Monday, October 29, 2012

After Marathon Blues

I actually don't think I have the blues.  I think I just have a severe case of being lazy.   For the past couple of months I simply felt like I was always trying to squeeze in a run and now I feel like I finally have a break.   The only problem with this is that I actually feel guilty.   I have done a few runs but nothing that important  and definitely not considered a long run.  

This morning I even pulled out my old Jillian Michaels DVD and managed a work out at the early hour of 5:30.   Tonight I plan on jumping on the treadmill and then if I have the energy, I would love to get up in the morning for another date with Jillian.   I am also working on getting a sitter for tomorrow so I can attend the monthly Pub Run that is put on here.   They had me at "Free Beer." 

Speaking of beer, I have a half marathon this weekend.   Once again, I am going into this with no expectations.   2 weeks out from my marathon with little running in between so I'm looking to have fun with my ladies, meet some new people that I feel like I already know and enjoy more free beer.   It's said to be hilly so might as well have fun with it! 

One of the main reasons I haven't been running as much is because my life is crazy right now.   I am working my two jobs.   Mike is working full time and taking 7 credits.   The girls are insanely busy and have something nearly every night and then just this past week I was talked into starting up a Brownie Girl Scout Troop for the girls school with one other mom.  I think it will be fun, and a great way to spend some time with my girls doing fun things but never did I think I would take that challenge on. 

This was a really boring post.   And I have nothing good to share other than I was able to dress up for work this past weekend.    We decided for Halloween we would dress as different decades.  

Not the clearest photo but we had 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's

If anyone can find me my motivation, I'd love to have it back.   It has been missing for a while!  I'm hoping that starting the week off right will help to make the rest of the week right. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mike and the Camera

This post has the posibility of really embarrassing me but...


Lets face it.   This is my life.  

For as long as I have known Mike he is known to not allow good pictures to be taken of himself and he's known for taking some of the most unflattering pictures of everyone else.  

For example: 

When he took this picture he said "You should put this on your blog.   That's not healthy eating at all."  If you can't tell, I'm digging my hands into a bag of chips.   Mike also is not skilled with using an DSLR camera.   He picks it up and snaps without changing any settings.  I'm also certain that in his excitement of having the opportunity to take an embarrassing picture, his hand shakes like a 90 year old man. 

Here is another gem.  3.5 seconds after I woke up.  

Natural beauty folks. 

I also have the opportunity to upload Mike's random pictures he takes.   I will think I'm uploading pictures of the kids at the park only to find pictures of things that Mike finds entertaining from day to day.  

Can you spot the humming bird?

He claims to be a manly man.

Yes.  He really took a picture of a squirrel by his awesome car. 

It's like Christmas every time I upload new pictures onto the computer.    I never know what I'm going to get.  

And proof that this has been going on forever.

Circa 2003
Different day, same problem. 

With all that said, there is one thing I love about the pictures he takes.

I sometimes get a little glimpse into his day and it shows me that he does have a soft spot in his heart for a sleeping child, just like any mother does. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whistlestop Pictures

The nice thing about these race photographers is that they gave warning of when they would be out there snapping pictures.   There were signs out that said "Smile!  Photographer ahead!"  so you knew to run.  I obviously did not run as much as these picture portray. 

Wanting to die.  Around mile 13-18?  How's that for remembering.

My typical "I'm going to kill you" look.  Near the end. 

I honestly don't remember this photographer.  I can only tell it was the end because my ear buds were taken out. 

Eyes on the finish.

I am a marathoner!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Whistlestop Marathon

In many ways I don't want to write this post, but in many ways I must.   This weekend I had the adventure of loading up a car and driving 4 hours north with my running partner Alicia for our very first marathon.  We have been training all summer and our training has been going just as planned.   We sloshed through the humid summer.   Shivered during some of our extremely early morning runs.   Avoided alcohol too many times on the weekend to count.   Finally the time had arrived. 

Pre Marathon

 We were scheduled to leave Friday around noon to give us enough time to get up to Ashland, WI have time to check into our hotel (30 minutes away from the town the marathon was in) and get to the "expo" to pick up our race packet and eat the provided spaghetti dinner.  

Thursday morning however, I heard the familiar sound of puking at 4 in the morning.   As a mother, you can be in a dead sleep (which I was) and hear that noise and know exactly what it is.   Makenzie was in her room throwing up all over the floor.   I quickly got her cleaned up and then proceeded to clean up all the vomit on the floor in complete horror knowing my marathon was 48 hours away and I'm picking up puke.   She continued to puke the rest of the morning, every half hour.   

At 7:30 am I woke up and called my sister to find out that she had it, her boys had it, as did my other sister and my niece.   This was not looking good.   I immediately went to the store and bought every thing I needed to disinfect my house and googled what I could do to prevent this.   The only thing I found?  Drink grape juice. 

 I drank grape juice. 

I continued to wear gloves all day long and to keep my distance from Makenzie, which was so dang hard when she was sick.   Mike ended up doing a lot of the puke clean up for me.   I made it through the day and was just hoping not to wake up in the morning to this virus.   

Friday came and I woke up feeling good!   I texted Alicia and told her I was still feeling good and that the trip was still as planned.    She picked me up and we made the long drive up to Ashland, Wisconsin.   The drive was good, the weather was good and we were excited.  

When we got to the "expo" we realized it was not much of an expo.   They had their own vendor selling shirts/fleeces/pants etc. about Whistlestop Marathon and they had one other vendor selling running clothes.    Packet pick up was fast.   They had less than 500 people running the marathon so I walked up to a person and got my packet in less than 3 seconds.   One of the nice things offered with this race was a spaghetti dinner.   Alicia and I ate our spaghetti dinner and then went back to the hotel.    We set out all of our race clothes and set our alarms to 5:30 am to get up and have plenty of time to get ready.  

The "Expo"

The Bib and the quality Gear Check bag they provided.

All throughout the night I kept waking up to stomach aches.   I was suuuure I was getting the norovirus.   I kept thinking "You're not puking yet" and would fall back to sleep thinking I would wake up to myself needing to puke.   That never happened.   I woke up at 5:30 and felt like crap.   My stomach hurt a lot.   I was burping and I could tell my stomach wasn't digesting because I was still burping spaghetti from over 12 hours before.   I tried to push it out of my head and Alicia tried telling me it was probably my nerves but I knew it was more than that.   My stomach was cramping.  

We went to the free breakfast downstairs and was surprised by how nice it was.   The only problem was I was so insanely nauseous that I couldn't eat anything and couldn't even handle drinking coffee...which is something I look forward to every single morning.   I forced myself to eat half of a mini muffin but couldn't handle the thought of food.    I knew this was really bad news since I was about to run 26.2 with spaghetti burps and nothing to eat or drink for breakfast.   I also wanted to update my status on Facebook to say "I've got the runs" to have double meaning, if you know what I mean. 

We headed to Ashland and loaded on one of the buses that would be taking us to the start line.   It's really intimidating to have to drive from the finish line all the way to the start line.   It took us a looooong time to get there and the looks Alicia was giving me told me how she was feeling about this long drive.    Once we finally got there, we went into this tiny northern woods bar to keep warm.   It was misting out and not very warm so we wanted to stay in there as long as possible.  About 5 minutes before the start, we loaded out to the start line.  

The Marathon

Whistlestop marathon is located in Ashland Wisconsin.   It is way up north, nearly in Northern Michigan.   It is almost entirely on what is supposed to be a crushed limestone trail.   The only problem is this is that it wasn't really crushed limestone.   It was extremly loose soil along with some large chunks of rocks.   You were constantly searching for a good spot to run on that wasn't as rough or soft as others.   You also got lots of little rocks in your shoes.  

9am was the start time and it started right on time.   With less than 500 full marathon runners, it was not a crowded start by any means.    Alicia and I focused on just starting slow and not jumping around people and to just go with the flow of everyone.   The only hiccup in that plan was the lady that dropped a glove in front of me 10 seconds after we crossed the start line and I ended up running straight into her when she stopped dead in her tracks to pick it up.   I knew right away that this was not going to be good.   I was hurting immediately.  

By the 1 mile mark I already had to stop to walk.   Who does that?  My stomach was so upset and cramping so badly.   I felt terrible.   Alicia stayed with me that time because I asked her to.   I felt like a loser to have to stop one mile in when we have 25.2 left.    I was sort of lost for words.   She immediately said "You're not feeling good are you..."  to which I replied that I wasn't and I just felt completely depleted.   She told me to eat a Honey Stinger waffle since I didn't really eat anything yet that morning.   I listened and crammed a waffle in my mouth.   We ran again and stuck together until Mile 2 when I already had to stop to walk again.   

Leading up to this marathon, if anyone asked me what my goal was, I told them  "not to throw up" and here I was on the verge of throwing up.  I knew if I threw up, I would be done.   I was already so depleted of energy that I knew it would take every ounce of energy out of me.   At this point I mentally broke this marathon up into chunks.   I thought "I can't wait to get to 7 miles because that's one chunk done."   My goal was 7 miles at first.   I ran/walked the entire time.   I could not run long at all without the strong urge to throw up so once that would happen, I would walk until that urge would go down.   It was misting out for the first 8 miles pretty badly.   My face was drenched and I would try to wipe my nose but found my gloves were completely soaked and would make my face even wetter.  

Once I got to mile 7 I thought how I couldn't wait to get to 13.1 so that I was half done.   Around mile 8 I wondered if I could really finish.   I was so sick and I couldn't run longer than .25 of a mile at a time without burping spaghetti or having it come back up my throat.    I wondered where I could give up.   We are on a deserted trail in the middle of no where and the only people we saw were people at water stations.   There were no spectators at all.   No timing mats.   No one to cheer you on.   Sometimes you would see a sign stuck in the ground cheering someone on but there was no one there with that sign.  

I hit mile 13.1 and I didn't feel any better.  I felt more lonely and more lost in my head.   Being such a small race, no one talked to you.   Alicia was long gone and I was left with people that were mostly struggling.    I longed for someone to say something to me.   At one point an older lady did ask me if I was okay.   She must have been behind me for a while and seen me struggling with my run/walk method.  I managed to say "yes" and she smiled and moved along.   I passed her shortly after again when I ran and didn't see her again.   Any time I would catch up to someone new who was also struggling, I would look at them and see if they would look at me.   No one seemed to want to talk so I just kept going.   Finally I found one girl.   We went back and forth for a little while running and walking and then finally we both looked at each other and gave an exhausted look and a smile.   I immediately asked if this was her first marathon to which she replied that she did one other two years ago.   I told her today isn't going as planned and she said that hers was not either.  Then she said "But it doesn't matter.   It doesn't matter if you finish first or last, we all get the same medal and you have plenty of time to finish."  I was so happy for that short conversation but I wasn't giving up yet so I ran on.   I never saw her again either.  

The water stations were great.   They had lots of food to eat and had people cheering for you.   The only people that cheered for you the entire race.  I took a Honey Stinger Gel at miles 5, 10 and 15 and then gave up on them because I realized my stomach was still not digesting anything.   They were doing me no good.    I tried to take Salt Pills to help with my constant sloshing stomach but nothing would help.   I tried a chunk of a nut roll at a water station and some pretzels but I was so nauseous that I couldn't even manage to get down more than 3 mini pretzels before throwing the rest of them out into the woods.  

Mile after mile I continued my slow slow pace.   I knew I would finish as long as I didn't throw up so that truly did become my only goal.   Mile 18 came and a lady at the water station yelled out "You're almost done!  3/5th of the way done!"   She got some nasty looks.

All I kept thinking this entire race was "I am glad I was able to start this race but why the heck does today have to be like this.   Why couldn't my race have been last week?  Why couldn't the weekend of Fox Cities been my full marathon weekend."  I managed a 10:30ish pace for my entire 20 miles that weekend.

Run/Walk/Run/Walk/Run/Walk continued on until finally I could see the finish line.   I ran it in and got the mylar blanket and my medal.  I walked through the food tent to find some great food again but I had no appetite so I grabbed the 2 things I could take to eat later, pudding and yogurt.   I moved to the next tent to get our finisher duffel bag.   Alicia was supposed to be there but at first I didn't find her.   I went and got my bag and turned around to see her walking into the tent.   I yelled her name, she looked at me and we both started crying immediately.   She was so worried about me.   She thought I had been picked up by medical and was just coming from the medical tent to see if I was there.    I was crying because that was honestly one of the worst experiences I had been through.    I tried to hold back my crying but seeing her cry made me cry more and I couldn't even talk.   I was at a loss for words.   I managed to ask her how she did and she did great.   She finished right around where I had wanted to finish which made me happy for her.   We immediately left back to the car.   We drove back to the hotel sharing our stories on how much we did not like this marathon at all.   Even though Alicia got a good time, she had similar complaints to mine.  

The running surface sucked.    There was absolutely no crowd support since we were in secluded woods.   The woods got really annoying.   She felt lonely and no one really talked to her either.  

We went back to the hotel and I managed a 30 minute nap.   I was exhausted and sore and mostly embarrassed.   I never should have gotten the time I did.   I worked too hard to get that time.  I thought about how I know that the first question anyone asks when you finish a marathon is how fast you did it.   I wasn't proud of my 5 hours and 40 minute finish.   I was bummed.  I wasn't sure I would ever do another marathon again. 

After the nap, we went to a local pizza place for a beer and pizza.  I still was nauseous.  I forced myself to eat a few squares of pizza but couldn't even drink my whole beer.   Never has that happened before, unless I passed out before I could finish that beer.  

Back to the hotel we went and I knew I wanted to take advantage of the hot tub they had.   It felt amazing.   It woke me up and my muscles instantly felt so much better.   There were two other men in the pool that had also done the marathon.   One managed to get a stress fracture and the other said it was the worst marathon ever.    I was starting to see a trend here.   They hated the running surface most of all.    Also the fact that the full marathon finishers got the exact same medal as the half marathon finishers so there is no way to tell that you completed a full marathon.   

I hate to be all Negative Nancy about this but this is what I've got right now.   I am still sorting through all my feelings on this.   I'm sure I will do another marathon again but I don't have plans on one for now.   I need a break from long runs that are over 10 miles.    I need to get back to taking some classes at the gym to break it all up.   I need to focus on getting stronger.  

I know that no matter how much I would have trained, this weekend wouldn't have ended up any differently.   I was sick.   I ran (and walked) a marathon that I probably shouldn't have even started.    I thankfully was able to push myself to finish, for my own sake.   Please forgive me for this downer post.  It's a part of my recovery. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This could really suck....

We are officially into the 5 day forecast.  

Can I use this as an excuse to suck that day? 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weather Stalking

With my first Marathon officially less than 1 week away, the weather stalking has started.   I'm sure it's going to kill me.   So far it looks like decent weather but there are some things that do worry me. 

The race is on Saturday so as you can see, the weather is pretttttty good.   However, rain is hovering too close for my comfort.  I do not want to do 26.2 in rain, especially when the low temps for that day are in the 30's.   Brr.    The wind is also 9mph.   A little more windy that I like.     

Be ready to be annoyed with constant weather updates and rambling for the week.   Today is my last "long" run.   I have to get 8 in and really am looking forward to it because this entire week I had to run on the treadmill.   I'm ready to breath in cool air.

I am so excited to read the race recaps from this weekend.   Several bloggers have big races today!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Acts of Kindness along with Random Stuff

Last night at work we had a special event show.   I normally do not have to work Wednesday night but it was Jim Breuer (SNL) and so I offered to work the show since special events are usually pretty fun and entertaining.   I'm glad I did.   I'm a firm believer in paying it forward.  I love buying coffee for the person behind me at Starbucks.   I've bought McDonalds for the people behind me (though that was a very long time ago.)  I try to do the right thing and show my girls how to be kind and how to pay it forward.   My biggest goal in life is to teach my daughters how to be responsible, kind adults.  

That is the note left on one of my tables last night.   It was a man, by himself that enjoyed the show.   He got his two drink minimum and was an easy customer.   The other copy of his receipt was the real shocker.   His total for the evening was $12.00.   He left me a $50.00 tip.   I was pretty speechless when I saw it and even felt bad when I was adjusting my tabs at the end of the evening and I had to put the tip in.   Then I reminded myself that this was his gift and that I will also pay it forward.    I just love random acts of kindness.   I thought about it all night. I wished the guy luck with his new promotion in my head and hoped the best for him, even though I didn't know him. 

Some more Random Stuff

This guy will probably never date.   Can you see why? 

I realize that you can barely see it, but that's an Xbox bumper sticker.

He is in love with video games so much that he has an Xbox sticker on his car.   My first thought when I saw this was "I would never marry a guy that loved video games that much."  My second thought was "I need to take a picture of that."   

The fall colors are in full force up here.   We took walk in the woods and my anxiety was in full force.   If you ever want to see me become an annoying and psycho mom, put me and my kids near water that I can't see the bottom of.   I will freak the shit out.   I start to yell at my kids not to get too close.  I tell them to back up.   I tell them to stop running near the water (even though I'm sure they aren't running, I'm just losing my mind).   You see, I am terrified of my kids falling in water.   So much so that I feel physically sick when put into these situations.   I know Mike's so over it.   He keeps his mouth shut but knows better than to open it in those moments when I'm barking orders to back the eff away from the water.  

We're about a week out from my first marathon.   I am not sure what to expect that day.   A lot of it is out of my hands at this point and it will be what it will be.     I just really hope I don't have an off day.    Please let the running gods be with me on that morning!