Thursday, November 1, 2012

I don't have much to post about...but I do have pictures!

This week I have managed to get up 30 minutes before I need to in order to get Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred in.  I'm sore.  My gluts are really feeling it which is great because they are so lazy as it is and need to get some muscle.  I was supposed to get up today and do it and I had every intention to but I can't find the remote to my Google TV so I can't play the disc.   I did some HIIT instead.

T-2 days until Tyranena Half Marathon.   I have no goals other than to have fun. 

I took fall photos for my sister this week.   Here are a few of my favorites.   I love this girl so very much. 

My Sister and Aubri

My sister Jill, Me, Aubri and my Mom

So it is known in my house that Mike does not read this blog.   He doesn't find me that interesting (shocker) and would probably think less of me if he did read what I blog about (beer, snot rockets, puking). 

Yesterday he runs up to me with the camera declaring that I must upload some pictures he took immediately.   I thought he was joking at first and had read my blog for the first time in forever so I kind of smiled and was like "Oh sure."   Then he continues this conversation to say "Look at this picture (while showing me the small screen on the camera)...and it's not all blurry like my pictures normally are!"

 He was totally serious and still hasn't read my blog.   I had to play it off and be all serious and supportive of his photo taking improvement.   

Here are the pictures:

Are you noticing a trend here?

He was soooo proud of this picture.

Maybe I should start a page of Mike's photos since he actually uses the camera more than I do.   He would probably be a better blogger than I am. 


  1. Mike's pictures are really good. I like nature photos and squirrels are too cute.

    The fall photos you did for your sister turned out beautiful. Your niece is precious! I love her little boots.

  2. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, Mike needs and photoblog!

  3. Your niece is so freaking cute! I can totally picture this scenario between you and Mike, I could see it happening in our house. Eric doesn't read my blog either. I actually find it a little odd when spouses read blogs religiously. Eric always says "I live it, why would I want to read it?"

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