Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An odd thing happened

I contemplated even writing this post because I really have no idea what was going on but that is also the reason I am putting this on my blog.  I am trying to get advice and see if anyone else has experienced this.    

On Saturday morning I did my long run with Lish.   We had 18 miles on the schedule and I'm happy to report we completed it and even managed to squeak out 18.5 due to miscalculation.   The odd thing happened around the 4-5 mile mark.  We both got up and met at 6:30 am so we could get in 5 miles before we met up with the Fleet Feet crew.   Once we got back after out 5 miles, we had to log our miles with Fleet Feet and write out total miles with them on a sheet.   That is when I noticed I couldn't really write.   My hands were numb.   I managed to scribble a number down but thought that was strange.   We started running again and I tried to forget about it.   The problem with that was that my arms were going numb.   Not just my hands anymore.   At first I thought it was the cold.   It was pretty darn cool out that morning and I had a short sleeved shirt on.   Even though I didn't feel cool, I thought it was a possibility.   I just kept shaking out my arms, wondering if I was too tense and causing circulation issues.  

This continued on until mile 12.   I went through something where I felt like I couldn't even run (around 8 miles) and was weak and just really confused at what was going on.   I have been running more than 8 miles for months on the weekend so I know my body can do it.    I feel really bad for Lish because honestly, I was pretty much losing my shit at this point and really confused at what was happening.   Nothing was helping my arms and when I ran, it got worse and worse.  

Finally around 12 miles the numbness did subside.   I think it might have been because we actually stopped at that point, got on the ground and did some stretching.  

Now here are my thoughts and please tell me if you have experience with any of this and if you think I am on the right track or completely wrong.  

About a month ago I had what I assumed was a pinched nerve.   It came from out of nowhere and it was so bad that I was on the ground stuck on my back crying for about 20 minutes because if I used any muscles in my body, I was in serious pain.   It hurt to just breath. 

I got through this when my sister came over and did some work on my back and then I was able to move without so much pain.   I slept with a heating pad and after two days, the pain was gone.   Now that it's a month later, I haven't had issues again until this past week.   Right now, it hurts to turn over in bed.   Enough that I wake up each time I flip over.   It hurts when I move my body a certain way.   It's not terrible pain by any means but it's just there.  

I am wondering if my possible pinched nerve is what caused my numb arms and hands.   I should also mention that on Sunday night I went for a walk and I could tell my arms were starting to go numb again.  

Today I have an appointment with my Chiropractor again.  I am not even sure if he's the right person to go to about this.   Ultimately I'm wondering what is causing this possible pinched nerve (if that is what it is). 

Anyone have any experience with this? 

Any insight on what I should do??

Since you made it through this really long and boring post that has no pictures, here is a great one that Mike took of me on Sunday night after our walk.  

 Yes that was his real attempt at a sneak attack photo.   Too bad I was then ready for a picture when he took the second one.  

It was a joke that I posed for it in the first place.   I still look creepy. 


  1. Huh. I have sometimes had the arm numbness, but it's usually during a tempo run or a race - when I'm running at a very high effort.

    Is is possible you're unconsciously tightening your shoulders/arms/hands when you run? Have you ever tried that thing where you run with your thumb just barely touching your middle finger? I like it because it keeps my whole upper body relaxed.

    Otherwise, yeah, chiro it up. I hope you find something that works - that's uncomfortable! (sorry for the longest comment ever....)

  2. I get numbness too but not all of the time. I wonder what it is? I'd talk to my dr but he's an ass.

  3. I really hope it's something the chiro can fix for you!! Hoping for good news tonight at the hash run.

  4. i have experienced moments where i feel really lightheaded or like my heart flutters for a second but not numbness that i can recall! i wish i was more help! i hope you can get some answers!

  5. I've never experienced this before but hopefully the chiropractor can give you some answers.

  6. I've never experienced anything like this (thank god!), but I hope you get some helpful answers/advice from your chiro.