Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness along with Random Stuff

Last night at work we had a special event show.   I normally do not have to work Wednesday night but it was Jim Breuer (SNL) and so I offered to work the show since special events are usually pretty fun and entertaining.   I'm glad I did.   I'm a firm believer in paying it forward.  I love buying coffee for the person behind me at Starbucks.   I've bought McDonalds for the people behind me (though that was a very long time ago.)  I try to do the right thing and show my girls how to be kind and how to pay it forward.   My biggest goal in life is to teach my daughters how to be responsible, kind adults.  

That is the note left on one of my tables last night.   It was a man, by himself that enjoyed the show.   He got his two drink minimum and was an easy customer.   The other copy of his receipt was the real shocker.   His total for the evening was $12.00.   He left me a $50.00 tip.   I was pretty speechless when I saw it and even felt bad when I was adjusting my tabs at the end of the evening and I had to put the tip in.   Then I reminded myself that this was his gift and that I will also pay it forward.    I just love random acts of kindness.   I thought about it all night. I wished the guy luck with his new promotion in my head and hoped the best for him, even though I didn't know him. 

Some more Random Stuff

This guy will probably never date.   Can you see why? 

I realize that you can barely see it, but that's an Xbox bumper sticker.

He is in love with video games so much that he has an Xbox sticker on his car.   My first thought when I saw this was "I would never marry a guy that loved video games that much."  My second thought was "I need to take a picture of that."   

The fall colors are in full force up here.   We took walk in the woods and my anxiety was in full force.   If you ever want to see me become an annoying and psycho mom, put me and my kids near water that I can't see the bottom of.   I will freak the shit out.   I start to yell at my kids not to get too close.  I tell them to back up.   I tell them to stop running near the water (even though I'm sure they aren't running, I'm just losing my mind).   You see, I am terrified of my kids falling in water.   So much so that I feel physically sick when put into these situations.   I know Mike's so over it.   He keeps his mouth shut but knows better than to open it in those moments when I'm barking orders to back the eff away from the water.  

We're about a week out from my first marathon.   I am not sure what to expect that day.   A lot of it is out of my hands at this point and it will be what it will be.     I just really hope I don't have an off day.    Please let the running gods be with me on that morning!  


  1. ALMOST MARATHON WEEK!! AHHH I am fluctuating between crying and wanting to barf. Ha no I'm kidding, it'll be fine. Such a nice note and tip that fella left. People can be so awesome!

  2. What a nice gesture! I'll never forget getting a generous tip working a holiday at Cracker Barrel. It truly made my day. Week, actually. I think we sometimes forget what a small act of kindness can do for the other party. And this post is a definite reminder!

    I hope the nerves stay away and good vibes roll in for your marathon. You've got it!

  3. Woooo!!! Marathon time!! It came up so quickly!

    That's awesome about the nice guy and the tip. One time I was working as a waitress for the lunch crowd at TGI Fridays, and the guy left me a $100 tip, and also left a $100 bill for the bartender, one for the hostess, and one for the kitchen. It was amazing.

  4. Love the colors right now, hope they stay so our marathon run is gorgeous. I don't think I've had time to really freak out about it yet!!

  5. I love the trees, so beautiful. And I'm glad the good deed/pay it forward gesture made your day. It was also nice of you to silently wish him well.
    Thanks for sharing! This post made my day ;-)

  6. i'm loving the random acts of kindness, makes everyone feel good!

  7. That's a really good idea to share with random people. Someone did that for me and my boyfriend once when we were taking a cross country trip right after high school. It was in a truck stop, and I was always so amazed that someone wanted to be nice to us, as I'm sure we were acting very goofy.

  8. That's so sweet! If everyone was like you and paid it forward the world would me a much nicer place.