Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday oh Friday

Here is what is on my mind today.  

Yesterday I went to take "before" pictures of my kitchen since we are putting in new counter tops, back splash and eventually will paint our cabinets.  I have two lenses.  One is a fixed 50mm lens and the other is a zoom lens.   I like the 50mm and of course the zoom lens is always on there when I go to use the camera so I said to Mike "You always put the stupid zoom lens on here!"  His reply?  "There was a squirrel!"  I swear I don't make this stuff up.   This is the life I live.  

Speaking of new counter tops.   It took him 12 hours to install a piece that is like 3 feet wide, leaving me with the big counter top in 90's hunter green until he can get back to it in 3 days.   I also think he turned the water off to the dishwasher and I wont be able to ask him about that until about 8pm tonight....and it's full.....and I have some of Katelyn's friends sleeping over tonight.   Plastic forks it'll be.

It's Friday and that means I can wear a Packer Sweatshirt and jeans to work.  Any chance I get to wear pants other than dress pants I will take.  

I have been waking up at 5:30 for no reason lately.   I get up 1 full hour before I need to just so I can enjoy a cup of coffee,  watch the news and use the computer before the chaos of getting everyone else up and ready starts.   I think it is starting to take it's toll on me.   I was in bed by 8:30 last night. 

You can see my ugly 90's counter tops in the background that Mike did not get to yet. 

When I walked in the door from work yesterday he asked me a question about how he should install the counter tops in.   I had no idea so I pretty much ignored the question and started eating lunch.   Then about 15 minutes later he said to me "It's pretty crappy that I wait for you to get home to answer a question and all you care to do is eat." 

Excuse me?

I am pretty sure it's against the rules somewhere to instantly expect your spouse to be productive the first 30 minutes after they get home from work.   Also, who did he think he married?  I've always had a love for food and food comes first in all situations.   Chances are, if I had answered that question it would have been wrong because of low blood sugar. 

Obviously home improvements are great on a marriage.  I keep forgetting how much it sucks to do anything to our home with Mike.   Last year we redid our bedroom and I'm pretty sure we hated each other by the end.  This time isn't looking any better.  


  1. Good luck with the kitchen remodel Sarah, it sounds like it's off to a rough start :(

  2. He should know better than to ask you something when you are hungry and just walked in the door. The only question Matt is allowed to ask is "would you like a martini?"

  3. Eric and I have a strict rule about not talking when we get home from work. It's especially important since we are both teachers and our days are spent trying to simultaneously help minimum 20 people at a time and that makes me mentally exhausted by about 9:15 am every day. This rule is extremely important in our marriage. We can break it but only if we both agree, or if I'm PMSing and whining that I need attention. Food does come first at all times....Eric is slowly learning that nothing good comes of talking to me if I'm starving.

  4. Good luck with the home improvements. Those things are never fun to live through. It's good you have that "coffee hour" in the morning!