Monday, December 31, 2012

2012....what a great year!

I can't believe it has been a whole year already.   The years keep going by faster and faster and I am loving where they are going.   I have grown a love for fitness over the past year plus.   It's hard to believe that I considered myself a newbie runner at this time last year, yet I still have so much to learn and improve on. 

This year I did many races. 

Point Bock Beer Run
Oshkosh Half
Bellin 10k
Fox Cities Half
Whistlestop Full
Tyranena Half
Turkey Trot 5 Mile
Race to the Light 3.25 miler

One of my favorite parts of this year is all the amazing people that I have met through blogging.   Kim once said to me that she thought the best part of blogging was meeting all of the other amazing bloggers and at that time, I had only met a couple.   Now that I've met so many of you, I couldn't agree more.   You are what makes me keep going.   You encourage me.   You are all so wonderful.   So truly wonderful.  

I don't have a picture of everyone but I promise to do better with pictures in 2013.

I ran my first half marathon and full marathon.   My half marathon I had a great time and felt strong the entire time, minus some pretty bad ITB pain.   My marathon was another story.   It did not go well and is still a sore spot in my heart after all the training.   I will have marathon redemption in 2013. 

I started yoga and taking classes at the YMCA.   I also have started lifting weights in hope to gain more core strength.

I drank too many beers to remember.   Running makes me thirsty and nothing tastes as good after a long run than a beer.  

I had two cases of an allergic reaction to running...and I still keep running.   Running may very well kill me like my mom has been telling me from the start. 

On a family note:

My babies are both in school all day this year.   That is still hard to swallow.

I started my first day job since 2004, before I had Katelyn.   I am enjoying it and seeing the possibilities of staying and growing with a company for many years to come. 

Mike and I had our 10 year anniversary.   That's a long ass time to be with the same person.   We need a vacation.   I would prefer somewhere warm.

My total miles ran this year is approximately 850 miles.   Way short of my 1000 mile goal for the year but I'm okay with that.   I had some unexpected things come up this year and life happens so I ran when I could.   It's a heck of a lot more miles than the 350 I did the year prior.  

Here's to another year of meeting new people, making dreams happen and enjoying every moment that life throws at us.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.   This was my drive to work today. 

 I had to be in at 9am and they ended up closing at 11 because they wanted us to get home safely.  I went home and went straight into pajama pants.   Best.Day.Ever.

2.  Christmas is next week already!!   I'm so glad to say I'm nearly done shopping.  I need to get Makenzie another gift to even it up between the girls and my mom a little something to add on but otherwise I'm done.   That is a great feeling.   The only problem is that I need to wrap every single gift yet.   I do this to myself every single year.

3.   I took a random spin class lat nsight.   It has been 9 months since the last time I took a spin class because I swear the last time I went, they worked us so hard that I ended up with a swollen urethra (TWSS). 


It felt like I had a bladder infection but a little different.   It also started immediately after class.  I suggest avoiding this at all costs.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

PRO Compression Winner!

I am late to post the winner of the PRO Compression socks giveaway but I decided to take a moment of silence from blogging for the past few days.   I felt as though nothing I could have said would have been right. 

 I'm hurting like many others are right now and can't stop looking at my own two girls and thinking how thankful I am for them.    I realize that everyone feels differently but this has just been very hard on me.   As I drove away when dropping the girls off at school yesterday, I couldn't help but cry.   They are my world.  We shouldn't have to worry about our babies when we drop them off at school.  It just isn't right.  

I know other have already said it better than me so that's all I'll say about it on my blog.  

PRO Compression Winner:

Congratulations Kimberly!  Email me and I'll get you in contact with PRO Compression!!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Photo Friday

Today is our 10 year anniversary.   Nothing sappy to say on that.   All I am going to say is that I haven't aged at all.....

Mike can go back to looking like a 12 year old any day now.    Is that wrong? 

Today is the last day to enter the PRO Compression sock giveaway!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our attempts at a family picture

These pictures are a couple years old but I just found them.   Our attempts at a family pictures:

These are pictures of pictures so be forgiving for their quality.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One of the best things in life.....

Watching a game here:

With some of the best ladies

That have a sense of humor I can appreciate.

And tailgating in picture perfect Packer game weather

We were soaked and cold but I wouldn't have had it ANY other way.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Pro Compression Socks Review and Giveaway

For nearly as long as I've been running (not as long as many of you) I have been a fan of compression.   I wear compression socks, shorts, pants any chance I get and feel like they do make a difference in my training.   If I had to explain it, I feel like they hold me together.  They keep my muscles from getting the full force of the ground below my feet.   This is especially true to my calves.   I can always tell when I had a longer run without compression socks because I feel it much more in my calves.

Marathon Baby Blue Argyle PRO Compression Sock

All throughout marathon training this summer I always wore compression socks on my long run.   I am glad to say that I made it through training with no injuries. 

Before finding PRO Compression, I did try one other kind of compression sock.   While I didn't hate them, I did find that they didn't fit in the feet as well as I would have liked.   This is not a problem with PRO Compression.   They fit amazingly.   I even wore them for my full marathon and I have yet to have a blister while wearing them.

Another awesome thing about PRO Compression is that they really are affordable.   Some compression socks are insanely priced.   I can't even tell you if  they are worth that kind of money because I just wont spend that kind of money on them.   Before I was contacted by PRO Compression for review, I had already bought a pair on my own with my own money.     Every month they offer their sock of the month.   This sock is discounted down 40% and free shipping.   You can not beat that.    This months sock of the month?

I want!   If you are interested in any of their compression socks use the code FIT40 at checkout for 40% and free shipping.   That brings them down to just $30.00 shipped for the pair! 

They offer tons of fun colors and styles and I've got my eyes on the purple for my next purchase. 

If you are not into the full compression socks and would rather wear compression sleeves, PRO Compression also makes those.


Would you like a chance to win a pair of your own?   Well, here's your chance!!   PRO Compression is giving away one pair of your choice to one of my readers!

Answer in the comments what color/design you would pick.   You can view them all here.

If you would like to earn bonus entries "like" PRO Compression on Facebook here.  

Follow PRO Compression on Twitter here.

Leave a separate comment for each to be counted. 

This giveaway will be open until 12/14/12 at 8:00 pm CST

I was given 2 free pairs of socks from PRO Compression socks for my review.   All Opinions expressed are mine and mine alone :) 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Race for the Light 5k (kind of)

I wish I had taken pictures of this one but low and behind I had it in my head to run this race and run it hard even though I have honestly had less miles in the past 3 weeks than I usually have in one week alone.  The race starts at 4:30 pm and you run through a park that is completely decked out in Christmas lights.   It's a great race and a lot of fun and not overly busy either.    I did find some pictures online from last year though that I never knew existed.   For your viewing pleasure.


I'm even such a great runner that I managed to line up with the elites last year.


So this year for the "5k" they decided to switch things up and make it a 5.2 mile race because it's their ten year anniversary so they added .10 on.   This made a big issue for me because they still took your time and put it in for 3.1 so the pace online is not even correct.   I'm very glad I had my Garmin because it clocked the total distance in at 3.25 miles and it also showed me my real 5k time.  

On the way to this race I jammed out to music.   I love blasting music on the way to a race to get me in the mood to run hard.   Then I remembered how I was driving the exact same way as I did to my first half marathon earlier this year and it made me smile because for that drive down I also had blasted my music as loud as I could handle and sang as loudly as I could.   I was ready.

This year I lined up a bit behind the local elites to avoid being passed like crazy the first .25 miles.   It's a really small line up (only 300 runners) so it's easy to get to where you need to be.   The race started on time and we were off.    I just kept telling myself to push myself and to watch my breathing.   I wasn't over dressed and this helped me a lot mentally.  I hate being hot. 

 At the 1 mile mark I looked down at my Garmin and saw I clocked in at an 8:54.   That made me excited but I knew I was going faster than I could keep up but I just kept with it.   Mile two I slowed down a bit and clocked in at 9:15.   At this point I started to feel tired.   I was happy with how everything was going but couldn't help thinking that if I had been running more lately, I could have kept up the pace a bit more.   Mile 3 was a 9:29 pace.   At the real 3.1 mark I made sure to look down and press lap on my Garmin because I wanted this race to count as a PR for me.  

3.1 miles in 28:35

Over one full minute faster than last year.   

This gives me such hope that I can do better.  This whole year I felt like I had not improved and even though it was only 1 minute faster, it gives me hope.  

For the record, I did complete the whole 3.25 miles in 29:48.

If I find anymore pictures of my arm, leg or back of the head, I'll be sure to share them.