Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hippie Runner Winner! And Handful Giveaway!

I was going to just email the person that won but they don't have an email address listed so I will post it and hope they see this!   The winner is comment number 11.  


Please email me within 48 hours.   If I do not hear from Ashley within 48 hours, I will have Random.org select another winner.   Thank you!

In other news, did you see Handfuls new video?  If not, here it is!

Would you like to win 3 handfuls for yourself? I know my husband says he only needs two handfuls but I think you can't go wrong with three ;)

Here's how to enter in this contest.

Watch the video. Go to Handful's facebook page here and let them know that I referred you to the video.

Tweet this: Enter the @HandfulBra Giveaway that @snsbysarah and told me about! Watch this video to learn more about Handful http://youtu.be/lAi5m1csr5I?hd=1

Facebook this: Watch this great video @sweetandsavorybysarah told us about @handful. http://youtu.be/lAi5m1csr5I?hd=1

Or you can blog about it and let me know!

Each thing you do will get you entered in! Just make sure you use the @ signs so they post on handfuls social network and my social network so we know you did it!

Thanks guys!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Blood, Babies and Expressions

I'll leave the blood for last.   If you have a weak stomach, you might not want to read down to the bottom of this post.   I am warning you there is a little bit of blood involved. 

Babies.   My friend is having a baby.   It will be her first and it's about time some of my friends from high school join in on the life of being a parent.   The life of true restriction.   The life of true love. 

I've been friends with Jenny since the time I became friends with Mike.  It's pretty much how we became friends in the first place.  Mike and Jenny were friends.   We all worked at Shopko together and would hang out.   Mike was best friends with Jeremy, who is Jenny's husband.   Jenny and I naturally adopted each other when she started dating Jeremy and I started dating Mike. 

Then in comes Mel.   Jeremy's sister.   Now Mel is married to Jeremy's current best friend Paul.   Paul was my friend forever.    He used to call me "chomp chomp" in middle school because apparently I looked like the girl in Brave Heart that bit off some guys ear.   I've never seen the movie.   Paul and I once had drivers ed together.   We were in the same car together with one teacher teaching us how to drive.   Paul was asked on that drive "What kind of drugs are you on!?" by the teacher.   The teacher was totally serious.   I was scared for Paul. 

Did you get that? 

Here we are today at Jen's baby shower.

Look at the cute idea!  They took Jen's cravings and made it into a table of food we could eat!

Oh and Hailee and I did one more "Expressions" for you this weekend while we were at work.    Can you guess what it is?

Notice the pizza.   This is 12am.   I am wearing a jacket at work because I'm so cold and cool all at the same time.   (the expression was "You find a big hair in your food."   No hair was found in the pizza.) 

Now onto the blood.   Stop reading if you want.   I understand. 

Here's the back story.   Yesterday when I was getting ready, I was determined to wear a certain outfit.   I haven't worn it for a while and I knew it should be in my closet since I do laundry constantly.   It wasn't there so I am running around my house nearly naked trying to find this shirt.   I had to go to the basement to try to find it since I couldn't find it in my closet and while I was down there I tripped over a laundry basket and my pinkie toe got stuck in the basket.   It hurt like a mother and I took a quick look at it and went on with my life.   I went upstairs and realized my foot felt wet.   I looked at it and it was covered in blood.   I wiped it down and realized I nearly tore my pinkie toe off.   It was tore down to stuff I don't like looking at under the thick layer of skin on my feet.    I forced Mike to look at it and he told me that if I needed stitches to just go.   I didn't need stitches.   Just a stiff drink.  

By the way...I found that shirt in my closet after all of that.

The picture does no justice.   It was tore so deep that it made me feel sick even.   I am not weak when it comes to stuff like that. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

And before I forget again....

It's my Blogiversary.   I was going to bake a cake but then decided that baking a cake for yourself on an important day isn't as fun as going to buy cake that is already made....

I couldn't decide so I bought two.  

And I enjoyed.....


From the bottom of my heart, thank you to those that found me along the way and continue to follow me through this journey called life.   I appreciate every.single.one of you. 

Dear lady on the treadmill next to me....

So guess what?   You didn't smell!   You actually smelled good and I did appreciate this.   I didn't however appreciate the way you were running.   I am not exactly sure what is going on here but I'd love to know if this is some sort of training  technique I am not familiar with.   Maybe I'll have the balls to ask you some day because you truly confused me.  

As I floated along at my steady slower pace of a 6.1 on the treadmill, you were right next to me pounding away at a 6.8.   Yes I looked because you looked like you were killing yourself.    You were working so darn hard that every 60 seconds, you would jump up onto the side of your treadmill and act like you had to do something on your Ipod.   You gave it away after you did this the 10th time during your workout that it really was just a way to catch your breath again.   

Just an FYI.....when you are up on the side of your treadmill while it's still running full speed at 6.8, you really aren't running those miles.  

Why are you calling people while your treadmill is running at full speed (for her) and then standing on the sides once again?  Why do you not get off the treadmill and actually take this call?  

I don't think running, while holding onto the side bars hunched over is healthy. 

Oh, you didn't like that song again?  

Yes I think you do need that towel, however, I think it might be a good idea to actually turn your treadmill off or down when you decide to stop running and wipe yourself down.   No?  Okay I guess you can just stand on the side of your treadmill some more.   

Oh, you didn't like that song either? 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear guy on the treadmill next to me...

First it was your breath.   You were breathing and I could smell it.   Running and smells don't mix for me so I was pretty angry at this point.   I continued to ran through it since it was 6pm on a Tuesday night and all the other treadmills were taken.   Every time you exhaled loudly, there it was again, like a punch in the face.   Just in time to remind me of what I was missing the past 7 months while running outside. 

Your grunting didn't make it better.   I understand a hard run.   We all have those runs that we put every effort into but I didn't even make that much noise while in labor.   Let me remind you that I had headphones on and was watching TV and still could hear you.  

Lastly.   When you are done with your workout, please don't stand between me and the fan.   Cooling off?  I get that...but you may have forgotten to put on your deodorant today or it's not doing its job and I am once again nauseated by the sick smells coming from you today.    It was so bad, I started to actually wonder if it was myself.   Could I possibly smell that bad?   That was answered when you finally walked away and once again I could breath hot, dry air that didn't smell.  

SO I took an entire week off of running.  I wanted to do a week of classes and then I was struck with a cold that sort of kicked my butt for a couple of days and ended up with not a lot of hours at the gym and a lot more hours at work instead.   

I look angry.  I wasn't.   I was actually darn cozy and warm!

This week I am back at it.   Yesterday I did 45 minute of Spin and then ran 3 miles.    Today I did Core-Stength-Core and then 2 miles on the treadmill.   I was told to make my gym stay short so that Mike could go get his brakes fixed but then that ended up not happening so I cut my run short for nothing.  

What are your pet peeves about the gym?

Would you move if someone next to you stinks?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

To the Mother with only One Child

Dear Mother of Only One Child,

Don’t say it.  Before the words can even pass your lips, let me beg you:  don’t say, “Wow, you have nine kids?  I thought it was hard with just my one!”
My dear, it is hard.  You’re not being a wuss or a whiner when you feel like your life is hard.  I know, because I remember having “only one child.”  You may not even believe how many times I stop and reflect on how much easier my life is, now that I have nine children.
All right, so there is a lot more laundry.  Keeping up with each child’s needs, and making sure they all get enough attention, is a constant worry.  And a stomach bug is pretty much the end of the world, when nine digestive tracts are afflicted.
But I remember having only one child, and it was hard—so very hard.  Some of the difficulties were just practical:  I didn’t know what I was doing, had to learn everything.  People pushed me around because I was young and inexperienced.  But even worse were the emotional struggles of learning to be a mother.

When I had only one child, I truly suffered during those long, long, long days in our little apartment, no one but the two of us, baby and me, dealing with each other all day long.  I invented errands and dawdled and took the long way home, but still had hours and hours to fill before I would hear my husband’s key in the door.
I cared so much what other people thought about her—they had to notice how beautiful she was, they had to be impressed at my natural mothering skills.  I obsessed over childhood development charts, tense with fear that my mothering was lacking—that I hadn’t stimulated her enough,  or maybe had just passed on the wrong kind of genes.  I cringe when I remember how I pushed her—a little baby!—to achieve milestones she wasn’t ready for.
I lived in terror for her physical safety (I once brought her to Urgent Care, where the doctor somewhat irritably diagnosed a case of moderate sniffles) fearing every imaginable disease and injury.  In my sleep-deprived state, I would have sudden insane hallucinations that her head had fallen off, her knees had suddenly broken themselves in the night, and so on.
My husband didn’t know how to help me.  I didn’t know how to ask for help.  My husband had become a father, and I adored him for it.  My husband got to leave the house every day, and sleep every night.  He got to go to the bathroom alone.  I hated him for it.

When I had only one child, I told myself over and over that motherhood was fulfilling and sanctifying and was filling my heart to the brim with peace and satisfaction.  And so I felt horribly guilty for being so bored, so resentful, so exhausted.  This is a joyful time, dammit!  I should enjoy being suddenly transformed into the Doyenne of Anything that Smells Bad.
I loved my baby, I loved pushing her on the swing, watching squirrels at the park together, introducing her to apple sauce, and watching her lips move in joyful dreams of milk.  But it was hard, hard, hard.  All this work:  is this who I am now?  I remember!
So now?  Yes, the practical parts are a thousand times easier:  I’m a virtuoso.  I worry, but then I move along.  Nobody pushes me around, and I have helpers galore.  Someone fetches clean diapers and gets rid of the dirty ones.  When the baby wakes up in the middle of the night for the ten thousandth time, I sigh and roll my eyes, maybe even cry a little bit for sheer tiredness—but I know it will pass, it will pass. 
It’s becoming easier, and it will be easier still.  They are passing me by.

I’m broken in.  There’s no collision of worlds.  We’re so darn busy that it’s a sheer delight to take some time to wash some small child’s small limbs in a quiet bath, or to read The Story of Ferdinand one more time.  Taking care of them is easy.  It’s tiring, it’s frustrating, but when I stop and take a breath, I see that it’s almost like a charade of work.  All these things, the dishes, the diapers, the spills—they must be taken care of, but they don’t matter. They aren’t who I am.
To become a mother, I had to learn how to care about someone more than I did about myself, and that was terrible.  But who I am now is something more terrible:  the protector who can’t always protect; the one with arms that are designed to hold, always having to let go.
Dear mother of only one child, don’t blame yourself for thinking that your life is hard.  You’re suffering now because you’re turning into a new woman, a woman who is never allowed to be alone.  For what?  Only so that you can become strong enough to be a woman who will be left.
When I had only one child, she was so heavy.  Now I can see that children are as light as air.  They float past you, nudging against you like balloons as they ascend.
Dear mother, don’t worry about enjoying your life.  Your life is hard; your life will be hard.  That doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong—it means you’re doing it right.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/to-the-mother-with-only-one-child#ixzz1kDEW4MaD

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hippie Runner Review and Giveaway!

Are you getting ready to start training for your spring races? Need something to help you get through the short and long runs and be with you on race day to help you stand out? Hippie Runner is perfect for that.

Hippie Runner makes awesome headbands that are made of nylon spandex so they are great to to wear and keep the sweat and hair out of your face. I love them. Their designs are flashy, bright and fun and the best part? Totally affordable. They are only $5.00 per headband and when you buy four, the fifth one is free! They also fit my head a lot better than other bands I've worn and actually stay put without having to readjust at all.

Look at all the fun designs!
Not only does Hippie Runner make headbands, they also make expandable gear belts to match many of the headbands.   The expandable pockets are large enough to actually fit my huge droid along with some Gu's and chomps.   They are comfortable and come with reusable bands to attach your race bib to as well.   The belts are fully adjustable to make sure they are comfortable for each individual.    These are on sale right now for $19.99 only! 

Can you spot the one I tried on with a fleece jacket?  Oops! 
Please go check out their website here.    They also sell skirts to match at a very reasonable price.   To be honest, I can't wait until it's warm enough out that I don't have to sport a winter hat and can get back to wearing these!   It has been too long. 

Would you like to win a Hippie Runner head band AND matching belt? 

These can be yours!  Phone not included :)  

How to enter:

-You must be a public follower of Sweet and Savory by Sarah.

-Like Sweet and Savory by Sarah on Facebook here.

-Go like Hippie Runner on Facebook here.

-Go check out Hippie Runner's website here and let me know which headband is your favorite.

-Share this giveaway via Facebook, Twitter, or your blog and let me know!

Please leave a separate comment for each entry for it to be counted.   Contest will remain open until January 27th at 8pm CST.  

I received items for free to review but all opinions expressed are my own.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lasagna Soup

Brr it's cold out today.    The weather this week is the coldest temperatures we've had yet this winter so it's officially soup season.   This one is a sure to please.   I made it and there was only enough left over for one bowl the next day.   That to me indicates a successful meal.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Times are a changin'

A lot has been going on lately.   Life has been busy but in a good busy kind of way.      Mike is starting school this week.   That means that two nights a week he will be gone.   He also will be switching positions at his work and his hours are changing drastically.   Right now he's working straight days.   When he switches, it'll be 12 hour days and it will be a southern swing where he's on 3 days, off 4 days,  on 4 days, off 3 days etc etc.    This includes weekends so I will be probably crying most weekends when I don't get my usual break.   This does however mean that I will be able to hit up the gym in the morning on the days that he isn't working.   That will be pretty awesome because I'm pretty sure I am in love with the gym.   Seriously. 

Another thing happened last week.   I realized I'm an freak.   Or at least I look like on in my aerobic classes.   I was doing cardio kickboxing and I noticed that when I looked in the mirror at myself,  all I saw was legs.  Lots and lots of leg.   I felt like I was really gangly and had really long arms and legs.    Then to make me feel better, my friend Tiffany told me after class that every time she looked in the mirror at me, all she saw was my legs.   Seriously that happened.  

I have taken two classes today and I still have spin to do tonight.   Shoot me now. Hopefully I will still be alive tomorrow to post about it.  You spin me right round baby right round. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My love for all things Nuun.

Have you tried Nuun?   Please say you have!   If you haven't you have to try it.   Just once and you will be hooked. 

Back on Halloween I received a package from Nuun that contained 4 tubes and their water bottle.   I was excited to try it and I went for a run that day with Nuun in hand.   I LOVE it.   My favorite part about it is that it actually isn't overly sweet.  It's a subtle flavor but a yummy subtle flavor.    In the pack they sent me, it had Grape, Tropical, Strawberry Lemonade, and Fruit Punch.   You can purchase this exact pack for $24.00 here.  My favorite, which actually surprised me was the Tropical flavor.   They were the first gone.   The ones I liked the least, which isn't saying much because I still liked it, was Grape.  I still have a couple of them left.

With that being said, what surprised me about this product is how long it actually lasts.   I have been drinking the Nuun very regularly since October 31st and I still have a couple tablets left.   There are 12 to each tub and even if you're drinking about 2 a day, a package will last you over a month.   As you can see, mine lasted me 2.5 months.   I don't drink it every day but I like it when I am tired of the water flavor.  

One of the great things about Nuun that water doesn't have is electrolytes. Each Tablet makes 16 ounces of Nuun and delivers 360 mg. of Sodium, 100 mg. of Potassium, 25 mg. of Magnesium and 13 mg of Calcium.   All the things to help you recover from your run or workout.

One other quick note is that the Nuun water bottle is by far my favorite water bottle.  It sounds silly but I truly love their water bottle and use it every day I go to the gym.

I don't really have any negatives about Nuun other than the cost seems a bit high at first but if you break it down, it is about $ 0.50 each bottle (is my math right?!)   That is so affordable! 

I need to give one shout out to Nuun as well quickly.   I am on Team Tough Chik and they recently became a sponsor!   Yay for Nuun discounts! Thank you for becoming a Team Tough Chik Sponser Nuun

What is your favorite Nuun Flavor? 

How often do you drink Nuun? 

I received a 4 pack of Nuun and a water bottle in compensation for my review.    All opinions expressed in this review are my own.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Home made Vegetable Stock


Yet another easy recipe to share that everyone should be doing!   It was so easy and I hope this post just puts the thought in your head that YOU can do this!   In this recipe I did not add salt.  I wanted to keep that out so I could season it myself when I am actually using it so that I can control the sodium.   You can add salt right away if you wish to though!   Some other ideas for good vegetables to add would be leeks or mushrooms.  I did not have them on hand so I did not use them this time.  Same with herbs.  Use what you have on hand!  Thyme is a great start though.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A birthday and a sore Butt

Sorry I've been sort of MIA this week. I am somewhat on vacation mode in my head because I celebrated my 28th birthday this weekend.    I don't have too much to post about either.   For my birthday we went out to dinner with just the family.   It was a group of 6 adults and 5 kids and when we got there they said it would take about 35 minutes for a table.   An hour later the kids have had it and we are all hungry and not sure when we are ever going to eat.   They finally came up to us and said that they have been waiting for a table to open for a while but the people have been done eating for a long time and just weren't leaving.   They asked if we wouldn't mind sitting at two tables right next to each other instead.   If we willing to do this, they would buy us a couple of appetizers just for the hassle.   We said it was fine... but really we had no choice.   The kids were screaming and crying and we still had to make it through dinner.   Ugh.  

Waiting Waiting Waiting.  

We get to the table and order and the kids are still pretty crabby.   Once they got their food they all seemed to calm down and enjoy their food and just chill.   Hallelujah.   The other table was so lucky.   At one large table it was me, my sisters and all the kids.   Our view of the lucky table.

My mom said our table looked so peaceful and the kids looked like they were behaving so well.   This was so far from the truth.  I think each kid cried while we were waiting for food.   Kenzie started walking around the restaurant without a shoe on.   My children fought about who gets to sit next to me.   You get the idea.  

After dinner I went out for drinks with some friends, my sister Staci and my parents for a little bit.   Basically though it was a pretty weird birthday for me.   The next day was even weirder.   It was my actual birthday and there was no cake.   There was Happy Birthday to be sung.   I woke up to a messy house and no presents and it was some what depressing.   Getting old sucks.   I did manage to go shopping and get some new gym clothes though so it wasn't completely a failure of a day. 

This week I have been at the gym to take my first classes.   On Monday I took a group spin class and it was good.   I took the advice of Kim and got some padded shorts but to be honest...my butt bones STILL hurt.   It isn't bad...but it's like the actual area of where my butt bones are that hurt.  I also got a side stitch in the class and it was BAD.   I kept going through it and as soon as I got off the bike and walked around, it went away.   I would have been too humiliated if I had quit and walked out because of a side stitch.   I was worried I may actually puke from the pain of it though.   That would have been even more embarrassing.   It got so bad I even located the garbage can in the room.  

I will be back next Monday to take the class again though.  I really hope I don't get another side stitch and I am able to put out my full effort! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chicken Parmesan Casserole


I failed as a food blogger today.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product!   Hopefully you can visualize how amazing this looked after it cooked.   The cheese was all melty and gooey and the croutons were toasted and amazing.   This recipe has been floating around Pinterest for some time now and I figured it was a good time to give it a test drive.   It was delicious.   Possibly even more delicious the second day.   I comes together in less than 10 minutes and bakes in less than an hour.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Lemon Cupcake Bombs

The reason I am calling these bombs is because you can pop a whole one in your mouth and it's like a flavor explosion.  These are amazingly delicious.   If there is anything to know about me, it's this.  I love stuff with lemon and lime flavors.   I love the tartness of the two and you will often find me bringing Tostitos with a Hint of Lemon to every party.   People have come to expect it and look forward to it.   Please make these!   You can also make it into a cake, loaf, or larger cupcakes.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A lesson in parenting daughters...

When your daughter comes up to you with a paper towel veil and asks you to help her put it on, dig out the veil you wore on your wedding day that has been stored away for 9 years.   It will make her day....

And you will have priceless pictures.

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A few things...

I have managed to use my gym membership 3 days in a row now.   I know I'm one of those annoying new year new members to those that see me there but technically I am not.   Like I previously mentioned, I actually have had my membership since August and just failed to actually use it.    I am liking the feeling I have working out there.   I have more options than just running.    I feel like I'm with like minded people for the most part.   Not the muscle heads that stare me down each time I am walking in though.   They just creep me out.  

Yesterday I had a thought.   Why am I driving to the gym to work out?  It seems weird...unless of course you live too far to drive there or the weather is crap.   I get it then, but I usually want to do more than 3 miles on their treadmill and yet there is the sign I am forced to look at constantly:  "Please limit your workout to 30 minutes at busy times."    The time I am there is definitely busy.   It's the after work rush and you're lucky to walk in and get a treadmill right away.   With all of this in mind, I decided to get dressed at home, throw my Brooks winter running pants on top, and my  Brooks winter running jacket on and actually run to the gym.   I knew this meant I would also have to run back home so I kept this in mind during my workout to ensure I'd have enough energy to do so.   It worked.  

Today Wisconsin seems to be getting some warmer weather than we are used to in January.    This bums me out because there is no way I am going to have a chance to run outside in it.   We have an appointment to refinance our mortgage with the insanely low rates and then I have to go straight from there to work where I will continue to do sit-ups, burpees, lunges etc with my work wife between lifting 20 lbs. in drinks over and over.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer as well so I am going to have to figure out a time to get a run in since I am also working tomorrow night.  

I realize this post sort of had no point.   I'm sorry about that.   I am hoping to make something really yummy and unhealthy within the next day or so.   I have been craving a cupcake like crazy and the only way to get rid of that thought is to make them.   Eat them.   Then get rid of them so I don't over due it. 

Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baked Falafel

As part of the new year, I am looking to improve in a couple of things.  One being less processed foods and healthier choices.   The other is to work out at the gym that I have had a membership at since August.   I have not used that gym membership once.   How ridiculous is that?! 

Traditional Falafel is fried and because of that, pretty unhealthy.     In this recipe I baked the ingredients instead to get all the benefits of the chickpeas, onion, garlic and spices without the fat.   

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 5 Recipes of the Year

It's always interesting to see what brings people to my blog.   If you're a blog owner, you've looked at the key phrases that have brought people to your blog.   Yesterday somebody came to my blog searching for "Birthday Fantasy."   How fitting!    I know my blog has taken a turn over the past few months and become some what a running blog, I still enjoy cooking and trying new recipes and sharing them with you guys.   It's hard to get good pictures in the winter, since it's dark by the time dinner is done and I am forced to take pictures with the harsh flash.   It's very unappealing to me.     

I am going to continue to post recipes and food for as long as this blog has a heart beat so if that is why you are here, no worries :) 

Here are the most viewed posts of the year:

5.  Pumpkin Pancakes. These pancakes are delicious.   They came in 5th place with 2,986 hits. 

4. Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff.  A family favorite.   Mike asks for it regularly and it will be made this week.  It came in 4th with 3,851 hits. 

3.  Almond Sheet Cake.   This cake made it's way all over Pinterest and FoodGawker.   It came in 3rd with 8,860 hits.   

2.  Apple Butter in the Crock Pot. So Easy.   So Delicious.   So viewed!   This came in at 9,496 hits.  

1.   Cake Truffles for Valentines Day.  Pre DSLR days for this photo and it still managed to get 11,167 hits.   It was all over Pinterest as well and managed to be featured on Money Saving Mom

If are you are newer to this blog, please take the time to back to the beginning of 2011 and check out some of the recipes.   Many of those are personal favorites and are over looked because it was back when the blog had very few viewers and also before I had a DSLR to take great pictures.