Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  I've gone Vegan!   JK.   I tried and was successful for 2 days and then ice cream happened.    How do you turn away ice cream?   I still have some habits to break obviously.   I have been meat free for days now.   That's not hard for me though.    Pizza, Ice Cream, Gehl's Cheese is where I don't know if I can make it.  We have an endless supply of that stuff at work.  

2.  The weather has been much cooler this week and I've had two amazing runs because of it.   I finally have faith in my training and actually believe that hot weather makes running really really really hard. 
I did a 7 miler yesterday and I barely drank anything and just kept going and going without stopping and wanting to call Mike to come pick me up.    It's too bad Pandora wasn't on the same mind set as me.   She gave out at mile 3.  She's lazy I tell ya! 

3.  Blogging is still slow!   I know I know.   Excuses suck.   My girls have been going through something in the past week.   It started with Makenzie and then once she got better, Katelyn had it.   The truth is, they had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.   When I told Mike that is what it was after taking Katelyn into the doctor, he replied with something along the lines of it not being a disease that even happens anymore, that there is no way, that they need to give our kids meds and that the doctor is on crack.   Then about 10 minutes later his mom called to check on the girls and when she heard what they had, she informed me that Mike's brother just got over that a month ago.   Boom.   I love it when stuff like that happens. 


  1. Congrats on being meat-free for several days! That's awesome. :)

    I haven't run 7 miles in forever! It will probably be awhile before it cools down enough here for that to happen. Bonus for me because hopefully by then my knee will be tiptop for me to enjoy a 7 mile run. :)

    Hope your girls feeling better soon!!

  2. Ice cream happens! Glad you've gotten in some good runs in the cooler weather. I too am loving it!

  3. All of this hot weather is going to make our marathon feel like a breeze!!

  4. Hope both the girls are doing better!

  5. fyi- they make some amazing soy and rice milk ice creams! They are a little pricey though. Sadly, there is nothing that comes close to cheese...