Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whistlestop Pictures

The nice thing about these race photographers is that they gave warning of when they would be out there snapping pictures.   There were signs out that said "Smile!  Photographer ahead!"  so you knew to run.  I obviously did not run as much as these picture portray. 

Wanting to die.  Around mile 13-18?  How's that for remembering.

My typical "I'm going to kill you" look.  Near the end. 

I honestly don't remember this photographer.  I can only tell it was the end because my ear buds were taken out. 

Eyes on the finish.

I am a marathoner!


  1. Having signs to warn you is awesome. That would save me so many ugly race pics. You look so determined!

  2. Ha you look so pretty and so mean!

  3. You look great and quite fierce I think!

  4. How exciting! I've always thought those signs were strange...do they want me to pose for the photographer? Aren't the photos supposed to be candid? But I guess they're trying to get people to run? :)

  5. Your race pictures look soooo much better than mine..I look like I wanna pass out in everyone of them, even though there were warnings!