Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is this safe?

To be fair, the dog was wearing goggles and was harnessed to the bike.   I just thought it was so weird.   The kids got a kick out of it though.  

What have I been up to?  Lots of this....

I'm still pretty sore from the 16 miler on Sunday night.   I managed a quick 3 yesterday for our Fleet Feet pub run (Free beer after...of course) and my legs felt pretty good but I am blessed with a cold right now so my breathing was crap.  

Tonight I have 8 miles on the schedule.   Lucky for me, the weather is warming up accordingly and  I'm destined to either throw up or hack up a lung while I'm out there.   Thank you summer cold.  


  1. I would say no not! Great job on the running. I have my 8 mile long run Sunday. Only 9 more weekes until my Half marathon~ Erica

  2. I found a blood blister under my toenail today, not sure if it came from today's 8 miler but my toe hurts like a mother!

    Hope you were able to breathe through the humidity.

  3. people are crazy! and on a random note i'm loving your long hair, so jealous!