Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pick your own apples is extinct?

Today I had the genius idea of going apple picking.   I called up my sister, proud of my idea and told her to get her kids ready after school.   We went to the old familiar orchard ready to pick.   When I went inside, it was weird.   Everyone was just sitting around.   No one rushed to help me like other years.   I went to grab a bag and asked where in the orchard was a good place to pick.   That is when my heart was broken.   She said because of the insanely warm summer and lack of rain, the crop came about 2-3 weeks early and there were no apples to be picked.   I wanted to tell this lady to come on outside and tell this wonderful new to my kids that were locked up in the van with my poor sister waiting to get out and run loose. 

On the way out of the orchard, I told my sister to Google other orchards because the kids were all screaming and crying and tell us we had officially ruined their lives (like that hasn't already happened) and now hated us more than yesterday.  I couldn't stand for any of that so I gave in and ordered 4 Ponies.  They'll be here next week.  

In the meantime Jill was Googling away and found that another orchard also had a bad crop this year and also didn't have pick your own.   I almost gave up when she said she found one.   Off we went and thankfully this time we had some success.  

That's more like it.


  1. Glad your sister found one, I don't think you would be alive otherwise!!

  2. Wow, your sister is gorgeous. Single? Phone number? ;)

  3. noooo!!! I heard something about this on the radio!! i live to pick apples! How is this summer still ruining my life??

  4. Thank goodness you guys were able to find one. I was hoping to go to an apple orchard this fall so I'll have to check out the two close to us and see if that's going to be an option.