Monday, November 12, 2012

Random weekend stuff.

Now that my kids are getting older, and I am working a job during the week, I often feel like my weekends are less relaxing and more busy.   This weekend was no exception.   It's constantly go go go and now here I am writing a blog post at 6am on Monday morning ready to start it all over again.

A couple of fun things happened this weekend.   The first thing was when I was driving home from my second job on Saturday night (Sunday Morning).   I don't get out of work until about 1am so as I'm driving home I happened to see a cop.   I passed him going 4 over and thought that was the perfect speed to let him know I wasn't drinking (they always go 4 under!) and it wasn't too much for me to get pulled over.   I was wrong.  He turned on his lights and I pulled over. 

Why is all of this fun?  Well, it really isn't.   Not at all.   BUT I seriously get pulled over for the most ridiculous and annoying reasons ever all the time and it has sort of turned into a joke.   I no longer am nervous when I get pulled over either.   It's sort of like "What now?!"  It usually happens while I'm in Mike's car too so when he has a malfunctioning tail light, I'm the one that ends up getting pulled over for it.   Plus I get pulled over for every possible thing in my grocery getter too. 

I didn't end up with a ticket.   I didn't even get a written warning.   They had an OWI Task force out that night and I think he was surprised I wasn't drinking (we live in Wisconsin and everyone is an alcoholic) and sent me on my way with "The prize for the cleanest record of the night."  aka I have no record.  Just tryin' to make an honest living here sir.

On Sunday I had a baby shower to go to.   It was nice seeing everyone again and one of my friends is 39 weeks pregnant (not the one having the shower) and I am so excited for her to have that baby so I can hold that baby....and then hand her back and go home to get a full nights sleep.    Mike and I had babies very young.   Way before any of our friends had babies.   It was very hard and no one understood how hard it was and I wouldn't expect them to either.   Now that our girls are older, it's such a rewarding feeling to be past that hard baby stage.   I like going into a store and knowing my little ducklings are following behind me regardless of if I'm looking at them every 2 seconds.   However, I don't enjoy the back talking they have learned.   Babies don't back talk. 

After the baby shower I was ready for something new.    Hot Yoga!   I was so excited for this.    It was a rainy, crappy day so hot yoga sounded amazing. 

 I have never done yoga before so I went in not knowing what the expect.    It started off all great.   Then my weak upper body started to show it's face and every time I heard Chaturanga or Downward Dog I thought I might cry.   My arms were shaking, I was dripping sweat all over and my hair wasn't put up well so it kept sticking to my sweaty face.    My favorite pose was this:

You get to lay there and do nothing.   It was glorious.   This class was pretty intense the first half hour.   After that we moved into more poses so it split things up a bit and then the last half hour was more along the lines of meditation.   It was a 90 minute class and by the end my arms were so shaky.   I would say that it did a good job of beating me up.   In all seriousness I did enjoy it though.   I just learned a few things and will know how to handle it better next time to make it more enjoyable.   Yes, there will be a next time.  

Have you done Yoga?   Do you enjoy it?

Am I the only one that gets pulled over all the time for things other than speeding?


  1. I think I had enough chaturanga, downward dog and upward dog after that yoga session!!

    Are you sore today at all? My back and shoulders are pretty stiff.

  2. Yoga is tough for me because I have no upper body strength whatsoever! You sound like Allan when he gets pulled over. He's been pulled over somewhere between 20-30 times, it's ridiculous. He never gets a ticket but if I get pulled over it's a ticket for sure!

  3. I flippin love hot yoga! I sweat like no other and feel all floaty when I'm done. ahhh

  4. Hot yoga is the BESTTTTTT! I usually just hang out in childs pose the whole time, i just like being in a 100 degree room.

    I once got pulled over for being a white girl on the wrong side of town. I was also just driving home from work, but i got all sassy with cop and he called my mom, who then also got sassy with him. Don't ever go to Rockford.

  5. Ahhh child's pose. The stuff of dreams. :)

  6. Bikram is ridiculously hard. And hot, they keep the room like 115 degrees. Now I kind of miss it and want to go. In a masochistic sort of way. I get pulled over and ticketed. You know those stories where cops just let people off? Those are fairy tales in my world. If I see lights, I'm getting a ticket. End of story.

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