Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday!

This is what Friday should look like.   We've officially made it through the first week of school.    Both girls are loving it so far but every morning is a struggle with getting Kenzie dressed.   She hates what I pick out and then complains when she gets home and other kids were wearing something different than her.   I can't win.    Today we all agreed on what to wear.   It doesn't help us that Mike walked downstairs, saw us, walked right back upstairs and came back down in a Dan Marino Jersey.    Haters are gonna hate. 

Have a great weekend everyone!   I have a huge 18 miler on deck for early tomorrow morning!!   Wish me luck! 


  1. GO PACKERS! So cute, but what is your husband's problem? Marino? ;)

    Tell Kenzie I have problems getting dressed every morning too. I don't think it's just a kid thing!

    Good luck on the 18! You will do awesome!

  2. Haha love the matching jersey's! Girls and cloths are hard. My boys could careless what they wear or if it's even clean ;-)
    Good luck on your run!!

  3. We will manage to make it through the 18, can't guarantee it will be pretty though!

  4. aww what a great picture of you and your girls! have a great weekend! we are bengals fans but also cheer for randall cobb of the packers b/c he went to UK!

  5. bahahahahaha! this freaking rocks! love this cute pic! hope the 18 went welllll!!!!!