Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fox Cities Marathon/Half Marathon Blogger Meet Up

Just want to spread the word that if you are local reader and are planning on doing the Fox Cities half or full Marathon, several of us bloggers are meeting up after the full marathon at a local bar that has good food and good beer.   If you are interested in meeting us out for a beer or 5 shoot me an email and I'll give you all the details of this meet up.  

To everyone racing this weekend, good luck!  

I am doing the half marathon but will be running 7 miles before the start of the half marathon to get my full 20 miler in.  This means I will be getting up before 4am to ensure that I am at the start line in time.   I would rather be there early than too crunched for time.   It's the last week before I start tapering for my full marathon next month!   Ahhh almost there!!!! 


  1. Ewww who would want to meet up with all you stinky runners?


  2. We are going to be insanely loopy with getting up that early and having run 20 miles and some serious cheering afterwards!! Can't wait to sit down and drink some beers after with everyone :)

  3. GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!!!! you will rock it. also. now that i met rachel and kim...i cant wait till we are IRL friends!!!!!

  4. that is dedication!! good luck!!

  5. I'm not going there, but I love meet ups - so much fun! Enjoy.