Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nails and Updo's with 7 little ladies

Today Katelyn turned 8!   It was lucky enough for her that she was able to celebrate her actual birthday with her friends this year and we made sure not to disappoint.  We took her and 5 of her friends to a hair salon for updo's and nail polish and then out to dinner for pizza.   It was a lot of fun! 

Here are some pictures from then and now.


10 days before having her!  The only time I had a booty. 


Of course one of Kenzie too :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Part Two.

Here are the pictures BrightRoom got of me during the half marathon this weekend.   I'm not in love. 

I need to stop looking down at the finish line...every.single.time

Who am I?  Where am I?  Derrrrrr

How I felt the last 2 miles at least....D.O.N.E.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fox Cities Half Marathon Recap and the weekend I did my 20 miler

Today I am sore.   Very sore.   I didn't think my 20 miler would take that much work but it did.   It's safe to say that even 20 hurts, at least for me.    On Sunday I did my 20 miler in part as a local half marathon.   I've watched the finish of this marathon for the past several years and it always choked me up to see these people putting all their effort into running.   I actually think that this marathon is part of the reason I started running in the first place.   This year, I am glad to say I finally finished the half marathon, like I had dreamed of doing for many years.  

My day started at 4am.   Really early considering the marathon/half marathon starts only about 5 miles from my house and wasn't starting until 7am.   The plan that morning, however, was to run from my house (just blocks from the finish) all the way to the start line in the city next to me.   I had to get in my 20 miler this weekend and I knew I wouldn't want to run 7 after the half marathon so I was left with only one option.   The pre-half marathon 7 went fairly smoothly.   It was dark out and Lish and I found it really weird to be running that early in the morning when it is dark out because her and I usually run in the dark at night instead.   Our brains had a hard time remembering it was morning, not evening.   Once we got our 7 in, we met up with several friends/family that were also running either the half or full marathon.   Lucky for Lish and I, Kim and Matty were doing their very first full and we were able to finish our half and actually cheer them on to the finish. 

The half marathon went well.  I was going strong until I hit about mile 8 (our mile 15) when I started to hurt.   Not a lot but I could tell the previous 7 miles were taking their tole on me.   I remembered to take Honey Stingers and drink enough water the whole coarse.   Since it wasn't hot out (in the 40's) I didn't need that much water and ended up drinking my entire handheld and just took a couple cups of Gatorade on the course.  

The strangest thing happened though around mile 8ish of the half marathon.   At that point I was listening to music and I could tell someone was coming up to my side.   I kind of glanced over and could tell she wanted to tell me something so I took one of my earbuds out.   That's when she asked me if I ran Oshkosh half last April.   As soon as she said that, I recognized her immediately as one of the ladies that had been rude to me on the course.  You can read about it here.  I didn't say anything right away because I could tell she had more to say but then she goes on to say "I don't know if you remember this at all but I ran the Oshkosh half too and I was really rude to you that day and it has been bothering me since April."   I couldn't even believe it!  I thanked her for apologizing and joked how we are still about the same pace (a bit slower this time than last time) and asked how she was able to recognize me from behind.   Her response: "It's the legs."  All was good after that I and took off ahead of it.

After that I just kept trucking along.   It was a lot of work and I was tired but knew I didn't have much further to go.   I ended up doing some running/walking at the end and made sure to walk any uphills and run any downhills.   I didn't see very many race photographers on the course, which might be my only complaint of this entire half marathon.   I saw two within the last 1-2 miles and that was it.  I asked Kim who did the full marathon if she had seen any and she only saw the same ones.   We'll see what surfaces after a couple of days.  

At the finish line were Mike, the girls and my mother in law.   It was nice to finally have them there to see me finish a race since they hadn't been to any of my races yet.   Mike managed to get a few pictures of me running.   At first I didn't see them but then I heard someone say my name and I looked over to see my smiling girls!  

Fox Cities Half Marathon (Half #2)

Definitely not a PR but I feel okay with it since I averaged a 10:30ish pace for 20 miles.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Tale of Two Colds

As my last big run of this training cycle approaches I am hit with two things.   First and foremost, I have a cold!   My second one of the fall season already.   How crappy is that?  It started yesterday while I was at work.   I just felt off.  You know the feeling.   Then slowly it turned into a headache and then a sore throat.   Now my throat hurts pretty good and my nose is a little stuffy and I'm hoping to get away with a little one.   Now that I actually put that in black and white, I jinxed myself and it's sure to be a big one.   If you see me at FCM and I'm blowing snot rockets, don't get to close behind me.   I'm sorry in advance. 

And then there is this cold:

It has been so long I don't even know what to do with that.   I forgot how to dress.  Lish and I will be starting at 5am that morning so I'm pretty sure it will be about 40 degrees when we start.   Brr but great at the same time.   I think this is similar weather to the Oshkosh half I did in April so I plan to dress similarly.  

Tonight I can go pick up my bib at the expo so this is becoming more real!   My last long training run is right in front of me!  

How would you dress in 40 degree weather for a long run? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fox Cities Marathon/Half Marathon Blogger Meet Up

Just want to spread the word that if you are local reader and are planning on doing the Fox Cities half or full Marathon, several of us bloggers are meeting up after the full marathon at a local bar that has good food and good beer.   If you are interested in meeting us out for a beer or 5 shoot me an email and I'll give you all the details of this meet up.  

To everyone racing this weekend, good luck!  

I am doing the half marathon but will be running 7 miles before the start of the half marathon to get my full 20 miler in.  This means I will be getting up before 4am to ensure that I am at the start line in time.   I would rather be there early than too crunched for time.   It's the last week before I start tapering for my full marathon next month!   Ahhh almost there!!!! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pick your own apples is extinct?

Today I had the genius idea of going apple picking.   I called up my sister, proud of my idea and told her to get her kids ready after school.   We went to the old familiar orchard ready to pick.   When I went inside, it was weird.   Everyone was just sitting around.   No one rushed to help me like other years.   I went to grab a bag and asked where in the orchard was a good place to pick.   That is when my heart was broken.   She said because of the insanely warm summer and lack of rain, the crop came about 2-3 weeks early and there were no apples to be picked.   I wanted to tell this lady to come on outside and tell this wonderful new to my kids that were locked up in the van with my poor sister waiting to get out and run loose. 

On the way out of the orchard, I told my sister to Google other orchards because the kids were all screaming and crying and tell us we had officially ruined their lives (like that hasn't already happened) and now hated us more than yesterday.  I couldn't stand for any of that so I gave in and ordered 4 Ponies.  They'll be here next week.  

In the meantime Jill was Googling away and found that another orchard also had a bad crop this year and also didn't have pick your own.   I almost gave up when she said she found one.   Off we went and thankfully this time we had some success.  

That's more like it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A couple of epic fails makes for one happy ending.

Yesterday Lish and I ran with our fellow Pace Setters and managed to get one run done for the week through the makings of a hash run.   If you aren't familiar with what hash runs are, they might not be what you are thinking.   Hash aka Weed is one way to look at it.   In this case the hash run is where you run in a direction you are pointed in.   You start off with the right direction but when you get to an intersection, you are either told which way to go or you are told two options.   You pick one.   You hope it's the right one.  If not, you will end up running about a block before you see the sign that you went the wrong way so you have to turn around and retrace your steps to get you in the right direction.   Obviously if you see someone ahead of you turn around, you know that you should probably turn around as well but make sure they aren't so far ahead of you that they already passed another intersection that told him more directions.

  It's a fun way to get a run in and one epic fail Lish and I both had was that we never took any pictures.   They even had post food galore and we still didn't take any pictures.   We even talked about taking pictures on the drive to the park. 

One thing I managed to take a picture of was my pre-run fuel.  

Runts turned out being an epic fail for fuel.  My stomach burned the entire first 2.5 miles of the run. 

To make up for not taking any pictures during the hash run, we took this epic fail of a picture.   It was supposed to be us but it ended up being pretty much just Lish's boobs.  

So after downing a brownie that was sure to contain 600+ calories, we decided beer was a really good idea.   We made some calls and met this pretty lady at a bar.   Only in Wisconsin will friends drop everything in their life to go drink beer. 

All in all it was a pretty great night.    Even with all the epic fails, we did end on a great note. 

Stone Cellar 6 grain, you complete me <3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An odd thing happened

I contemplated even writing this post because I really have no idea what was going on but that is also the reason I am putting this on my blog.  I am trying to get advice and see if anyone else has experienced this.    

On Saturday morning I did my long run with Lish.   We had 18 miles on the schedule and I'm happy to report we completed it and even managed to squeak out 18.5 due to miscalculation.   The odd thing happened around the 4-5 mile mark.  We both got up and met at 6:30 am so we could get in 5 miles before we met up with the Fleet Feet crew.   Once we got back after out 5 miles, we had to log our miles with Fleet Feet and write out total miles with them on a sheet.   That is when I noticed I couldn't really write.   My hands were numb.   I managed to scribble a number down but thought that was strange.   We started running again and I tried to forget about it.   The problem with that was that my arms were going numb.   Not just my hands anymore.   At first I thought it was the cold.   It was pretty darn cool out that morning and I had a short sleeved shirt on.   Even though I didn't feel cool, I thought it was a possibility.   I just kept shaking out my arms, wondering if I was too tense and causing circulation issues.  

This continued on until mile 12.   I went through something where I felt like I couldn't even run (around 8 miles) and was weak and just really confused at what was going on.   I have been running more than 8 miles for months on the weekend so I know my body can do it.    I feel really bad for Lish because honestly, I was pretty much losing my shit at this point and really confused at what was happening.   Nothing was helping my arms and when I ran, it got worse and worse.  

Finally around 12 miles the numbness did subside.   I think it might have been because we actually stopped at that point, got on the ground and did some stretching.  

Now here are my thoughts and please tell me if you have experience with any of this and if you think I am on the right track or completely wrong.  

About a month ago I had what I assumed was a pinched nerve.   It came from out of nowhere and it was so bad that I was on the ground stuck on my back crying for about 20 minutes because if I used any muscles in my body, I was in serious pain.   It hurt to just breath. 

I got through this when my sister came over and did some work on my back and then I was able to move without so much pain.   I slept with a heating pad and after two days, the pain was gone.   Now that it's a month later, I haven't had issues again until this past week.   Right now, it hurts to turn over in bed.   Enough that I wake up each time I flip over.   It hurts when I move my body a certain way.   It's not terrible pain by any means but it's just there.  

I am wondering if my possible pinched nerve is what caused my numb arms and hands.   I should also mention that on Sunday night I went for a walk and I could tell my arms were starting to go numb again.  

Today I have an appointment with my Chiropractor again.  I am not even sure if he's the right person to go to about this.   Ultimately I'm wondering what is causing this possible pinched nerve (if that is what it is). 

Anyone have any experience with this? 

Any insight on what I should do??

Since you made it through this really long and boring post that has no pictures, here is a great one that Mike took of me on Sunday night after our walk.  

 Yes that was his real attempt at a sneak attack photo.   Too bad I was then ready for a picture when he took the second one.  

It was a joke that I posed for it in the first place.   I still look creepy. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday!

This is what Friday should look like.   We've officially made it through the first week of school.    Both girls are loving it so far but every morning is a struggle with getting Kenzie dressed.   She hates what I pick out and then complains when she gets home and other kids were wearing something different than her.   I can't win.    Today we all agreed on what to wear.   It doesn't help us that Mike walked downstairs, saw us, walked right back upstairs and came back down in a Dan Marino Jersey.    Haters are gonna hate. 

Have a great weekend everyone!   I have a huge 18 miler on deck for early tomorrow morning!!   Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emotions and trying to not cry.

This weekend has been an emotional one to say the least.   I knew it was the last weekend before both of my girls would be in school full time.   Both of them.   It's still hard to swallow for me.   One thing that was slightly sad for me was that yesterday would be our last day together and I knew we wouldn't be able to spend most of it together.   

Another emotional part of the weekend came on Thursday night.   Mike and I were both in bed when the phone rang.   It was 10:00 pm and I could see on the TV that it was Mike's parents.   I knew right away that something wasn't right because they do not call that late ever.    I quickly woke Mike up and told him that his parents were calling and he went downstairs to answer the phone.   When he came back up to bed, I got news I wasn't really expecting.   His uncle had died in a motorcycle accident a few hours earlier.  It ended up being a pretty restless night after that.   

Although we lived about an hour and a half away from his uncle, we both didn't feel like we did.   He had been an usher in our wedding.   He drove us to the airport on our trip to New York City a couple years ago.   He sent cards to the girls at Christmas and we would send ours to him with the girls yearly pictures.   He made a point to stay a part of our lives and I always did appreciate that.   

The showing was on Monday.  The last day of summer.   A day most celebrate as Labor day and enjoy their day off of work.   Both Mike and I were excited to have the day off so that we could make the trip together down to Milwaukee to see his uncle one last time.   One of Mike's requests though was not to bring the girls with.   He went to a funeral as a very young child and said he will never get that image out of his head and he wants the girls to be ignorant to that as long as possible.   I understood and we sent them to my parents for the day where they had lots of fun and spent the last day of summer the way they should with swimming, cooking out and the rest of their family.  If only I was able to enjoy it with them though.  A mothers guilt never ends.  

The showing was as you would expect.   When a life ends tragically and early, it's never easy.   Some might understand this but I didn't want to be a goober and start crying.   Mike held it together, like he always does and we all enjoyed seeing family members we don't get to see very often (just wish it wasn't under these circumstances).   I almost made it the entire time there (about 3.5 hours) without crying but then when we went up to say goodbye one last time, that was hard.   Seeing Mike say goodbye to the uncle that he grew up with broke my heart and my strength and there I was, the one crying, when he never cries.  

The drive home was nice.  I was excited to get back to the girls but knew it was late and they would be going straight to bed.   They were excited as well when we got back.   They were ready for their first day of school and I was hoping not to cry yet again when dropping them off the next morning.

In this case I was successful.   I kept the lump in my throat down and managed to get out of their school with a sigh of relief.    Katelyn left me without a second though.   I was proud though that she gave me a big kiss right in the classroom and didn't get embarrassed.    My big girl is now a second grader! 

Kenzie, I dropped off last.   I wanted to have it be about her.    The closer we got to her classroom, the tighter her grip on my hand got.   I will always remember how tight her hand was by the end of the hallway.   As we went into her classroom she let go and sat down to play.   She gave me a little hug and kiss and then I left.    My baby is now a kindergartener. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trying new shoes.

I've been wearing Brooks Adrenalin Since last Fall and I just haven't been in love with them.   I didn't hate them and they treated me just fine but I guess they just felt so clunky on me that I have always wondered what else was out there.   I didn't want to just blow money on a pair of shoes when I didn't need them but finally the bottoms of my shoes had a good wear pattern on them so I was able to take them in and have them take a look to see if there was something else out there for me.  

I came home with these.

Saucony Guide 5

They feel so good on.   I instantly noticed how much lighter they felt on my feet.   I'm normally not a yellow shoe person but for some reason these ones didn't bother me so much to make me pick a different shoe or go home to order a different color online.   

I also stocked up on a few more Honey Stinger Waffles and even got gutsy to grab a Honey Stinger Energy Gu.   We shall see if that settles well with my weak stomach. 

Anyone else out there Guide users?