Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random Sh!t

Is my title okay since I didn't really swear?  

Not too much to post about on the home front these days.    We are in the middle of summer which is filled with swimming lessons, parks, sweating constantly.  Seriously, I have leather seats in my car and they suck big time in the summer (and winter for that matter...brr).   It's like a slip and slide in there (that's what she said).

First thing first.   I got a bike!!!!   It was delivered yesterday but unfortunately I am no bike master so I had to bring it into the shop right away for them to put together and get it all nice and ready to ride.   The first words out of the shop owners mouth was "You got yourself a really nice bike!!  This is a great bike with great components!"  That made me feel so much better because I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to that stuff and I sort of just said screw it and pressed the "Buy" button on my computer.   I had instant buyers remorse and freaked out for a bit but eventually got over it and accepted my bike and now I'm happy with it.   Here it is!

I went with the Raleigh Supercourse full carbon bike.  Hopefully our relationship works out.  

Second thing on the home front is that I got another job.  I was lucky enough to be referred to this job, otherwise I never would have known about it.   I will be a personal banker and the hours are amazing.   I will be working with the internship students from the high school here so any day that they do not have school, or get out early, I do not work.   That means that all the days that my girls get out early or do not have school, I will be able to be home with them!    It honestly couldn't have worked out any better.   Training starts in August and I look forward to this next step in my life.   I also look forward to the clothes shopping I get to do now. 

My food has been so much better this week.   It feels great to be eating healthy again.   My water intake has sucked though because we actually have soda in the house from the 4th of July and if it's there, I tend to drink it.  

I signed up for The PaceSetters of the Fox Valley this weekend.   They were having a deal for their yearly membership for only $15.00 and then as a member there are tons of perks.   I already took advantage of one, $10.00 off the registration fee for the Fox Cities Half Marathon/Marathon.   They also have a VIP tent set up before the FCM with their own port-a-potties, water etc. and that is worth the $15.00 alone.   Lish and I also did one of their training runs on Saturday and I really liked it.   They had 3 water/Gatorade stations set up for the half marathon route and water, bagels, bananas after you are done.   If you're in the Fox Valley, it's worth checking out! 

All in all it's been a great week.   I just can't wait to get my bike back so I can take it out for a ride! 


  1. hot ass bike! I know nothing about bikes, but I think it looks pretty cool compared to my huffy in the garage. :)

    So glad you and Lish are able to run together so often!

  2. Soda is my weakness..I can't have it in the house either

  3. I'm the same way if there is junk food in the house! The faster you drink the quicker it will be We'll have to go for some bike rides just watch out as the Motivating Bitch may show up there too :)

  4. Congratulations on the new job!! That's awesome how it will fit in with your schedule!!!

  5. Ow ow - nice looking bike! And congrats on the job!!! That's so exciting.

  6. Very nice bike! Congratulations on the new job-it sounds perfect for you!

  7. Congrats on the new job and the nice new bike! I am getting a bike from my mom that she hasn't been using so I am going to start using it for some cross training, I haven't biked in years so hopefully I don't crash right away!

  8. looks great too me! I'm excited about owning a road bike as well.....I only have a mountain bike but one like yours is on my wish list :)

    ALSO - double congrats on the new give me hope that maybe one day I won't be serving and working at the mall ;) sooooo happy for you!