Thursday, September 13, 2012

A couple of epic fails makes for one happy ending.

Yesterday Lish and I ran with our fellow Pace Setters and managed to get one run done for the week through the makings of a hash run.   If you aren't familiar with what hash runs are, they might not be what you are thinking.   Hash aka Weed is one way to look at it.   In this case the hash run is where you run in a direction you are pointed in.   You start off with the right direction but when you get to an intersection, you are either told which way to go or you are told two options.   You pick one.   You hope it's the right one.  If not, you will end up running about a block before you see the sign that you went the wrong way so you have to turn around and retrace your steps to get you in the right direction.   Obviously if you see someone ahead of you turn around, you know that you should probably turn around as well but make sure they aren't so far ahead of you that they already passed another intersection that told him more directions.

  It's a fun way to get a run in and one epic fail Lish and I both had was that we never took any pictures.   They even had post food galore and we still didn't take any pictures.   We even talked about taking pictures on the drive to the park. 

One thing I managed to take a picture of was my pre-run fuel.  

Runts turned out being an epic fail for fuel.  My stomach burned the entire first 2.5 miles of the run. 

To make up for not taking any pictures during the hash run, we took this epic fail of a picture.   It was supposed to be us but it ended up being pretty much just Lish's boobs.  

So after downing a brownie that was sure to contain 600+ calories, we decided beer was a really good idea.   We made some calls and met this pretty lady at a bar.   Only in Wisconsin will friends drop everything in their life to go drink beer. 

All in all it was a pretty great night.    Even with all the epic fails, we did end on a great note. 

Stone Cellar 6 grain, you complete me <3


  1. I love a cold Stone Cellar beer! And that's too funny... Ranks right up there with me starting the 100 mile century this past Sunday after eating only a handful of Combos. Dear Jesus... BAD idea! lol


  2. Not sure why my boobs like large cause I really don't have much. Thanks to the sports bra I guess??

  3. OMG. A hash run sounds hilariously fun! Glad all your fails turned into a WIN!

  4. Hash run sounds awesome! I love Runts, but I'm with you, don't think they would be good fuel.

  5. You guys are so funny! sounds like my kind of day :) runts as fuel cracks me up for whatever reason :P

  6. I also learned the hardway to eat runts AFTER the run. And, because this might help you in the future, the same thing goes for candy corn, sprees, and sour gummies. Some say i just don't learn.

    Dots are totally fine though. Just so you know.

  7. I've never done a hash run and I had no idea what it was so thanks for explaining that!