Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Pictures from the Week

Spring break for the kids is next week.   I hope I can get through it.   It's always harder with all 3 kids here.  

Kenzie at soccer....umm...tucking her shirt in?    She's my peanut.   I love her. 

My bangs really really need to be cut.   Either that or I need to dedicate myself to growing them out again.   I don't want to though.   I just never have time to go get a hair cut.  

Went to take a bite of my pizza and it was looking back at me.   My sister and I have such a juvenile sense of humor that we laughed for 10 minutes about it.   I was crying.   I eventually ate my pizza....poor guy! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why I don't count Calories...Anymore

After having a baby, I counted like a maniac.
 For years I would count calories.   Not to the point of actually writing it down, because I felt that would draw eyes on me to make people think I was obsessed.   I would mentally count calories all day long.   I did it for years.   I am sure I had this habit because my own mom was a calorie counter as we grew up.   Not too long ago, I found a diary of my moms that counted the calories for each day.   We joked about how she barely ate anything and everything she ate wasn't a very healthy choice (she's gonna kill me when she reads this).   She basically would eat popcorn, diet coke, banana twins, cereal (not the healthy kinds), chips etc.  and because they were not very healthy, she wouldn't eat very much throughout the day. 

I am happy to report that my long time eating habits have rubbed off on her and she's finally getting it.   Just because they are whole grain crackers doesn't mean they are healthy.   Even though they are baked chips, doesn't mean that you should be eating them.   Home made isn't always healthy.   Splurging is necessary, whatever a splurge is to you.   When you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up over it.   Tomorrow is another day and you will do just fine. 

Absolutely a splurge dinner.

I stopped counting calories because it ruled my life.   I felt trapped.   I felt ashamed when I would screw up.   I didn't feel like I was doing a good job.   I was more focused on how many calories were going than what kind of calories were going in.    I would have a big gross burger for dinner just because my calories allotted for that.   I would also try to make up for over eating.   If I had a bad day, the next day I would eat far less calories than I should.   I was basically sabotaging my own body.

Calorie counting days...

I have a few friends that still count calories and ask me to join them as a friend on My Fitness Pal but I just wont do it.   I think back to those days and feel so much more free now that I don't worry about calories.   Now that I actually pay attention to the health benefits of what is going into my body, I don't need to count the calories.    My body takes care of it all for me.

Now the next step is to get rid of the scale.   That darn scale sort of has me trapped.  

Do you weigh yourself?   How often?

Do you count calories?   How many calories do you limit yourself at?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef

 Please try this.    It was such a hit in this house and I can only imagine it will be in your house as well.   The list of ingredients is long but I honestly had all of these ingredients on hand.   It took about 5 minutes to have this in the slow cooker, ready to go.   It made our home smell amazing and I couldn't help but sneak a piece of meat here and there as it cooked later in the afternoon. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

No sugar added Oat Cookies, made with Bananas!

Okay so I kind of lied in the title.   These do contain sugar because I added chocolate chips.   You can take them out and substitute some raisins, craisins,  or any other dried fruit if you wanted but I was really craving chocolate when I made these so I went ahead and added them.   These are simple little cookies that don't carry all the guilt of traditional cookies.    Enjoy! 

3 bananas, smashed
1 1/2 Cups Old Fashioned Oats
1 Cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1/8 tsp. Cloves
1/8 tsp. Nutmeg
1/2 Cup Walnuts
1 Cup Chocolate Chips
1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  

In a large bowl combine the oats, coconut, salt, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, walnuts and chocolate chips.    Stir to combine.

In a small bowl combine the mashed bananas, oil, and vanilla extract.   Stir to combine. 

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.   Give it a good stir until all the ingredients are wet.   It will be a bit crumbly.  

Take a scoop to have uniform cookies.   With your hands, mold the cookies into a ball.   Place on a cookie sheet and then press the cookies down into a cookie shape.   They will not melt down since they do not contain any flour or butter so keep that in mind when molding them.   They will stay exactly how you place them on the cookie sheet.  

Bake for 10-12 minutes until the edges of the cookie start to brown.  

Less than a month!

I am down to less than one month before my first half marathon.    Each time I think about it, I get that nervous feeling in my gut.    I start to think about how it might not go as well as I hope for and I hope I mentally don't check out of it only a few miles in.    I can tell my training is paying off though so that gives me hope.   Yesterday I did another 8 mile run.   It was the best long run to date because I felt good the entire time.   My breathing was right, my pace steady and the weather was pretty good.   The only issue was that I was in a head wind the entire first half of the run.   It was pretty strong but I knew that if I could get through it, the way back would be much better with a tailwind.  I pushed through, even chicked a guy out running and only slowed down to take a drink 2 times throughout the entire run.   

I did switch back to my Brooks Adrenalin because I was starting to feel sore from the Purecadence since I didn't transition into them slowly enough.  All was good though once I got going.  Everything felt right and smooth.   

I was pretty surprised with how consistent my splits were.   Lap 4 I had to stop to cross a busy road so I am assuming that is where the extra time came from. 

Since I did this run at night, I didn't need any fuel the entire run.   I did bring my handheld and had finished the water in there at mile 7. 

I can't help but feel good about this run and finally feel confident in the training I've done so far.   

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's the small things that make it worth it (for me)

This week has been great for running, up until today.   Sunday, like I previously mentioned, I had a good long run.   I felt good and I didn't hurt after.  

Tuesday I did a 5 mile run with an average pace of 9:28 per mile. 

Yesterday though...I went out with one thing in mind.   I had 3 miles on the training schedule and I wanted to test a theory.   I feel like I suck at racing and perform better when I'm running on my own.   For some reason or another my race times are never impressive to me (or anyone for that matter) and I am still not exactly sure what or who to blame for that other than myself.   SO back to the 3 miles I had on the schedule.  I figured I would round it to an even 5k.  That way I can see how well I can do.    My best 5k time  was the Race for the Light 5k I did back in December that resulted with a 29:37 for chip time and a 9:32 pace.  

Here are my lap times for yesterday:

I had an 8:37 minute mile!   I don't think I've ran that fast since grade school.  So if you look at the numbers closely, I did a 5k at home, on my normal route, with no encouragement in 27:17.   

What is the deal with this?   At least now I know to push myself harder at 5k's.   

Today's run was hard though.   My legs are exhausted and I think my new shoes are taking their toll on me.   With them being a more minimalist shoe, my muscles are so tired.    My legs felt dead.    Now I have a couple rest days and then my long run on Sunday again.   Here's hoping it goes as well as the last one did.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Felt Rose Wreath

I've been searching for a wreath for a while now and haven't found the right one.   They are either too expensive or not the colors I am looking for so I started to look around on the web to find if I could make what I was thinking.   I bought a new rug for the living room and it has some gold colors in it and I really wanted to play off of that color since our drapes are also gold.   This is what I came up with:

The total cost was roughly $6.00.  

Here's how to make the roses.  

Buy some felt.   Any color or colors you would like.   You need to find a circular shape to trace.

Cut out a bunch of circles.   They don't need to be perfect.   The imperfections give each rose character.

Start to make a spiral out of the circles by cutting in on one side.

Then keep going.    Remember, imperfections give them character. 

Until you get all the way to the center.    Then take the center and start rolling the rose. 

Keep rolling.

You can either use the entire circles worth of felt or you can cut it short and make two smaller roses.   Secure the end with glue and repeat :)

Hot glue the roses to the wreath.   You can fill the entire wreath or just fill it partially, like I did.

Monday, March 19, 2012

What a weekend!

This weekend was crazy busy.   It was never ending and I actually loved it up until Sunday night when I had to take Kenzie to the ER (more on that later in this post).  

Friday night I had to work.   I worked until about 1am and then went home and went straight to bed.   The girls had soccer the next morning so I was up bright and early at 6:30 to shower and get them ready.   Coffee was absolutely my friend that morning. 

Honestly,  who am I really kidding here? 

Coffee is my friend every day.  I love coffee and go to bed thinking about how I get to drink it in the morning.   It's pathetic and I really should invest in some teeth whitening.  

Saturday night I went out with some girl friends.   Jen is due to have a baby in 2 weeks and so we decided to get sushi and go see The Vow.   Both were great but I had a glass of water at dinner, a beer at dinner and a quart of water during the movie so by the second half of The Vow I thought I was going to pee my pants.   I had to pee so bad but the movie really just kept moving along and I didn't want to miss it.   As soon as they end was starting and I knew what was going to happen, I ran out of the theater to pee.    By the way.   Who does this?

I'm pretty sure they are just lazy and don't want to actually go in and refill the TP dispensers.   This also means they probably don't clean the bathrooms all that often.

Sunday morning I was up again at 6:30 am again but by my brains choice this time.   I had a cup of coffee and then put on these beauties.

Brooks PureCadence

I went out to another trail that is closer to home and was off to do the 8 miles that were on the training schedule.    I started off slow and kept an eye on my heart rate throughout the run.   I also want to mention that I have found a new fueling option.   Another blogger Charlotte, who blogs over at Wild Things RUN Free mentioned over at Fitfluential that she was wondering how an option like this would do for fueling on long runs.

 I thought the idea was amazing!   It's all natural and tastes great.   The one and only problem was where do you keep it?   You can wear a fuel belt but they are sort of large and bulky.   Regardless of that, I found some similar to the picture at the store and bought them anyway.    Then it hit me.  

I have a tennis skirt that I wear for running.   If you have worn a tennis skirt before, you know it has a pocket on the leg of the shorts that is to hold an extra tennis ball.   Genius if I do saw so myself.  

The run went very well.   Much better than the weekend before!   I feel like each run to this day is still a learning experience and I have been running a few months short of a year now.  

Sunday was also my moms birthday so Mike and I had plans of going out with them.   Those plans didn't workout when Kenzie came down with a fever Sunday morning.   She was miserable and spent most of the beautiful day inside covered up in blankets.   

I still had to make an appearance so Mike stayed home with the girls and I went on my merry way.   When I got home, Kenzie was still in rough shape and felt very warm.   I took her Temp and it was 105.5 (half hour after Ibuprofen).   I nearly started crying and showed Mike.   We got her dressed and then I took her to the ER at 8pm.  

I have never seen the ER so busy before.   Every chair in the waiting room was taken but thankfully they took us back before everyone else.   Probably helped us that Kenzie never opened her eyes while registering her! 

They got some pee from her, took a chest xray, gave a breathing treatment (for a cough that has been lingering), took a strep swab and an influenze swab from her.   The worse part was by far when they had to get the IV in her.   She screamed and screamed and the lady couldn't get it to take.   Finally she pulled it out and had to do it all over again in a different spot.   It was horrible.  Once it was in they got some blood to test and also started her on IV fluids.    This all happened very quickly so I was hopeful we wouldn't be there long.   I was wrong.  That's when we sat or in Kenzie's case slept.

And sat and slept some more.

Apparently with the ER being that busy, you end up waiting a long time.   They also informed us a couple of traumas had come in by helicopter so that also pushed us back some more.   At about 12:30 the doctors finally came back in and informed me Kenzie had another UTI.   Her second in the past month which is not good news.   She didn't hurt this time when she would pee so I had no idea.    They gave her a bag of antibiotics (which took another half hour) and then sent us on our way.   

Today she slept all day again and finally around 6pm got up and had a little to eat and sat outside on the porch with me so it looks like she's getting over this one faster than the last one.   Thankfully! 

Tomorrow I a have a 5 miler on the schedule and if Kenzie is better, I will probably take a class at the Y as well.   I am also working on another craft to share and a couple of recipes as well.   I am in the works of another giveaway too!  

I hope your weekend was amazing and your week is even better!

Hyland's Homeopathic Remedies Winner!

Congratulations to  NVCloud.    Please contact me to claim!  I would email you but there isn't a public email!   

If I don't hear from NVCloud within 48 hours, I will select a new winner via  

Facebook follower :-)

I will have a real post later today.   It's been a crazy week/weekend and it still hasn't settled down!   More to come!  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Somme Institute BOOST and Eye Cream Review

Ahhh.   I am so thankful for these products.   As many of you know, I've been in contact with Rachel from Somme Institute for some time now.   First she sent me the 5 step regimen to review.    If you missed that review, you can find it here.   To make it short, I loved the 5 step regimen.    I first want to update on that and then I will touch on a couple of other new products I've been lucky enough to try. 

Since my first review of the 5 step regimen, I have had to purchase some of the line myself.   I ran out of the nourishing cleanser about 2 weeks ago.  Yes, two weeks ago!   That means the first bottle lasted me about 3 months.  I only used one pump in the morning and one in the evening and it lasted that long!   I ran out of the transport pads after 1 month and didn't repurchase those and have been fine without them.   I ran out of the serum about 3 weeks ago.  I haven't repurchased it and wanted to see how my skin was without it first.  I might be repurchasing it soon as I feel like I lost a little bit of control of my skin since stopping it.   Not sure yet though.   It takes me at least a month to tell for sure since my skin goes through cycles.  I still haven't ran out of the A Bomb.   I have a little bit left in the container and bought some a while ago for when I did run out.   Somme Institute was having a 50% sale through a deal site so I wanted to take advantage of that.   I also still have a lot of the double defense lotion left.   I think it will last me close to 6 months before having to purchase again! 

My skin since my first review:  

I still am not having any cystic acne since using Somme.   That was my hugest complaint before starting.  I was getting large cysts under the skin that hurt and Somme is still working to keep those away.   I still have small blemishes but nothing like I had before using Somme.

  I feel like my skin is so much more refreshed looking.  I actually notice I look younger!  I can see the difference!   Really, I can!

Somme Institute Boost:

Boost is a gentle warming mask that you use around one time per week to help assist the 5 step regimen or on it's own.   

When you first put this on, you will notice the amazing scent.   Think Vanilla Chai Tea.    It smells amazing!   Once it is on your face, you can feel a little bit of warmth from it.   It goes on easily and then you let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping it off. 

My first thoughts is that I did find it to dry my skin just a little more than normal.   I have insanely dry skin during the winter months so I ended up having to use some more lotion for a few days after using it.   It did make my skin more radiant though and after using it a while now, I do feel it helps to assist the 5 step regime in keeping my skin more clear. 

Here are the facts straight from their website:

What is it? A gentle warming mask that purifies, nourishes and leaves the skin feeling smooth with pumpkin enzymes, minerals, vitamins and Patented MDT5 Technology. Gentle enough for all skin types, this product prepares the skin to better receive and absorb the 5-Step Regimen.

Who is it for? ALL skin types & MOST skin conditions. Sun Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkes, Acne, Rosacea all while improving skin discoloration, tone, texture and clarity.

Why is it different? In addition to Patented MDT5 and free radical fighting anti-oxidants, Boost contains pumpkin enzymes to increase cellular regeneration; Zeolite, a natural mineral to warm the skin and open the pores enabling Kaolin to aptly absorb excess oil, dirt and impurities.

You can purchase Boost for $40.00 here.

 Somme Institute Eye:

Rachel also sent me the Eye Cream to try.    Sadly, I am to the age now that I'm starting to notice fine lines.   Talk about depressing.   I have this one line under my eye that I first noticed and it hasn't gone away since I found it.    I think it's from my constant belly and side sleeping and smooshing my face into the pillow all night long.    When I use the eye cream that line actually goes away!  It also decreases my dark circles and makes my eyes look younger!    I don't have very puffy under eyes so I really can't tell if it works for that.    I know I keep raving about their products but I really do love them.   I think that shows in the fact that I have actually purchased their products after reviewing them.    I would never do that with a product I didn't love.

I don't have any before and after pictures but I plan to do a before/after shoot with my sister for the eye cream.   She has very puffy under eyes and darker circles than I do so I would love to give the eye cream a try on her and see what difference it makes.   Keep a look out for that.   Unfortunately that means I actually have to share my eye cream. 

Here are the facts on the eye cream straight from their site:

What is it? A treatment for the thinnest and the most delicate skin on the face. Eye is infused with eye-specific Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5), a patented technology of vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E designed to help improve skin tone, texture and clarity. Eye delivers intense hydration and moisture while improving skin firmness and brightening the eye contour. It also evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet.

Who is it for? ALL skin types & MOST skin conditions. Sun Damage, Fine Lines & Wrinkes, Acne, Rosacea all while improving skin discoloration, tone, texture and clarity.

Why is it different? The point of difference is Somme Institute's patented technology, MDT5. MDT5 is designed to help improve fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, dehydrated and lackluster skin while preserving the skin's youthful appearance.

How do I use it? Apply in the morning and evening by lightly dabbing a small amount around the eyes and orbital bone with ring finger after using Somme Institute's A-Bomb (sold separately).

Sells for $70.00 (but remember they go on sale all the time) here.

Look for a giveaway in the near future from Somme Institute! 

I received these products for free to try for my honest review.    All opinions expressed are mine :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A little redemption.

After Sundays long run I wasn't sure I ever wanted to run again.   I felt like a failure and it scared me.   I took Monday off from running and just did spin class.   I am pretty sure that very spin class gave me a bladder infection or made my urethra swollen or something because I am in pain.   Thankfully my doctors office doesn't want to see me and just sent a prescription over to the pharmacy this morning.   I think they've seen enough of me in the past couple of years and figure they have taken enough of my money.  

Anyway....I know everyone is talking about it but this weather is AMAZING!  I don't know how we all got so lucky but today is supposed to be in the 70' Wisconsin.    This just doesn't happen.   It has no end in sign right now either on the 10 day forecast so I'm living a dream. 

I went for a run yesterday and I am happy to report that with shorts and a thin long sleeved shirt, I was too hot.   I am also happy to report that my run went better than Sundays.   I did stop at the 2 mile mark and take this picture though.  

See the cute dog in the water?  He was fetching a tennis ball.   Brrr.

In the end I completed 4.5 miles at a 9:38 avg. pace.    I was happy with it considering the wind doesn't seem to let down at all for me to run outside.   I was pushing with everything I had and couldn't seem to escape the head wind no matter which way I was running.  

I am hoping to get in a quick run today.   I have a special delivery that is on the truck to be delivered right now.   It's these: 

Brooks PureCadence!    I am hoping they work for me.   I am quite the pronator and need a good amount of support in my arch but if not, back they go.   

Oh one other quick mention.   Last week I had the the most miles ever in a week for me.   I topped the week off at just over 28 miles!  I know for many of you that is nothing but for me that's a pretty great accomplishment.   

What is the most miles you've ever ran in a week?

Monday, March 12, 2012

The weekend long Run that makes you think you suck.

I didn't take pictures.   I am sorry but I should have.   I thought about it several times but to be honest, I didn't want to stop running to get them.   I always feel like it's harder on my legs to get going again after I stop.  

On Sunday Mike had to work so I was worried I wouldn't get my long run in for the weekend.   I have done some of my long runs on Monday before and I knew I could do that but the weather was dreamy and I wanted to take advantage of it so I called my mom to see if she would watch the girls a couple hours so I could run.   She had some things to do but agreed and said as long as it's just for me to run.   I dropped the girls off at her house but then she said she had plans with them now which gave me more time to get my run done so I went and drove to a trail I have been wanting to run for some time now.   It's a dirt trail that goes across a large part of the state and during the summer has many tree covered areas.   This time of year, it's just branches covering the trail so the sun was still getting through.  

The trail was beautiful.   I saw so many different kinds of birds out there and it was also peaceful.   I jammed out to music for the first half and then kept the headphones off the second half.   Here is a time line of how my run went in my head:

Mile 1:  Wow it's beautiful out.   Was that a Blue Jay?   Oh a see Robin's!   Spring is here!  This trail is great!"

Mile 2:  Hmm.   Not a lot of people out here enjoy this weather.   This is great weather!   I love life!  I love Spring!  I love wearing shorts!

Mile 3:  Wow I'm pretty thirsty.   I'm 3 miles from the car.   Should I turn around so I can get to the car sooner to get a drink and then go back out for another 2 miles?  NO...that would make you weak!  Suck it up!   That sun is really bright.  

Mile 4:  Wow....I am really far from my car.   My water is in my car.    I'm so thirsty.   I have to pee NOW.   There is no where to pee.   I have to pee!  Is that a person up there?   Can they see me in my bright pink hiding in some bare bushes to pee?    Ugh. 

Mile 5:  I can't believe I ran this far from my car.   I'm so stupid!   I am so THIRSTY!   That creeks water looks delicious.   I wonder if I can eat the ice that still sits on top!   Oh my gosh is it ever windy.   I am sick of running.

Mile 6:  This sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks this sucks.   I don't think I can do a half marathon.   I am sick of looking at this trail.   It's so ugly and boring.   Only bare trees, dirt, and mud.   I'm so thirsty I am nearly delirious.  

Mile 7:  Only a mile left.   Seriously run.   You will get to the car faster.   I never thought I'd see the car again in my life.  That sun is so annoying.   That wind is so annoying.   I really should have worn less.   Would people think I'm bad if I take my shirt off right now?   Ugh!!!!!!   .50 of a mile left...GOOOOOOOOOO.   OMG my car.   I could cry.  

As you can see it was a terribly hard run.   I blame it on no water for the most part but also for the fact that I've never ran on a trail before.   It wasn't a paved trail so you really work so much harder to go somewhere when you're running through sinking mud and sandy/dirt covered ground.   

My mission this week is to find a camel back or something similar to wear during these runs.   I can't do the belts with water bottles on them because anything around my waist that bounces will give me the craps.   No joke.   

I know everyone has a run like this but it was truly horrible feeling.    My legs weren't brain was.   I was just over it.  

Do you have a camel back or hydration pack?   Do you like it? 

Friday, March 9, 2012

What I've been eating...Breakfast

I have found my perfect food.   I'm not sure if I will get sick of it ever but I have been eating it for weeks now and I am still madly in love.   It's the perfect fuel for my morning runs at the gym.   It's the perfect food to keep me full and satisfied for hours.   What is it?   Over night oats.   Not just any over night oats but these over night oats....

The way I make them every single day is like this: 

1/4-1/3 Cup Old Fashioned Oats (dry)
1/2-2/3 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Tbs. Chia Seeds
1 Scoop Whey Protein Powder
1 Tbs. All Natural, No sugar added Nut Butter
1/2 Banana, Sliced. 

How to prepare: 

In a bowl, add your oats, milk and chia seeds.   Let sit overnight or even longer.   I've made two bowls ahead of time and they were just as good.  

The next day, heat in the microwave to your liking.   Add more milk if you like more milk.   Add the nut butter, banana, and protein powder and stir.   Soooo satisfying! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today she is Five.

Today she is five.   Five.   That is a whole hand full of fingers to represent every year she has been in our lives.   We are so lucky to have her as she is the perfect balance between gentle and strong.  

Some things about Kenzie that you should know. 

She loves apples.   They are her favorite food.   She eats several a day as long as we have them.   I end up buying about 6 pounds of apples a week and that's not enough to keep us always stocked. 

She loves to sleep.   She naps without a fight and sleeps in many mornings.   She gets it from Mike.   Until she was born, I thought Mike was just lazy.   Now I know it's hereditary.

She's shy.   She's not as open to talk to people as other kids are.   She means well but she gets tongue tied when put on the spot.   She gets this from me...

Her nickname is Baby Peanut.   She knows this and when she wants something she will say something like "Don't you want to get that for your baby peanut?"  It works.    She is a peanut.   If you're lucky enough to meet her, she's tiny.   Tall but tiny if that makes sense. 

Her heart begs to be talked to softly.   She doesn't like being disciplined and it usually crushes her.  She gets away with more than she should because of this. 

She came out of her shell around her first birthday.   Now she's completely silly and giggly.   She begs for attention through doing silly things. 

She's five now but she fits perfectly in my lap.   I hope this never changes.

She listens very well.   She accepts when you tell her no.   She makes my life a little easier. 

I can't believe she'll be in school all day come fall.   I will cry like a baby.   I really hope she doesn't.   That will crush me to no end. 

With all that said, I absolutely am madly in love with my baby peanut.   I look forward to spending this special day with her and the family she loves with every ounce in her heart.    She can slow down growing up now.   I love the ages my girls are at right now.