Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting into this thing called Yoga

So I mentioned in a previous post how I took my first Yoga class 2 weeks ago.  It was great.   It was a hot power vinyasa yoga and was just perfect on the cold rainy night.   I found so insanely challenging without it being cardo so it peaked my interest with the lack of cardio lately.   I finally was able to get back into the studio last night for a less intense class and loved it even more.   The instructor was so supportive of Alicia and I (being newbies) and telling us how great we were doing.   I got home and immediately bought one of these:

It's a yoga mat and towel built into one.   It was pricey at $60.00 but I figured that I can spend $30.00 on a less amazing mat now only to end up purchasing a better one later anyway or just go ahead and get the good one.   It was also 5 stars on Amazon with tons of reviews so that partially sold me as well.  

I also saw a great Cyber Monday deal on my favorite shoes, Saucony guide.   They were the old version (the ones I'm currently in) for only $50.00.   I contemplated if I really need the new version they just came out with at the price of $100.00 but decided that I love my current shoe enough to keep running in the "old" version.  If you run in Saucony Guide, Running Warehouse has them still on liquidation prices for $61.00 here

Would you buy the old version of a shoe to save $50.00? 

Would you spend $60.00 on a yoga mat? 

I figure I saved $50.00 on my shoes so that makes my mat like the price of $10.00 if you want to twist it around that way like I do when I justify spending money that should be going toward Christmas gifts. 


  1. I would definitely buy the old shoe version, especially if I love them. I would probably buy 2 pairs :)

    I am a lover of yoga and I would spend the $60.

  2. I would, and have, bought super old no longer made versions of my running shoes. During JFK training I was replacing them every two months - it ads up! $60 for a yoga mat? Sorry, no. My $7 from Ross Dress for Less and an old towel from my linen closet have gotten me through many a hot yoga class.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the shoes -- those are my current shoes!! FB15D code also saves 15% off -- so I got a pair for $52!

  4. Yay for getting a yoga mat!! I can do Thursday night or Sunday this week if you want to go to a session.

    I am waiting for the Pure Flows to go on sale since they just came out with the version 2! Saving money is always a plus in my book.

  5. You sound exactly like me when I explain to Allan what I bought and how much it cost. I saved this much so I can spend this much, right?!