Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So this is what it is like...

I started my new job this week.   It's been going well and I think I'm going to enjoy working for the company and doing what I'll be doing.   So far I'm just learning the ropes and haven't actually been out to do my job.   I've spent a lot of time in a conference room looking at papers and talking.   It's at this point that you wish so badly that you could just be done with training and out doing your job.   You also know that two days into your real job you will wish so badly that you could go back to training.   Never fails. 

I get up nice and early to enjoy my cup of coffee before my shower and then I have to get the girls up.   Here's the crappy part.   It has given me a glimpse of what it will be like in a few weeks when Katelyn and Kenzie start school.   Kenzie is a beast.  She refuses to get up.   Then when you get her up, she's so crabby and whiny.  I am not looking forward to dealing with that every day.   Tomorrow Mike will be home so I wont have to wake them up and get them out of the house too.   I now see what it is like to be a working mother.   Granted I always worked but it was always during the hours that most people are done working and Mike was always home with the girls.   There really is a difference. 

Marathon training is still going well.   Last week was a step back week and I really needed it.   My whole mind was off of the thought of running but I still managed all of my runs except for one short run.   The long run was only 10 miles so I got that done and didn't have nearly as much pain doing so as the prior week.   This is the hill I end up doing every time on a long run.   One of these times I need to run my route backwards so I can run down the hill.  

It doesn't look as big in picture (That's what she said)

My newest love is the Honey Stinger Waffles.   They are SO good.   So far I've had the original flavor, the vanilla flavor and the strawberry flavor.   My favorite is the vanilla but I also have a chocolate waiting to be eaten during my next long run.    They don't give me any stomach issues and they are a pleasure to eat.   I feel like I'm eating a cookie!   I also bought a pack of the bites so we will see how those go in the near future.  

Yesterday after work, I took a half bushel of tomatoes and made tomato sauce to can.   It was a lot of work!   The pealing part alone took me 2 hours.   Then the sauce cooked for hours and then finally I had to can it.    I feel like the benefits outweigh the hours of work but damn I don't want to see another tomato again (too bad I still have about 10 sitting on my counter).  I wish I had more jars.   I would can a lot more veggies and fruits to keep for the winter if I could afford to! 

Random Photo of the Day:

Mike actually turned around just to get another look at this beaut.  Barbed wire bumper,  fish netting all over, a fake weapon.    I couldn't help but imagine how much more it would hurt to be hit by this car since there was REAL barbed wire on the bumper.  


  1. i think i may feel like your girls in a few weeks when i finally have to start waking up for my job. i also can already relate to what you said. im ready to get to work but i have 2 weeks of training first. im sure once that is over i will wish i was still training. haha! so glad your training is going so awesome! i wish i had known about fox cities! i am signed up for twin cities in october and my ultra is the north face madison one the week before fox cities! im looking forward to meeting you this yearrrr!

  2. Still laughing over the "That's what she said" in the caption of the hill picture. That's a phrase that never ceases to make me laugh. OMG, Honey Stinger Waffles are so delicious. We had a stack of them on the counter and I neglected to tell Allan they were for me to use during a long run and he ate three of them for breakfast one morning. He claimed waffle means breakfast food...

  3. That car is hilarious!! And why can't I picture where that hill is? We need to get together for a long run soon, seems like forever since our long runs worked out.

  4. Waking my husband up sounds a LOT like waking up Kenzie. Good luck with that in the fall.

    That is one crazy car.

  5. HAHAHAHAH "that's what she said." This is why we are friends. Now kindly send me some of that sauce.

  6. OMG, honey stinger waffles. The saddest moment of my life was during the rockford marathon i was so sick, i had to throw my stinger waffle away. Ok, maybe not the saddest, but its up there...

    Speaking of which, that car looks like its from Rockford, haha!