Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to make new runner friends.

Today I decided to do my long run with Lish.   Usually we do Sunday but she's got a lot going on this weekend and coming week (Getting married!!!!) so she needed to do it today.    Our texts went something like this:
Me:  Wanna do 15 on Sunday night with me?

Lish:  I have to do my long run on Saturday. 

Me:  Oh okay.  

Like 20 minutes later.....

Me:  So what time were you thinking of doing your long run on Saturday?  I was thinking maybe I could only drink one beer on Friday night and then I might be up to running on Saturday morning. 

Lish:  6:30am

Me:  On snap!

After several more texts we decided to meet up with the Fleet Feet of the Fox Valley crew and do our long run with least part of it.    They were going to be doing 7 and we had to get 15 done so we started our run with them and then once they were done, refilled our water and off we went.   First though.   Here's my tip on meeting new running people.

That's a really weak thumbs up....

 Make sure you have crazy ass hair.   The crazier the better.   We're crazy as it is to run at all so might as well look the part too.

Wear a shirt only a runner will appreciate.   I'm sure passing cars just don' but as a runner, we know the rum comes after the run.   Speaking of....I need to get on that.

Have the nervous conversation and laughs when you get there.   Makes you look even crazier.  

Show everyone your fear of bee's by running around like a crazy person trying to avoid the one bee that is hovering around your cheek and ear.   You know what I'm talking about.   

All of these will assure a great first meeting of local runners.    They'll welcome you to the pack of awkwardness and disgustingness (snot rockets, burps, puking, sweaty crotches)  that is running.


  1. I love finding new running buddies both in person and online!!! Erica

  2. Haha, I laugh because it's so true!

  3. Only a true runner can accept you in all your glory!!

  4. Best list ever. If possible, pre-wet your crotch before meeting up just so everyone has to avert their eyes and wonder if you were already running or other.

  5. bahahahaha. i NEED that shirt. i gotta find that. hahaha! also. i needed these tips too. i have been way too scared to go to the local run group. now that I am prepped with the perfect tips i better get on that;)

  6. Love the shirt! It's awesome but I only know that because I'm a runner. ha!