Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am still married

So we have nearly finished the first phase of our kitchen remodel and I've managed to stay married.   This is a true test on both of us.   We are barely speaking right now but we'll get over it.   As of right now, we have put in new counter tops, new sink, and new facet.    Today I ran to home depot with my girls and was really scared to commit to a back splash tile without Mike there.  I really had my eye on one in particular but we have such different taste in style that I knew he'd probably hate it so I grabbed another one I liked, not loved, but would be willing to do if Mike picked it.   I'm a great wife like that. 

 I brought them both home and put them up on the wall.   He smirked because he was certain he would pick the one I liked less.   Then he pointed.   It was the one I loved.   I thought he was joking but it's true, we actually like the same thing.   I will finish that up this weekend and then take some pictures for you all the see.  In the spring we plan on taking all the doors and hardware off of the cabinets and painting the doors and cabinets white and putting new brushed bronze hardware on.   We are waiting until spring because we do not have anywhere in this house that we could possibly lay out the doors to paint for days at a time and I'm not going to freeze in the garage for hours on end.  

In the meantime, this is what my house looked like last night.   I wanted to cry and have a fit.   I hate when my house gets like this. 

The ugly green color was actually the color behind the previous back splash.    That's also the bottom of the counter top and not the actual color. 

In other news, Mike was gone all weekend so I had to put up with the kitchen being half done for 3 days while he was gone deer hunting.   He got a buck (gross) and I managed to have the laziest Saturday I've ever had.   I was so smart that I convinced the girls to come up to my room to play Yahtzee while I watched TV and laid down.  

Don't be fooled.   There were two of them.

She's an odd one and I love her for that.  

My friend also managed to birth a toddler.   Without an epidural.  

Meet baby Leah.   All 10 pounds 10 ounces of her. 

How's that for a random post? 


  1. That's a huge baby! OUCH! and oooh how many points?? on the buck?? are you going to eat it?!?

    can't wait to see the finished kitchen

  2. What a big baby especially for a girl! Glad the kitchen remodel is going well.

  3. Glad to hear he picked the one you love!! At least something is working right :)

  4. What a relief that your marriage survived! Lazy days are the best. I am so freaking good at those.

  5. Oh kitchen remodels...what fun. :) We did ours a few years back and it's pretty crazy. Good luck!

  6. The finished product will be worth it! When people ask if I work out with my husband, I tell them no way because we are both too bossy. I can't imagine how we would come out in a renovation project.