Friday, June 29, 2012

Up and ready to go!

Blinded by the light...

6:00 am comes quickly!   I worked last night so it comes even quicker but I know if I want to get my 5 miles in, I need to be up early.   It's going to be another scorcher today topping out at about 90 degrees.   Thankfully less humid than yesterday though.  

Have a good day everyone!   

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Running and Seven Things...

I never did update on my long run on Sunday.   I did get 10 miles done and I also did so without an allergic reaction.   Yay for me!   I actually had a first as well.   Lish came along with me for the 10 miles.   I'm so glad she did and I look forward to more runs with her in the future.

Today I had a quick "easy" three on the calendar.   Problem with that is that it didn't come easily.   I don't think half a bottle of Kombucha, a Diet Dr. Pepper and one glass of tea yesterday is adequate hydration.  I might have possibly seen my life flash before my eyes during those so called easy three miles this morning.   It was not fun. 

I was also in the sun all day yesterday at Bay Beach.  If you don't know what Bay Beach is, it's basically every child's dream.  Endless rides for .25-.50 cents each.   This also makes it most parents dreams because you can go with $10.00 and it will last you all day long.   I did have bad timing though and yesterday was "Kids Day" and all the rides were free for kids so it was insanely busy.    I don't mind spending $10.00 if it means we can actually hit up every ride without having to wait an hour.   #fail

Today I was also tagged in the Beautiful Blogger award aka "Seven things" post.   Ginger Foxx tagged me.   If you do not read her blog, you must.   She's hilarious and real and I hope that some day we can do the same race so we can meet.   She's only a few hours from me! (Fox Cities is looking to be a big blogger meet up...hint hint). 

1.  Bees make me flip the @$#@ out.   I hate bees and I run away from them.   If one gets it the house, I run around crazy with 409 (or anything else I can find that sprays) spraying at it like crazy.   Healthy, I know.

2.  When I was a child, I used to wonder if the world was made just for me.   I had a hard time realizing all these people have all these lives that aren't surrounded by me and I sort of thought my life was a bit like The Truman Show

3.  I was enrolled at University of Wisconsin -Whitewater for Elementary Education right out of high school.  I went to one class and as soon as I finished that class, I went to enrollment services and dropped out of school.   My head wasn't in it.   Instead I got married and moved to Oklahoma.

4.  I am a minimalist and when I am stressed out about something, my favorite thing to do is grab a black trash bag and go around the house throwing stuff away.   My kids fear the black trash bag because they know their toys are in jeopardy.

5.  I chase down people that really make me mad.   Example:   Today while I was riding my bike with my daughters, a car came speeding down our street going about 50MPH in a 25 just because they suck.   It took everything in me to not chase them down but I was with my girls and didn't want to put them in danger.    I'm pretty positive it's the same kid that got ARRESTED right in front of me while I was on my run last week.

6.  I am very shy at first when you meet me.   I am worried that as soon as I open my mouth, you will think I'm an idiot so it takes me a while to come out of my shell.

7.  I'm a mama hawk.   I constantly am in my kids business.   I am overly protective.   I don't trust many of the kids in this neighborhood.    I expect a lot out of my girls.   They are young though so mistakes happen.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I don't learn from my own mistakes

Case and point:

I drove "topless" again.    I realized it about 2 1/2 minutes away from home.  

Tonight I hope to get in a good 10 mile run.   It's Mike's weekend to work so I am forced to wait until late to get it done.    I'll update on how that goes and hopefully this time I do not have an allergic reaction.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Driving around topless will get you attention.

Today it is pretty warm out. I decided to take the girls to the park and ended up taking a really long way to get there because of a detour. On the drive something interesting happened. At first I was stopped at a red light. Directly in front of me was a fire truck full of firemen. They were waiting for their oncoming traffic to stop so they could turn left. I notice the driver is staring. I think "Awesome! I still got it!"

Then it got weird. He wouldn't stop staring. Then I see him say something and the passenger leans forward to look at me. I have big sunglasses on so they can't tell where my eyes are looking but they have got to know it's on them.

 They finally get to turn but never really take their eyes off of me. I sort of just shrugged it off sort of wondering what that was about. About 5 minutes later I'm driving and there is a truck next to me and we are both stopped at a red light together. I, again in my big glasses, notice he's looking right at me...turning his head sideways to look at me. It was a semi truck driver and he was the kind that made me feel very uncomfortable with his stares and may have caused me to throw up in my mouth a little. Then he gets a green arrow to turn and I still have a red light. He sits there. He was looking so bad that he missed the green arrow and just happened to see it at the tail end. I got the shivers and drove away.

After all of this, I think I figured it out. I'm pretty sure I looked like I was driving topless. There was one other time when I was wearing a tube top and my sister saw me driving and said I looked naked. I can only assume that is what happened here. You be the judge.

Poor Katelyn got caught mid-yawn

So, moral of the story is that guys are pervs and girls should wear tan colored tub tops if they want the extra stares from those perverted men.   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get a haircut and get a real job.

Did anyone else grow up listening to that song?  No?  Oh.

For those that missed out, here you go:

On that topic, here are two things.   I DO need a hair cut.   I haven't had one is a very long time and my hair is really long.   Secondly, I need to get a real job.

Blogging doesn't pay.   At least for me it doesn't.  I am actually a little over half way to receiving a check from Google so give me another year and MAYBE it will pay me.

This fall both of my daughters will be in school full time.   I've always been a stay at home mom and that was wonderful but now it's time for me to get a job outside of the house.   I am no longer watching my niece every day like I did for two years.   That was soooo hard to stop doing but with the summer comes sports, swimming lessons, and numerous other activities and it's time for me to move on to a new job come fall.   I always imagined I would go back to school once the girls were both in school  all day but now Mike's in school and so I am going to wait until he's done to start up full time.   I know I could also go to school but it really would be stressful and I don't really have a problem waiting.

I really am not sure where to even start with finding a job.    I have had several over the years and for a while I did work at home.   That would work out well since I can pick my hours and work as I please.   I am just not sure if jobs like that are out there still. 

I would love to work in the health industry.  Ideally I want to go to school for either Medical Assistant or possibly LPN or nursing so if I could get a job in the health industry that would be great. 

I also love anything physically active so a job with an organization or business that is proactive in making people either healthier or happier would be awesome as well. 

Of course maybe I wont get any of my desired jobs.   At this point I've been browsing but it is still a little early to apply for jobs.  I haven't really seen anything listed that is very interesting to me yet.    In this economy I suppose I should just be lucky to have a job at all. 

In the end I also do plan on keeping my job at the comedy club so I am at least making some income over the summer and in the fall until I do get a day job as well.   I also do not plan on giving up blogging. 

What do you do for a living?  Love it or hate it?

Any suggestions for me on my quest to becoming an employee again??

Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake

I have had this recipe bookmarked for over a year now.  I meant to make it last year during strawberry season but never got around to it.  This year, however, Kenzie specifically requested I make a strawberry cake with the strawberries we picked last week and immediately I knew what I was going to make.   You can find the original recipe here, done by A Spicy Perspective.   I knew it was meant to be when I had already ran to the store 3 times in 24 hours when I opened this recipe up and saw that I have every.single.ingredient.   That never happens.   This cake is so moist and delicious and absolutely wonderful.   I skipped the glaze that she made because it was so good without it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The weekend and being allergic to running.

It was a great weekend filled with fun and family and a weird thing that happened to me after my Sunday long run.   I'll have more on that later in the post though!

On Saturday we went out for Mike's birthday.   It was a good time with good friends and I really enjoyed just hanging out with adults again!   It's so rare that I get to get away without the girls and I forget how relaxing it really is.   We went to a bar here that has outdoor things to do and a huge outdoor bar and enjoyed dinner and drinks. 

Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots (Are you singing it?)

Mama to be and Me!

On Sunday I had to do a long run but I with it being Fathers day I knew it was going to be hard.   If I hadn't had a few too many Malibu and Cokes the night before then I could have done it early in the morning but I decided early in the night on Saturday that I would just push it to Sunday evening.   The only snag in that plan is that the girls had their summer fun run at 7pm and I knew I we wouldn't even be home until 8 so I was really cutting it close on daylight.  Then it looked like storms were coming so I thought I was going to cancel all together.  

We got home and I checked the radar and noted all the storms that were coming were dissipating so off I went.   I did 9 miles and it was hard to push through.   That is my longest run since the half marathon back in April.   Pathetic.  I know.  It was light out for about half of my run but then it got dark.   It made me a little nervous but I had my reflective sash on and stayed mainly to main roads.  

When I got home I had to type up Mike's homework assignments before midnight and I knew I would be cutting it close so I sat my nasty, sweaty ass down and got to typing.   The thing I noticed is that I was itchy.  INSANELY itchy.   So bad that I was scratching skin off.  So bad that my ear lobes were itching.   I couldn't stop itching.   Then my stomach went crazy on me and I got really sick.   I got into fetal position on the floor while Mike watched me act like a child rolling around unable to get rid of the pain and itching.   Eventually the stomach pain went away but my itching did not.   Mike made a comment about having an allergic reaction and I sort of gave him a look that said both to shut up and that he's crazy.  I had never heard of such a thing. 

Showering wasn't helping I that's when I got to thinking and remembered one time as a child when I had a similar reaction to swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool.   I got very ill and itchy and my parents called the doctors office.  My doctor told them I was having an allergic reaction and that I needed to take Benedryl but would be fine. 

As soon as I was out of the shower, I went dripping wet searching for some sort of allergy pill.   I found some old ones that my doctor gave me last year when I had my never ending itchiness and took it.   As hard as it was, I told Mike that I thought he was right in that I was indeed having an allergic reaction.  

After going to Doctor Google I found some really interesting information on people that actually have an allergic reaction to running.   Sometimes it is caused by food that you ate before running.   Sometimes it's not.   Sometimes it will happen again and sometimes it wont.   They really do not have much information on why this happens but they suggest if it happens that you carry an EpiPen on runs just in case it happens again.

For now I think I'll pass on that.   If it happens again, I might reconsider.    

Have you ever heard of being allergic to running? 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Strawberry Aftermath

For the past two days I have been hanging out with my strawberries.   We started off in a loving relationship.   I was proud of how we had come together and our journey home.   I had dreams of what I could do with the strawberries.   They were so pretty and bright and had so much potential.  

Over the past day I've grown tired of my strawberries.   They were never ending.   I was soooo sick of cutting off the tops so that I could actually use them in whichever way I wanted to.   My flat would empty but then I would have to pour the girls strawberries into my flat and like magic, my flat was full again.  

The strawberry process also made a huge mess out of my house for not only one day but two.   After the first day I was proud of my nine pints of strawberry jam and delicious strawberry cake (recipe to come later) that I cleaned up merrily and looked forward to finishing off the strawberries today.   I woke up and got going right away.   Cutting more strawberries and processing more jam, just this time is was sugar-free so that I could enjoy some of these beauties guilt free on some toast.  

Hours later I now have 1 strawberry cake, 9 pints of strawberry jam, 4 half pints of sugar-free strawberry jam, 3 dozen strawberry pancakes to un-thaw in the microwave whenever we need and 8 baggies of frozen whole strawberries for future shakes, smoothies and anything else I can come up with.  

Wanna see the mess after day two?  Remember, I started with a clean kitchen.

Was it worth it?  Yes.   I would do it all over again.  I truly love knowing where my produce comes from and knowing exactly what is in the foods I feed to my family.  It just takes a little bit more time and work but it's so rewarding. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Summer is here (not technically) and I am loving it.   Regardless of how much harder it makes running right now, I still love it.  

Am I the only person that gets permanent flip flops in the summer?  They will be much more predominant in August.   Yes I need a Pedi.    It's only been a few weeks but they did shellac on my toes (they do that?!) and I had no idea until I tried to remove the polish and   I am too lazy to youtube how to remove shellac so I have ugly toes for now.   Your welcome.   Oh and my TV is circa 1986.   I'm too cheap and don't care enough to buy a new one when the current one still lets me watch Real Housewives of New Jersey.  

We went strawberry picking today.   This was Katelyn's 3rd year going and Makenzie's first year so I wasn't sure what to expect.   Both girls were awesome and did a great job helping out.   The only embarrassing part was when Katelyn used the port-a-potty and came back to tell me and the two older woman picking strawberries near us "The port-a-potty was actually really clean except for all the hay on the ground and there was a ton of poop...and I mean a TON." 

Kenzie had her fair share of strawberries in the field.   I was okay with it because those are free.   Even the people on the farm say one for the tummy, two in the pail.  

I now have $30.00 of strawberries to process.   I have made 4 jars of jam so far but realized that I no longer have a large surplus of jars like I used to now that I make my own chicken and vegetable stock.  I will have to do another batch later today when I can run to the store and then freeze the rest for smoothies, shakes and whatever else we can use them in.  

Do you pick strawberries?  

What do you end up doing with all the strawberries you pick? 

Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Bellin 10k Recap

I didn't post too much about this race leading up to it. I have never done this race and I didn't really know what to expect but I knew it was going to be different than any other race I had done thus far. Before this one, all my races were smaller and local. Even my half marathon had only about 2,000 people signed up for it. This one is completely different. It had over 18,000 people signed up. It had corrals. It had Kenyans doing 4 minute miles. For being a 10k, it's one of the more popular ones around the country. There is also a cash prizes so that attracts many people as well. The days before the race the race organizers were warning us about heat. Go figure...seems to be a trend lately. The start is at 8am and they were expecting it to be around 74 degrees and full sun for the start and then rising temps from there. The race directors were good about all of it and added lots of water and ice to the route so they were prepared.

 One of the nice things about this race is that from mile 2-6.2 you are running through residential streets and they really get involved. Many houses had hoses out spraying runners from that point on. They also had music blasting and there was never a moment without feeling like you weren't part of a parade. The morning of I picked up Lish and we made the 45 minute drive to Green Bay. Traffic was good and we made our way there easily. We hit the port-a-potties and made our way to our corral. We had both signed up for the 9-10 pace corral and had the same goal in mind. We both wanted to get under 60 minutes. With the weather being the way it was, I knew that it might be hard to hit it but I was willing to go for it. As we stood in our corral waiting for the start we both noticed just how hot it was. The sun was too our backs but just standing there I was already sweating and felt very warm. I just wanted to start. After about 12 minutes, we made our way past the start line and off we went. With a race having over 18,000 people for a 10k it's expected to be busy but that was the first thing that hit me. Lish and I were constantly trying to get around people the entire race. It never spread out much and we had to jump up on side walks and separate to get around people.

Bellin Run (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 The first few miles I felt like we were doing well.   I felt like I was pushing myself but I felt good as well.   Eventually though the sun got to me.   The first two miles you are on a business street.   There isn't any shade but the sun was to our backs.   Then you go down a steep hill when you hit the residential area for the next mile.   Around mile three you're turning back toward home so the sun is right in your face.   It made me feel so hot and tired.    My head felt HOT.   I had ice in my bra and was weaving to hit all the spraying hoses I could but I needed to get my breathing back on track so I told Lish I was going to walk for a minute.   She was awesome and walked with me.   From this point on, we would walk through the water stations but continued to move along just not as fast as the first three miles.  She had ran this course a few times before so she knew when we would be going up hill and down hill and that helped.  

Lish and I around mile 1. 
By the end of the race I was drenched and tired.   I was also bummed because I knew that we weren't going to hit the sub hour goal that we had.   Race directors warned everyone not to have any goals for this race because of the heat but it still is hard to accept when you don't do as well as you would have liked.  

After mile 5
At the end I crossed the finish line in 1:03:21.   Lish was there waiting for me (she finished a minute or so ahead of me) and I remember saying how it felt great to be done.   She made a comment about how hot it was and some older man made the comment back "It doesn't get much hotter than this!"  

Will I be back?   Most likely.   Even though it was insanely busy for a 10k, I still enjoyed the race.   It's unique in that you constantly have spectators cheering you on.   It's also not that expensive and only 45 minutes away from home. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Body Wrench Review

About a month ago, I was contacted by Body Wrench to give their product a try and see how I like it.   I was so excited to try this product out because I am an avid believer in foam rolling and this promises to do that but even better and with more pressure.   As an athlete the more pressure you put on your sore or aching muscles, the faster your recovery should be.  

The great thing about the Body Wrench is that it's more than just a muscle recovery tool.   The way it works, you are actually able to use it in exercises that strengthen you as well.

As you can see by the picture, it is a  long tube with several holes in it.   This is so that you can actually take the balls off and place them in a different position for another exercise or muscle therapy technique.  The balls do roll and move as well.   Here is a video to demonstrate.

As you can see from the video, the possibilities are endless with Body Wrench.

 I'll be honest, when I first received the Body Wrench, I took it out of the box, put the instructional DVD in and started the movements. The movements are a bit awkward at first and were very very painful for me. It really hits spots that a foam roller will never reach. This digs in deep. It gets in there and works out all your knots and kinks. Over time it has become less painful. I know they say that it takes 8 minutes but to be entirely honest, for me it took more like 15 to really work all the areas you go over. After you work out all your kink and have a good base in the muscle recovery, you can also do strength training. I've only dabbled in that a bit but it is definitely a challenge for my weak arms!! It's probably the number one area on my body that I need to work on and I know these will help.

If you are interested in Body Wrench they offer two different options.  

The first is the Recovery Advantage Package:

This includes 1 Body Wrench, the instructional DVD and a Carrying Bag - $85.00

The second option is the Total Fitness and Recovery Package:

This includes 2 Body Wrench, the instructional DVD and two Carrying bags - $145.00

You can purchase them online here

-Easy to use.
-Easy to transport (after a marathon, half marathon, etc).

-Attracts hair and lint off the ground like crazy!
-Your spouse might think you look weird until they try it and realize it's power.

Overall, I do believe this is a sound investment.   It really can replace the other foam rollers that you have laying around your house and do a better job with a wider range of capabilities. 


I received a Body Wrench for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This Is. Part Two

This is Kenzie when she doesn't get a nap.   How is she going to handle kindergarten?! 

This is the newest collection to my running clothes.   I ordered two Bibbity Skirts because they closed shop and decided to sell what was left for $10.00 each.   I'm so glad I jumped on the deal because these skirts are so comfortable and awesome with two huge pockets on them.   They also hold your bib without using pins.   Sadly they are longer for sale though. 

This is the extra shirt I found as a surprise that came along with the skirts.

Softest.Shirt.Ever.   Katelyn wont stop petting me.   I told her it sort of creeps me out.  

This is Kenzie doing their first summer fun run this year.   They did great.   Kenzie placed 6th out of all girls 6 and under and Katelyn placed 3rd place for all 7 year old girls.  

Not exactly sure why Kenzie is getting the stare down from the girl next to her.  
This is the only parade you get cheese thrown at you.   Little Chute, WI has cheese fest every year and the parade is great.   Lots of candy and even cheese! 

Katelyn sort of looks evil.   Right before this she was crying cause it was too sunny out and she couldn't see..

This is delicious.   Two eggs (yep I eat the whole thing, yolk and all) cooked with spinach on a wheat tortilla with salsa.   It will be lunch for me today. 

This is the weather for the weekend.

I have a 10k on Saturday.   My first 10k.   Automatic PR but it's supposed to be freakin' hot and humid again.   The race starts at 8am so I'm hoping that will help but I know it's gonna suck.