Sunday, December 2, 2012

Race for the Light 5k (kind of)

I wish I had taken pictures of this one but low and behind I had it in my head to run this race and run it hard even though I have honestly had less miles in the past 3 weeks than I usually have in one week alone.  The race starts at 4:30 pm and you run through a park that is completely decked out in Christmas lights.   It's a great race and a lot of fun and not overly busy either.    I did find some pictures online from last year though that I never knew existed.   For your viewing pleasure.


I'm even such a great runner that I managed to line up with the elites last year.


So this year for the "5k" they decided to switch things up and make it a 5.2 mile race because it's their ten year anniversary so they added .10 on.   This made a big issue for me because they still took your time and put it in for 3.1 so the pace online is not even correct.   I'm very glad I had my Garmin because it clocked the total distance in at 3.25 miles and it also showed me my real 5k time.  

On the way to this race I jammed out to music.   I love blasting music on the way to a race to get me in the mood to run hard.   Then I remembered how I was driving the exact same way as I did to my first half marathon earlier this year and it made me smile because for that drive down I also had blasted my music as loud as I could handle and sang as loudly as I could.   I was ready.

This year I lined up a bit behind the local elites to avoid being passed like crazy the first .25 miles.   It's a really small line up (only 300 runners) so it's easy to get to where you need to be.   The race started on time and we were off.    I just kept telling myself to push myself and to watch my breathing.   I wasn't over dressed and this helped me a lot mentally.  I hate being hot. 

 At the 1 mile mark I looked down at my Garmin and saw I clocked in at an 8:54.   That made me excited but I knew I was going faster than I could keep up but I just kept with it.   Mile two I slowed down a bit and clocked in at 9:15.   At this point I started to feel tired.   I was happy with how everything was going but couldn't help thinking that if I had been running more lately, I could have kept up the pace a bit more.   Mile 3 was a 9:29 pace.   At the real 3.1 mark I made sure to look down and press lap on my Garmin because I wanted this race to count as a PR for me.  

3.1 miles in 28:35

Over one full minute faster than last year.   

This gives me such hope that I can do better.  This whole year I felt like I had not improved and even though it was only 1 minute faster, it gives me hope.  

For the record, I did complete the whole 3.25 miles in 29:48.

If I find anymore pictures of my arm, leg or back of the head, I'll be sure to share them. 


  1. Congrats on the PR and for pushing yourself!! Keep up with your strength work as it will help your running :)

  2. awesome job lady! congrats on the PR! looks like such a fun race...the lights are incredible!

  3. Congratulations on the PR! A minute off your 5K time is a big deal.

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  5. congrats on your PR! i'm loving your lime green jacket, looks great on you!