Monday, April 30, 2012 we go!

Here's my first Vlog.   I don't know if it will become the norm since I am pretty awkward and really don't have much to talk about but Kenzie had fun with it! 

And to show how much of an amiture I am...don't mind the loud "DING DING" sound at the beginning of this video.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dealing with the Negativity

I've taken a short break from blogging this week beside the Oshkosh half marathon pictures and race recap.   To be completely honest, I've sort of been short on words.   When it came to things to blog about, I've been blank.   There are small snippets of things that I could say but to make an entire blog post solely on that would be stretching it.    I do have a couple posts already planned for this week so I hope that I can muster up the energy to make the post for them.  

The main purpose of this post is to vent about some things I find anywhere from slightly irritating to the point where I am yelling "enough!"  Most of the negativity in my life these days surrounds my running.   It's the negative comments from people I get about my running.   Nearly everyone I'm surrounded by is guilty of saying something that could be taken as in insult at one time or another when it comes to my running.    To be perfectly honest, I'm so tired of it.  

I've heard over and over that I need to do more than just run.   The truth is, I do.   I have taken several classes at the Y on a regular basis and only stopped recently because I wanted to focus more on running the last few weeks leading up to my half marathon.   One of the classes caused my ankle to act up and forced me to skip a couple runs so I decided at that moment that I was done with classes until after my half marathon.   It worked out and I avoided any more ankle pain and only dealt with the ITB pain caused by my running.   

I feel like people are tired of hearing me talk about my running.   I tend to not talk about it too much and to almost get silent about it because I get way too excited when someone opens that door of conversation.   None of my friends are runners.   I've tried to get a few of them to take it up.   To find the obsession.  None have stuck it out.  It takes a long time to fall in love with running.   It's possibly the hardest thing I have done in my life.   There are really crappy days that make you think you suck.   There are also those 10 mile runs (or more) that you finish and felt great the whole time and make you think you're possibly the most awesome person in the world, even if it is slow to most runners standards.   You rocked it and therefore you learn to love the feeling running gives you.  

My mom was pretty guilty of telling me that my running was too much.   Thankfully, over time she has loosened up a bit about it and actually runs 2-3 miles at the Y now and has learned to love it.   Her love is more because of the bang for your buck when it comes to time and calories but at least she is laying off of me a little more now.   She used to say anything over 5 miles is too much and that I'm going to end up killing myself if I do a full marathon.    I argue it but arguing with her is pointless.  Mom is always right (in her head).

I've been mocked when I opt out of something because that is when I need to be running.   I've been told that I take running too seriously.  It makes me realize that a support system would be so great.   People that understand.   At this point I don't really have that though so I'm forced to just deal.  

I feel like I do a good job of balancing family and running but I know Mike would argue that to an extent.  I still get the look when I say that I'm going to go run.  Sometimes he asks ahead of time if I plan on running that morning or day but sometimes he will get home from work and I am dressed in running clothes and he just knows with out any warning at all.   I am a stay  at home mom during the day (while also watching my niece) and I just need to get out and get some fresh air and time to think or listen to music.    It's such a release.  

I don't go out to the bars on the weekend.  Okay maybe a few times a year.   I do not leave my family to go on trips.   I don't have any clubs or groups I am a part of.   I work a part time job a couple of days a week.   

I need something for me.    Running is for me.    Any mother knows that you lose your identity a little bit while you have young kids.  You are mom.   That is your only identity for at least the first few years.   It's hard to be selfish during that time.  My daughters are finally getting old enough that I am able to find myself again.  I also want to teach them that it's important to be a little selfish with yourself.   I want them to realize that along with being mommy, I am also a person with feelings, goals, and dreams.    I can only hope that they will see me work hard at this and remember it.  Nothing worth while comes easily. 

 I would love it if someday they learned to love running just as much as I do.   I can promise you that I would encourage them.  I would be their cheerleader.   Maybe I can even be there to run with them.   To be that support system that I so desperately want. 

A girl can dream, right? 

Do you have a great support system?

Do you deal with negative comments from people that don't understand your love for running?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.






2012 Oshkosh Half Marathon Recap

I did it.   I completed my first half marathon.   It wasn't as emotional as I had imagined it to be.   I was glad to do it and I'm happy to have finished it but for some reason it took a couple of days for it to all sink in and to really feel what it's like to complete a half marathon.   Here is how it went:

The two days before I ate carbs and drank a ton of water.   I actually was up 4 lbs the morning of the half marathon.   I think I did something right though because I never felt exhausted during the the race.   I knew the weight was basically water weight and it didn't alarm me in the least bit.    Sure enough, 2 days later I am down 3 of those 4 pounds.  

On Friday I made one last stop at my chiropractors office to get a final adjustment, electro stimulation to my leg and another Kinesio tape job to my leg.  I left feeling good and ready to do this.   On Sunday I woke up bright and early at 5am.   I wanted to shower before the race just so I could feel refreshed and ready.  I also drank a cup of coffee and enjoyed the silence in the house since my mother in law had taken my girls over night and Mike had already left for work.   

I drove there and blasted my music the entire way.   I kept thinking how this is the day.   This is the day I've been training for and working so hard for.   I said a little prayer hoping my IT band would cooperate and to get me through this day.   Then...I got there and realized I didn't eat breakfast.   How do you forget that?  By chance I had bought a couple peanut butter cookies the day before and there was ONE left in my van.   I ate it and then realized I forgot gloves.   I searched my van and found two of the girls gloves...mismatching of course.   I wore them anyway.   It was pretty cool out before the start and I knew I would want them for the first couple of miles.  

One of the great things about this race is the blogger turn out.   I was able to meet a handful of girls that I had never met before that also write blogs I've been stalking for months.  

Jennifer, Kim, Rachel, Jess, Lish, Michelle, Me

I really am not that tall. 

I look even taller here.   WTF. 

So after all the pictures we went and got ready to run.   We were only standing there for a few minutes before we were off!   The race started on time and as soon as I was running, I never felt cold.   It was perfect weather.  

It always takes me a few miles before I am in my groove.   At about the 1 mile mark I already had people asking me about the tape on my leg.   Some also suffered from IT band issues and some were just interested.   I also had people talking about my compression socks.   It's interesting what you hear people talking about.   I didn't end up using music until about mile 11 so I had plenty of time to listen.  

The miles were moving along nicely and the weather was great.   At about the 3 mile mark my hands were warm so I took the gloves off.   For some reason I felt horrible throwing my kids gloves on the ground so I carried them for a while before shoving them into my bra.   It will be interesting to see if my that shows on my race pictures.  I slowed at the 5 mile mark to eat my apple sauce and then I was right back at it.   At 8 miles I slowed again to have my last apple sauce.   I normally would have waited until the 10 mile mark but since I forgot to really eat breakfast I was worried I would burn out before that.   I also had my handheld so I was able to skip the water stations.   I took my first Gatorade around the 7 mile mark just to get some electrolytes in me.   It was the only water station I had to use.    With that being said, there were tons of water stations.   It was really nice.   Each had Gatorade and water options.   They also had 2 fruit stations that had sliced fruit and Starburts.   I couldn't help but grab a couple Starburts when I ran by the first one.  They were hard to chew though with it being cold out and I know a photographer caught me chewing away at one.    Oops.  

One of the things that bothered me was at mile 8.   There was a water station and I didn't need water or Gatorade.   The two girls running together in front of me both slowed to grab some.   The water was on one side of the path and the Gatorade was on the other side.  One girl went right and one girl went left.   When the girl on the left realized it was Gatorade she was grabbing, she threw it on the ground.   It splashed back at me and that was fine but at this point they were slowing down so I went to pass them.   They were each on one side of the trail so I went between the two of them.   I didn't touch either one of them but then one said "Wow...just pass right between us then..."   The other responded with "Yeah really."   I just looked back at them and shot them a look.   Just crazy.  

Moving along nicely at that point but then it hit.  IT HIT.   My IT band started to ache.   I just kept going.   It kept hurting more and more.   It got so bad that the left side of my whole lower body was numb with pain.    At this point though, I was going to make my A goal and I didn't want to come this far to miss out because of it.    Eventually I had to walk.   I wanted to see if that would help.   It did for a moment.   It still hurt but the pain wasn't so bad that I couldn't keep going.   I would run again and try my hardest to just run through it.   I feel like I did a really good job of running through the pain.   Every once and while I would take a tiny break to walk and that gave me just enough relief to do it all over again.   The last stretch is a long one.   You can see the bridge you cross right before finishing a long way before you actually get to it.   I sort of liked it because you knew it was coming.   You could actually see yourself getting closer to the finish.    To district myself from the pain, I put my music on and jammed out up until the finish. 

It was nice to see Rachel, Lish, Kim and Michelle there to cheer me on right to the finish.   Thanks ladies!  

Once I was done and I stopped running my IT band hurt terribly.   I hobbled back to my van and called my mom to let her know I had finished.   I had finished and it wasn't that bad!   If my IT band hadn't hit me around mile 8 I know my time would have been even better.   I felt good.  I felt strong the entire time.   Even when I was walking I kept thinking how I didn't want to walk.   My legs weren't tired.   My brain wasn't tired.   I wanted to push harder but the pain was so bad.  

Official Time:  2:11:28 

Here are my splits from my Garmin.   You can see when the IT band hit me and that makes me a bit upset.  

I also forgot to turn my Garmin off right away when I finished but it did also read longer than 13.1

Now that it is done, I know for sure I will do another half.   I am also contemplating the big 26.2.   I need to get my IT band straightened out though before I sign up for another. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The week of running posts

If you're looking for food posts this week, it's not likely to happen.   Since it's my taper week for the Oshkosh half marathon on Sunday, my foods are pretty typical and boring.   No one cares about that stuff.    For those of your here looking to read about running, this is your week.  

Yesterday was a great day.   I went to my Chiropractor again.   We are now seeing each other every other day so I'm pretty sure him and I are dating now.    This time though, they had me see the sports physical therapist there.   If you need a recommendation for one in the future in live in my area, I'll email you her name and where she works.    She was awesome.   Very informative and very casual and didn't make me feel weird when she poked my butt over and over and over to see how active my glutes were.   I even started to pass out because of having to stand up, sit down, lay down, flip over so much and she was so understanding when I turned white and started to sweat profusely.   She went to get me a glass of water and had me lay down.   After that, all was good though.   Here is what I found out:

1.  My glutes are lazy.   Not totally inactive but absolutely lazy.   She taught me exercises to do to help strengthen my glutes.

2. My hips are way loose and lazy.   She thinks this is the most likely cause of my IT band issues.   

3. My IT band, especially on my left side, is a bit tight but not overly bad.  

4. My Hamstrings were some of the strongest she's seen.   When she was testing my strength in them, I nearly flipped her over.   Looks like my hamstrings are doing most of the work when I run. 

5. My butt is sore today.   That's a good thing.

When I first sat down with her, I told her I thought I had inactive glutes and weak hips.   She then asked me what I was certified in because no one comes in knowing exactly what is wrong before talking to her.   I said I just use Google a lot.   She was pleased.   She even wrote me an email later with all the exercises and what to do and this is what she said:

"Just let me know if you have ANY questions.  I know it was kind of a lot of info I threw at you today!  :)  But you came in knowing a lot so that was great!  We were able to get through more than I normally could because of that, so good work!"  

Thank you Bloggers and Google.   You keep me up to date on my medical degree.  

After seeing her, they sent me to my Chiro.   He adjusted my back and then hooked me up to the electro stimulation. 

They put me in the most attractive shorts I have ever seen.

After that, they sent me to be taped up in the Kinesio tape.   They want to test it out before my half on Sunday.   I took my legs for a spin yesterday after my appointment and me knee felt good so I'm hoping it will hold up for the half.   

They said if I like it,  I can pick better colors next time!

This morning I also did another 2 miles (last run before the half) and then I go back to the Chiropractor on Friday.  He'll do one last adjustment and then retape me since the Kinesio tape only lasts for 3 days.  

All in All I was in the office for 2 hours yesterday but it was such an informative 2 hours.    Like I said, if you live in my area and are looking for a good place to go, I would suggest them in a heartbeat.   Very friendly, very informative and I feel like they are truly trying to do as much to help me as possible.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Winning.   It's great.   We've all won something one time or another in the blogging world and I've enjoyed having people win things from being a reader on my blog.   I once won a trip to New York City.   It wasn't that long ago either (Aug. 2010).   It was such a weird experience to win that kind of prize and you sort of feel like you have won the lottery.   You want proof?   Here you go...

Now a few things about this video. I never expected to win. I even said to Mike right before they told us to open our bags "Now wait for the scream!" He sat there, not looking at me open my bag but looking around at everyone else. Right before we opened the bags, the DJ's for one of our local radio stations told us that there would be a bright pink sheet of paper on it that would say "NEW YORK CITY TRIP WINNER."
This is what happened while I wasn't on the video.

 I sat there, and untied my bag.

 I was excited to see the swag that I would be getting for calling into the radio station almost a month prior and being caller number 9.

 I got it opened and I saw a bright sheet of pink paper. My heart stops and I sit there quietly. I don't take it out of the bag. I am scared...maybe more nervous. I actually had thoughts that it couldn't possibly be the pink piece of paper they were talking about. With the sheet still in the bag, I unfolded it. It read in very large font "NYC TRIP WINNER."

 I didn't jump up at all.

 I didn't scream.

 I felt like time was going really slowly when in reality this all happened in a matter of seconds.

I poked Mike and said "Mike look." He didn't look. He was still looking around for the winner to jump up.

 I poked him again, with the sheet of paper still in the bag, said "Mike..." He looks and gets a grin on his face and starts shaking his head. At that moment I knew he felt the same way as me. We were actually nervous that we were winning in front of all these people...all these people that really wanted to win this trip just as much as we did.

 I heard the DJ's looking for the winner and all I could manage to do was take the sheet of paper out of the bag (finally!) and waive it in the air. I was then spotted as you saw from the video.

Oh another thing about the video. My voice is NOT that manly. I felt like I couldn't talk when they asked me my name. That's all that I could manage to get out. The trip was amazing. I missed my babies and couldn't wait to get home to them but they actually sent us out there from Wednesday night until Sunday afternoon so we really were able to see a lot and have a great time. Mike and I both agree we will get back there again some day to enjoy even more that New York City has to offer. Whats the best thing you ever won?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good Weekend but Screw You IT band!

This weekend was a busy but fun weekend.   On Saturday Mike and I went to our first performance at the Performing Arts Center here.   We had won the tickets from Katelyn's school raffle and so we had my mom take the girls overnight so we could go out and have some fun.    We went downtown Appleton and stopped to grab a slice of pizza at Sal's, a local pizza place.    I was so happy when I saw they had one supreme slice left and I quickly declared it to be mine.   They cooked it up and then I went to go put some red pepper flakes on the pizza.   The whole entire top fell off and my pizza had a pile of red pepper flakes about 2 inches thick on it.   I just sat there and stared at it.   I was sort of mad, sort of shocked and mostly embarrassed that this happened.   Thankfully they let me pick out another slice but at that point, the supreme was all gone and I was stuck with pepperoni and sausage.   When I sat back down, Mike asked what took so long.   I told him and his only reply was "You fell for the oldest trick in the book."  

After that we went across the street to the PAC to see the show.   I got a glass of wine and Mike got a rum and coke.   As soon as we sat down with our drinks, they announced the show would be starting in 10 minutes.   Time to slam our drinks like last weekend we were 21 again. 

The show was good.   We enjoyed doing something different for once and it was great to get out.   After that we didn't know what to do so Mike suggested bowling.   Techno Bowling to be exact.   How could I turn that down?   When we got there it was everything we dreamed of.   Laser lights, black lights, NO TECHNO?, and lots of interesting people.    We decided to party hard.   Mike ordered a coke and I had a water.  

Thanks for the picture Mike!

Today I had a 10 miler on the schedule.   I got up nice and early but it was raining out.   I sat around a while and finally the rain stopped at about 9:30 am.   I got dressed and headed out.   I felt pretty good the first few miles.   My heart rate monitor wasn't working right.   I don't know why but it was reading way low.  I kept trying to adjust it since I try to run on HR rather than pace.   Nothing seemed to help.   Then at about 4 miles in a felt a weird pain in my knee.   I decided to turn around and head back home.   I knew I could make up the miles closer to home but felt wrong going out further.   I am so glad I made that decision.   Within the next half mile my IT band started acting up again.   I stopped, turned on my Ipod and started running again.   Then my Ipod stopped.   I stopped running again and took it out only to find that it was dead.   I didn't charge it.   I started running again.   Then I remembered I had my phone with me so I stopped again and turned on Pandora.   Back to running again.  

My IT band was bad.   I contemplated calling Mike to pick me up but by the time it was to the point of contemplating that I was only a couple miles from home.    Those last two miles were terrible.   I did lots of running and then walking and then running and then walking.   I wanted to run so bad but my IT band was hurting so much.  

8 Miles done....but I was not happy.

I made it home after 8 miles total.  I should be happy with that but I'm not.   I am so worried about next weekend.   I had dreams of doing well.   Dreams of being happy with my time.   Basically basing it on my time.   Now I can't even guess on what to expect with my IT band acting up.    It may bother me at 2 miles.   It may bother me at 6 miles.   It might not bother me at all.    All I know is this week is my taper week and I am going to do only a few easy miles.   I have been icing and rolling since I got home from my run.   I will continue to RICE my IT band for the next week and just PRAY that I can get through my half marathon running.

One good thing happened today.   It was my Mother in Laws birthday and they took us out for Mexican.   I got my favorite salad, the Chicken Fajita Salad!   YUM!  

Brother in Law playing a game with Kenzie.

If you have had IT band issues, what helped you?   I know I need to strengthen my hips and glutes.   I'm pretty sure I have inactive glutes and that is a problem.  

One last thing:

The winner of the Mila is Mac From Wealth is Health!!  Email me to claim!

Friday, April 13, 2012

My boob stayed in my shirt.

You read right.   Thankfully my boob stayed in this time at the chiropractor.   I did however have to take my pants off and put on some lovely mens athletic shorts so that Tony could get a good look at my knees.    Thank God I shaved my legs.   Oh and Tony remembered me.   He also remembered seeing me at my job a while back.   It's been 6 years since I've been in his office!  I bet you my boob is a running joke in their household. back to what this post is about.

The good news about my knee is that I ran 5 miles yesterday and had no pain in my knee.   When it involves my IT band, I sit and wait for it to happen the entire time I'm running.   It didn't.   I am so thankful for that and will continue to foam roll the heck out of it.  

Tony did many things to me legs to see where my muscles and ligaments were at.   He did confirm that it is my IT band on my left left giving me some issues.   He did some tests to make sure everything else was functioning well and it seems that my legs are doing alright there.    A couple of things he noted is that one leg/hip is more flexible than the other.   Here's what he did since I have no idea the real medical term for this.  

He had me lay on my stomach.  
He bent my knee so my foot was up in the air.  
Turned my leg outward and pushed out until there was resistance.  

My right leg could move to 55 degrees.

My left leg could move to 42 degrees.

He also checked my lower back by pushing down on it a bunch.    I forget what that told him but once again my left side was tighter than my right side.  

The end result verdict was that he was going to adjust my back, electro shock my IT band and have me see a lady in the office to work out stretches that will help me out.  

The IT band shocking was interesting.   Katelyn was with me and she asked me if it felt good.   No, it didn't.   It felt like my leg was being shocked constantly for twelve minutes.   It wasn't painful exactly but it wasn't comfortable either.   Almost felt like they were pulling a bunch of little hairs on your legs with very strong tape.  

I know this post was boring with no pictures.   I could have taken pictures of my leg being shocked but Katelyn was bored and using my phone to entertain herself.   I let it be.    I guess I'll leave you with this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More on my hair and a new favorite!

My bangs are stilllllll out of control.   I haven't made an appointment yet to get them cut.   I know some of you suggested cutting them myself but honestly, I don't trust myself enough to do that.   If they were straight, that's one thing.   Not when they are layered.  

One good thing I've found with my bangs being this long (besides Mike telling me he likes them this length) is that I can actually put them up in a high bun or pony tail so I no longer have hair falling down the entire time I run. 

I forgot how nice that is!   So I think I've decided to just let my hair be until after the half marathon.  

Oh by the way, since Monday I've been dealing with what I assume is IT band issues.   Just awesome.   I ran last night and had to stop a quarter mile short because it was just so uncomfortable and painful.    I made a random appointment with a chiropractor because they sent me a letter in the mail telling me they would like to see my boob fall out of my shirt again.   Did I tell you that story?   I hope not.   Anyway they said that since I haven't been back since my boob fell out and was fully exposed to "Tony" that they would waive my fees for my first appointment!   How nice of them!   For the record, there was no real mention of my boob falling out in the letter they sent me.   I can only assume that it's why they want me to come back.  

My newest obsession?

Dees babies aint cheap!   But they are good!   I can't help but feel better about myself when drinking one.   That might be the possible chance that there is alcohol in this drink.   Apparently not much though.    I might just add my own....

Monday, April 9, 2012

The 10 mile long run that ran long.

Yesterday I had 10 miles to do on my training plan.   I still am in shock that as I write this post, I have less than 2 weeks until my half marathon.    I think I can do it, it's just a matter of how well I can do it.  Of course I have my own goals in my head but I am not sure I want to share them.   Maybe on a later date. 

When I went to bed on Saturday night, I knew my run wouldn't be until the evening on Sunday.   I didn't want to get up early and risk not being home when the girls got up to find their Easter baskets.   We also had reservations for brunch at 10:30 and there was no way I wanted to run for at least 4 hours after that.  I am pretty sure I had my fair share of pork in that hour.   It was a buffet and I had breakfast sausage, bacon and sliced ham.  

 So then the weather became insanely windy.   I'm talking 25 mph winds with gusts of 34 mph.  It wasn't ideal for me to be running 10 miles in at all but I knew I had to get out there and at least attempt it.   It was warm so I had that in my favor.    I did the same route as I did the week before with just a few different turns to give it a little bit of a change.  

The first mile wasn't easy.   I was going pretty much into the wind but it wasn't until mile two that things got really really hard.   I felt like I was running in place.  My eyes were watering and my head actually hurt from the constant wind in my ears.  The wind was so strong and I just kept pushing.   In my head I kept thinking "How am I going to keep doing this for 10 miles!"   I  got to about 4 miles and just stopped.   I thought of how I have 6 miles yet and my legs were so tired from pushing in the wind.   That's when I got tough on myself.   I pretty much sat there telling myself every single mantra I have ever liked.   I told myself to just shut up.  I said that someday I wouldn't be able to do this.   Today was not that day.   I told myself that pain was temporary but pride is forever.   I told myself not to give up.   That I wasn't this weak.   I also said some things to myself I shouldn't post here.   I was sort of abusive to myself in this moment but it worked

I kept running.   It was still straight into the wind and hard but slowly I got to mile 5 where I was able to stop, eat some apple sauce and turn around.   That meant the wind would now be at my back.   What a difference that made.   I felt like I was flying!    The next two-3 miles were awesome and easy.  

Mile 8-10 I had the wind at my side so it wasn't as wonderful as before.   I turned on my Ipod but I couldn't get it to keep playing so I just held it and kept selecting songs to play while I ran.   At 9.2 miles I was stopped by a traffic light.   I stopped my Garmin but forgot to turn it back on when I started running again.   Finally I looked down about 5 minutes later to see it wasn't running.   I was so bummed!   I wanted to see 10 miles on my Garmin and I knew if I guessed at 10 miles I would end up short once I got home.   I decided to run whatever extra I needed to get to 10 miles total on my Garmin.   My legs were sore.   I was tired but I finished.    10 miles on my Garmin in 1:39:23.   Even with the wind, it was over a minute faster than last week!!  

Once I went home, I checked my map and figured out I actually ran right over 10.5 miles total.    Longest run ever for me!  

Here are the numbers.   I am not sure why my Garmin put an extra lap in there.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mila Review and Giveaway

About a month ago I contacted Brittni to receive a sample of Mila The Miracle Seed.   She was happy to send me a sample and was generous enough to also send me a weeks worth supply for one of you!  

I'm sure many of you have already heard of Mila prior to the post and some of you may have even tried it.  Once it arrived I was so excited to give it a try with my morning oatmeal.   The verdict?  It was great!  I couldn't taste it and I knew my oatmeal was packed full of nutrients and Omega-3's that I normally have a hard time consuming.

Next up I tried them with a protein pancake.

I used Tone It Up's Protein pancake recipe and replaced the flax seed with the Mila.   The pancake turned out perfectly!    No odd taste or crunchy seeds.

Had an issue flipping it because they are so big.

If you aren't aware of what Mila is, it's the highest quality of chia seeds out there.   They are hand picked from different regions in Mexico to be the most effective bunch out there.  

Lifemax says: 
Mila is meticulously cultivated, harvested, cleaned, transported and packaged under the strict quality control and watchful eye of Lifemax at every stage. Strict government inspection and independent laboratory analysis ensure that 100% of what is on the Mila package is also in the Mila package — nothing added, nothing taken away — just 100% of the most nutrient-dense, efficacious, quality-assured Salvia hispanica L. that nature can grow, and Lifemax can perfect.

Mila has the highest and safest combination of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients of any source on the planet. It is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and pesticide-free. But even beyond these nutritional aspects, Mila can help you and your family in a number of unique ways!

The greatest thing besides all the health benefits Mila packs is that because it's odorless and tasteless you can mix it with anything.   That way you're sure to be able to get all the Omega-3's you need.  

I notice my alertness is much better when I have Mila for breakfast.   I am also just generally in a better mood when I get at least 1 Tablespoon of it in a day.  

To purchase your own Mila, you can find it here.   

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To enter:  Just leave me a comment letting me know why you would like to try Mila.  

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I love TJ Maxx

I'm thrifty and I don't have a problem admitting it.   If I can find a good deal, I'm all over it!   I use coupons constantly.   I feel like you should never have to pay full price for something.   My family is pretty darn lucky because any time we go shopping, there is almost always a coupon in my purse to save them some money.  

If you haven't been to TJ Maxx to check out their clothes, you need to.  They have such cute clothes and they are completely affordable.   I recently discovered their active apparel.   They have TONS and it's all so cute!   Case and point.   I went there this week and here is what I got:

This skirt/skort.   Yes that's my butt and legs.   Yes this was taken with my phone so it's hard to really see the cute detail of the skirt.   It is a black Fila Skort that has shorties underneath.    The front is sort of plain but the back has the most adorable ruffles!    The price take on this?   $16.99. 

There is also this skort:

Once again, there are shorts underneath this one as well.   Price Tag:  $16.99  

After that I thought I was done buying clothes so we headed to the toy section to let the girls play for a little bit.   That's when my mom showed me another shirt she had just found on the end of the children's clothes rack.   She thought it was cute, not her style, but cute.   I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it! 

The one I got is purple...not blue though.   Now if I were a really great runner, I wouldn't feel so comfortable wearing this but since I'm basically a middle of the pack runner, I feel like it's alright.    Almost like it's a joke...although I do feel that any runner is pretty amazing.    It takes a lot of balls to get up and go run day after day.    It isn't easy.   Some days are insanely miserable but yet we keep doing it.     Price tag:  $7.99.    Can you believe it was my size too?  It was meant to be.  

There is also another brand that I am pretty in love with.   Apparently it's only carried by TJ Maxx stores but it's Kyodan.   They make some really cute almost Lululemonish looking pieces and they are also in the $10-15 range for each piece.  

Have you ever shopped at TJ Maxx for athletic clothing?

Is there any brand you are specifically loyal to or do you wear whatever you find functional? 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Carrot Cake Protein Pancakes

Yes you read right!  Carrot cake protein pancakes!   It's for real yo!  In all seriousness these aren't over the top sweet like your basic carrot cake is.   These have a more subtle sweetness that has reminiscent flavors of carrot cake.  If you're looking to switch up your protein pancakes, give these a try! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

March in Review and Starting April off right.

I am pretty happy with where I was at in March.  I did almost all of my training plan for my half marathon and I can really feel myself getting better at running.  It's so exciting because running is actually becoming easier and I'm learning so much with each run.    Here are the totals for March.

Total Miles:  86.71

Total workouts: 21 (17 of which are running)
 I took a step back on cross training now that I am getting closer to the half marathon.   I don't want to over do it or twist something in something else.   I took a couple spin classes and a couple core classes though. 

Last week I did take one day off from running.   My ankle was acting up after Tuesdays 5 mile run and so I didn't run my 2 miles on Wednesday and didn't run on Thursday either.   I tested out the ankle on Friday and everything was good again!   R.I.C.E really does work!  

Yesterday I kind of realized my half is only 3 weeks away.   I still haven't had a double digit run, and even though my training schedule doesn't have me doing 10 miles until next weeks run, I felt like I wanted to get a couple in before the taper week so I decided that 10 miles is what I would be aiming for.   The weather was alright.   I wore a running skirt, compression socks, and a long sleeved shirt.  At first when I went out, I was mad that I decided on the long sleeved shirt.   I was hot.   It was in the 40's and it's hard for me to find a happy medium on how to dress for those temps.   Once I got out of the city though, it actually was so glad I wore a long sleeved shirt.   I realized how cool it really was out and also how windy.  My trick to keep running is to go 5 miles out and then 5 miles back and that's exactly what I did this time.  

I ate oatmeal before my run and I didn't feel the need to fuel at all but I didn't want to find out later that I should have so at 5 miles I stopped for about 4 minutes and ate one of these:

I stretched a bit and then I was back at it.   Right away I got stopped by a very long light.   I hate when that happens!   After that though, I kept going.   I was surprised at how good I felt.   One trick I use it to run  more on heartbeat than anything else.   I have found if I can keep it in the 165-175 range then I am good to go for a long run.   I also have kept my Garmin Screen only to show my heart rate, time of day and total time.   I have no idea what my pace is and I'm just not stressing about it on my long runs.   The two times I did this it has worked in my favor and I knocked out 10 miles yesterday at a 10:06 average.  

After that I came home to my girls gone with Mike's mom and Mike asking me if I wanted Mexican food.   Of course I did.    I picked the chicken fajita salad and it was so dang good, bordering the best salad I've ever had.   I can't wait to go back and have it again.