Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mike and the Camera

This post has the posibility of really embarrassing me but...


Lets face it.   This is my life.  

For as long as I have known Mike he is known to not allow good pictures to be taken of himself and he's known for taking some of the most unflattering pictures of everyone else.  

For example: 

When he took this picture he said "You should put this on your blog.   That's not healthy eating at all."  If you can't tell, I'm digging my hands into a bag of chips.   Mike also is not skilled with using an DSLR camera.   He picks it up and snaps without changing any settings.  I'm also certain that in his excitement of having the opportunity to take an embarrassing picture, his hand shakes like a 90 year old man. 

Here is another gem.  3.5 seconds after I woke up.  

Natural beauty folks. 

I also have the opportunity to upload Mike's random pictures he takes.   I will think I'm uploading pictures of the kids at the park only to find pictures of things that Mike finds entertaining from day to day.  

Can you spot the humming bird?

He claims to be a manly man.

Yes.  He really took a picture of a squirrel by his awesome car. 

It's like Christmas every time I upload new pictures onto the computer.    I never know what I'm going to get.  

And proof that this has been going on forever.

Circa 2003
Different day, same problem. 

With all that said, there is one thing I love about the pictures he takes.

I sometimes get a little glimpse into his day and it shows me that he does have a soft spot in his heart for a sleeping child, just like any mother does. 


  1. Love the first black and white shot. Hard to take a bad shot of you, you are so photogenic. Love Mike's random photo's - that's what being an individual is all about.

  2. bahahahaha. i love this post. i was definitely laughing so hard! but the rainbow shot is pretty amazing i must say!

  3. Mike's pictures are great! If I upload pics Eric took, my "surprises" are usually like 12 pictures of close ups of him making weird faces, and then usually a naked picture of me, me sleeping, and a few of my ass or boobs.

  4. too funny! i really like the bird on the fence!

  5. This post is AWESOME! I laughed out loud when I read, "Yes. He really took a picture of a squirrel by his awesome car."

  6. Aww that last picture is sweet. I could see where he was going with all the pictures but the one with the squirrel at the car. I guess he found that to be entertaining at the moment?

  7. You're beautiful, so his pictures of you aren't bad at all.