Saturday, January 19, 2013

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

I realize that in the past, I have done some things on Facebook that would make me seem, should I say it? 


I can only promise to learn from here on out that I am straight up annoying sometimes and I'm sure I've lost "friends" because of it. 

1.  I have realized I can go to workout without posting it on Facebook before or after.   Sure there is some accountability when you do that but when I finish a run and am excited about it, pretty much no one else is excited for me and it only comes off as bragging when I post "16 miles done!!!  YEAH BABY!!!" 

I can't promise I wont post race pictures though because those are the only pictures taken of me now that I'm always behind the camera.  

2.  I sometimes complain about stupid stuff.   I almost posted on Facebook just this morning "I hate that Mike works every other weekend" but then I realized, WHAT A LAME STATUS!  No one gives a crap if Mike's working.   Poor Sarah can't get her long run in outside this weekend.   Sarah can't get lunch with her friend.  Boohoo Sarah.   Man up! 

3.  Sometimes I want to bust out and post "Mike got me flowers!"  but then I realize no one wants to see that either.   Everyone wants everyone else to be miserable so any time you post something good is happening, you get no likes or replies because everyone hates you.   Except maybe your mom.  

4.  Kids posts are cute, SOMETIMES.  I will sometimes post a conversation I have had with my kids.   One went like this:

Katelyn Said "Mom, can you teach me how to sew later?"  and in 1/10th of a second Makenzie replied "Maybe later Dad can teach you how to Dougie."   At that moment it was hilarious.   Katelyn and I both looked at each other and laughed.  I still laugh thinking about it.   She has comedic wit and I love it.  

What you will not find me doing is a daily report telling you all about what my kids did that day.  How smart they are.   That they are amazing.   That they are the cutest kids in the world.  

Every parent should feel this way about their children so you shouldn't have the need to tell everyone else on Facebook how you feel about your children.   It should be a given!   Special moments I love seeing.   Funny videos as well.   Please continue to share those with me! 

5.  Telling my spouse I love them so much on Facebook.   Haha.   Just kidding.   I have never done this and I never will.  

My god, you live with the man.   Why are you telling him through Facebook how amazing he is and how much you love him?   Why don't you both get off of the computer and actually say it to each others face.  I think that will enhance that loving relationship even more. 

Once again, I'm sorry for doing any of the first 4.   It's a work in progress.

Are you guilty of any of the above? 

What status updates annoy you? 


  1. I don't know who you are trying to fool, we all know a workout doesn't count unless it is documented on a minimum of two types of social media. The only acceptable interaction with your spouse on Facebook is when you want to publicly shame him or her, preferably because they were wrong about something.

  2. cracking up at this post! i actually deleted my FB account last week... annoying people and then i get annoyed with myself for spending time on there!!

  3. In short if it is important to you and you fee like sharing with the world do it. With my blog I know I talk about stuff that most of my readers are tired of or simply don't care about. But it is important to me to document it for that point in time both in my life and running journey. It is what life is for you at the moment and what is important. So do it. Besides people are really good about skipping what they are not interested in or cannot relate to. Be yourself and blog on!

  4. I am so guilty of ALL of those. Only worse, i don't have kids. I have a dog. And i post about the dog. Feel free to slap me.

  5. The ones that drive me nuts is definitely #5 and then they are also commenting on each others status while in the same room....REALLY?!?!

    I wish more people could put their phones down and live in the real world when out with others.

  6. what are you talking about?!?!?! and I thought you unfriended me. I was so confused, but never take fb seriously. I love you Sarah and what are these facebook sins....they sound normal to me :)

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  8. So, I feel torn about this. If you limit your fb content to what you think everyone will find appealing, you quickly reduce yourself to the trite. At the same time, I don't need a blow-by-blow of anyone's life. I've tried to find a mid-point, to post the things I believe in, the things that make my life mine, and don't worry too much about it. You can't please everyone.

  9. I just stumbled onto your blog and it is hilarious...particularly this post :) And I have to agree with one of the earlier comments: if you bust out a long run (and yeah, 16 miles is LONG), you absolutely broadcast it. I brag my runs on, facebook, twitter...and my blog, which is all about my running. Ha, compared to me, you're too modest :) Seriously though, I love the blog! If you're remotely interested in reading a probably less entertaining blog (wow, that was a good sell), feel free to check mine out:

    Have a great one!!