake, I don't think we will have to worry about these insane temperatures. Who knows though this year.

 One of my favorite things about this race is this:

That my friends is the elevation of this marathon.   Although it doesn't decline that much, I can't help but notice it's all a decline.   I'll take it!  

The race is also almost entirely on trails in the north woods when the peak fall colors are out.   Beautiful.    Hopefully I can keep it up on these long runs! 


My food has sort of been boring lately.   I haven't been making anything new because I am so busy all the time right now.   Both girls are in summer activities and I feel like I'm a taxi all day long.   I start training for my new job in a couple of weeks and I am enjoying shopping for new clothes to wear to work.   It's probably the best part! 

Oh and I am loving my new bike!   On Tuesday I took it out of the neighborhood for the first time and rode to my parents house via country roads.   It ended up being just a little over 13 miles round trip and I enjoyed it a lot!!  I can tell it's working a lot of muscles I don't normally use while running.  It was a little scary when cars drove by going over 45 mph but at the same time, I didn't feel overly unsafe.   I was able to maintain 15.3 mph  round trip.   Not bad for my first longer ride!    Now I just need to buy a cycling jersey so I can look the part and have a place to put my phone and stuff. 

Do you ride in a cycling jersey? 

What attracted you to your first marathon? 


  1. I am mailing out my check today for the marathon! Make sure you do it before 8/16/12 or you lose our $5.00 discount for being with Pacesetters.

  2. I do wear a jersey for most long rides. I need the pockets for nutrition, keys, extra water, etc.
    My first marathon was mostly flat and it was a Rock and Roll marathon so I knew I would have a lot to keep me entertained. Good luck with your training.

  3. I am HORRIBLE at blogging these days -- either my time management BLOWS or 24 hours in a day just isn't enough for me!! ;)

  4. I'm running my first marathon this December and what attracted me the most was that it's local and small and there's no chance it will be hot and humid!