Friday, September 21, 2012

The Tale of Two Colds

As my last big run of this training cycle approaches I am hit with two things.   First and foremost, I have a cold!   My second one of the fall season already.   How crappy is that?  It started yesterday while I was at work.   I just felt off.  You know the feeling.   Then slowly it turned into a headache and then a sore throat.   Now my throat hurts pretty good and my nose is a little stuffy and I'm hoping to get away with a little one.   Now that I actually put that in black and white, I jinxed myself and it's sure to be a big one.   If you see me at FCM and I'm blowing snot rockets, don't get to close behind me.   I'm sorry in advance. 

And then there is this cold:

It has been so long I don't even know what to do with that.   I forgot how to dress.  Lish and I will be starting at 5am that morning so I'm pretty sure it will be about 40 degrees when we start.   Brr but great at the same time.   I think this is similar weather to the Oshkosh half I did in April so I plan to dress similarly.  

Tonight I can go pick up my bib at the expo so this is becoming more real!   My last long training run is right in front of me!  

How would you dress in 40 degree weather for a long run? 


  1. I'm going tech tee, shorts, and arm warmers. And maybe a jacket at the start to be thrown at my dear hubby a few miles in.

  2. Awww, feel better! I say arm warmers. If you do heat up during the race, you can roll them down, and they can become sweat cuffs. Or snot rags, if you so choose.

  3. Seriously, I came down with cold like symptoms yesterday too!! What did we get ourselves into??

    I am hoping to find some arm warmers at the expo tonight cause I was thinking of wearing skirt, compression socks, tank(maybe t-shirt) and arm warmers. But that all may change when I get up before dawn on Sunday!!

    See you dark and early Sunday.

  4. Aw man, colds freaking suck and you shouldn't be hit with TWO already! It's too early! Any race with unseasonable temps is a pain in the ass. I'd do layers like crazy. Probably shorts or capris since my legs warm up during the run, and a throw away long sleeve over a thin long sleeve tech shirt and maybe a short sleeve or tank top under that.