Friday, August 3, 2012

Still Winning

Here's a little back story to start you off.   About two weeks ago I was driving with Mike and the girls in the van when I heard the radio say "Caller number 9 now"  I started dialing, having no actual idea of what I was actually calling to win.   Mike didn't even know I was calling, he just kept talking and driving.   I hear it ring and what do you know?  I am caller number nine.   So he tells me that I won tickets to the outdoor theater and while there they are giving away a trip for to to L.A.   Cool!   If you remember, I won a trip from this same station 2 years ago to New York City.    I figured he odds weren't in my favor but I thought it would be a fun family night regardless.

It was fun.   We had never been to the outdoor theater before and the girls were pretty excited so we ordered a pizza and camped out until the radio station needed all the people that had won to come up to see who won the prize trip to L.A. 

No one knew I was taking this picture, yet no one is looking at me.   Story of my life. 

So finally the radio station calls everyone up.   There were 24 people there to win the trip so the odds really weren't that bad.   Then they picked 10 numbers (each of us had a number) and those ten people had to stand up.  I thought they had called 10 numbers when my number wasn't called and actually said out loud "Oh shucks" and then he randomly said my number so there I was.   I had a one in ten chance of winning.   To be entirely honest, I felt like throwing up.   Before being in this position I had actually thought about if I had won and thought how hard it would be.   I start my new job in a week.   Mike's already taking vacation in the beginning of September.   Both girls start school in one month.   I'm marathon training...what if it lands on a week/weekend that I have a half marathon or my marathon.     Being that I had won a trip from them before, I knew how it worked and they simply call you up and tell you when you're leaving and where to go.   You don't have much choice in the matter.    I would have made this trip work, but it made me nervous. 

With the ten people standing up there, they did a reverse call.   They put the numbers back in the box and if they called your number, you had to sit down and you were out of the trip.   Slowly they started calling numbers.   Mine wasn't one of them....called some more numbers....mine still wasn't called.   With each number that was called, I felt like throwing up a little bit more.   My legs were weak.   I wanted to sit down but they had us standing up in front of everyone.   Finally it came down to me and one other girl.   It was either her or me.  I even said to her "This is sick" because the DJ was playing it out and making us wait to find out who it was.   I just wanted to sit down.   FINALLY he said my number, which means I didn't win the trip.   I was able to sit down, and just catch my breath again.   The coolest part is this.   I still won.  

They sent me home with the Sony Google TV!  I swear to you, just last week my status on Facebook was this:

So now I really can get rid of U-verse!  It was like it was meant to be.   I can't help but be relieved that I didn't win this trip.   Is that weird that I really didn't think it was in my best interest to win?  I  think the fact that I already won a trip makes me okay with it too.   I had my opportunity to be in disbelief over something so awesome.   Now someone else can feel how that feels.  


  1. you are one lucky duck - you must have it built in :)

  2. You sure are lucky, can you rub some of that off on me!!

  3. Wow, that is a great prize! I bet you guys are loyal listeners to this station after winning the NYC trip and now this. We have Netflix and I love it. It's worth it just to pay the $8 and do live streaming.

  4. 24 people...only one left standing...Hunger Games? You got the better part of the deal for your situation, but you could have pulled a Katniss and Peeta and thrown those radio station "game makers" for a loop, ha!