Monday, December 31, 2012

2012....what a great year!

I can't believe it has been a whole year already.   The years keep going by faster and faster and I am loving where they are going.   I have grown a love for fitness over the past year plus.   It's hard to believe that I considered myself a newbie runner at this time last year, yet I still have so much to learn and improve on. 

This year I did many races. 

Point Bock Beer Run
Oshkosh Half
Bellin 10k
Fox Cities Half
Whistlestop Full
Tyranena Half
Turkey Trot 5 Mile
Race to the Light 3.25 miler

One of my favorite parts of this year is all the amazing people that I have met through blogging.   Kim once said to me that she thought the best part of blogging was meeting all of the other amazing bloggers and at that time, I had only met a couple.   Now that I've met so many of you, I couldn't agree more.   You are what makes me keep going.   You encourage me.   You are all so wonderful.   So truly wonderful.  

I don't have a picture of everyone but I promise to do better with pictures in 2013.

I ran my first half marathon and full marathon.   My half marathon I had a great time and felt strong the entire time, minus some pretty bad ITB pain.   My marathon was another story.   It did not go well and is still a sore spot in my heart after all the training.   I will have marathon redemption in 2013. 

I started yoga and taking classes at the YMCA.   I also have started lifting weights in hope to gain more core strength.

I drank too many beers to remember.   Running makes me thirsty and nothing tastes as good after a long run than a beer.  

I had two cases of an allergic reaction to running...and I still keep running.   Running may very well kill me like my mom has been telling me from the start. 

On a family note:

My babies are both in school all day this year.   That is still hard to swallow.

I started my first day job since 2004, before I had Katelyn.   I am enjoying it and seeing the possibilities of staying and growing with a company for many years to come. 

Mike and I had our 10 year anniversary.   That's a long ass time to be with the same person.   We need a vacation.   I would prefer somewhere warm.

My total miles ran this year is approximately 850 miles.   Way short of my 1000 mile goal for the year but I'm okay with that.   I had some unexpected things come up this year and life happens so I ran when I could.   It's a heck of a lot more miles than the 350 I did the year prior.  

Here's to another year of meeting new people, making dreams happen and enjoying every moment that life throws at us.  


  1. your hair is so long and pretty!! and cracking up at your "long ass time to be with one person", so true and we're only at 4.5! happy new year~

  2. "Running may very well kill me like my mom has been telling me from the start." Non-runners are so funny. :) Happy New Year!!

  3. Wow 10 years! That is quite a long time! We are at 7 now. I can't wait for your full marathon redemption!

  4. You had quite the year in 2012! Any plans for which race will be your redemption race?